The Presence of Healing

The practice of Consciousness Medicine is centered around what I call the Presence of Healing, a vibrational frequency or meditative state that allows the practitioner to become a bridge between Infinite Potential and Manifested Reality.  It takes practice to become skilled enough to make a conscious choice to Be there, so that your system begins to habituate it as a ‘regularly accessed state’.

Remember it takes 21 days to make a habit, to create new neural net pathways that can run on their own without you having to decide every single time.  When we repeatedly feel or Be in a certain way, our brain will essentially automate our most frequent choices in an effort to help us be more efficient.  If you’re angry every day or depressed, or happy and laughing every day; your system will not make the choice for you and choose only the nice things.  We have to make a conscious choice, over and over, aligning our mind body and spirit with that choice in order for it to become habituated.

I teach the Presence of Healing in all the courses I give including Family Constellation Facilitation and Consciousness Medicine Practitioner trainings since I’ve found in my clinical experience that this is the ‘place’ where healing happens no matter what modality of healing is being practiced.

The Presence of Healing is best described as the relationship between Being versus Doing.  For example, if I had to quantify this as a ratio between the two, I’d say that it involves 90 % Being and 10 % Doing.  For many this can be a difficult transition since we are so trained to Do, Produce, Act, React, and Analyze when we work therapeutically.  Of course, the Do-ing is necessary and useful…but only up to a certain point before it becomes a hindrance.

What I mean by that is when we continually search for a problem, to do something about it, to understand it more fully, to figure out why it is present, we can lose focus on what our goal is: transformation & healing, because we fall into a deeper relationship with the problem.  As we do this we then need to create more of the problem in order to interpret it more deeply and instead of releasing the issue, the creative forces for good become wasted on making the problem rather than bringing forward a solution.

For this reason I focus my 10 % Doing on identifying and addressing the source of the issues as they come into my awareness.  I then use my therapeutic training to revise a limiting belief or release an ancestral entanglement or clear an energetic disturbance related to trauma for example.

I find that by holding this Presence of Healing as a state of Being the other 90% (+) of the time, it provides an incredible assistance in releasing any issue, problem, suffering or disturbance being experienced.  Or at least the outer layers of the issue are dissolved so I can identify and work on whats really going on at the source.

Time and time again in my own clinical practice (and everyday life) I am amazed by the power of Being with an issue and not Doing anything about or with it. Everyone (practitioner or not) can bring forth profound changes through a simply Being in heart-centered observation without Doing anything or taking a step further to assess how to work with an issue.

When you observe the problem state or issue from a grounded, embodied heart-based Presence of Being (aka The Presence of Healing) transformation spontaneously happens.  I’ve seen this work time and time again in my own 1:1, group and retreat settings.  And also in personal life when I’m ‘off duty’ but someone’s ‘shadow aspect’ makes contact with me to request healing.

I don’t do sessions ‘on the go’, since the setting and my state must be solid and balanced for the best outcome for us all.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t sense someone’s pain body or what is holding them back by just looking at them, which happens all the time.  It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.

I used to struggle with this since I thought if I could sense it then it must be my responsibility to address it.  Plus it feels like the kindest choice to help free someone from their suffering.  For a while my rule was that the person had to ask for my help before I would work with it.  Until their soul-selves began to contact me, in the non-physical, asking for help when they saw I had the skills needed to do so.  I quickly learned that saying yes to all these requests was a recipe for burn out and depletion, especially if I wasn’t ultra-diligent about my own self care.

The Presence of Healing was the state that came through in response to my desire to try to find a balance within, while still being in service to others. Soon after I realised the power of acknowledgement coupled together with a burst of non judgmental, true love from the heart, pure frequency of consciousness to assist the release of the disturbance and alignment with harmony. For me and for the other person involved.

By observing without thought and accessing the heart based energies of compassion, truth and life force energies (aka Source, God, Universe etc) the other person’s system would respond by welcoming in the healing energies of Source (not me or of my doing) for their own transformation.  And it took me no effort except to access the Love of the All.

It is my sense that through this exchange of Being with another soul, we help to remind them of their truth that they are indeed part of the Divine Whole, where no one aspect owns any one part, including suffering.

While it takes a bunch of words to describe the Presence of Being, its important to note that it can happen in a nanosecond or in the blink of an eye.  And the more it is accessed on a conscious basis, the more it begins to become a 24/7 State of Being, which serves as a joyous presence that promotes healthy, well-being and abundance in all forms.