A Family Constellation for Covid Healing

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, I’ve been sitting with the idea of bringing the Family Constellation workshops online, not fully knowing how (or if) it would be possible to translate the power of the work into a video format. When I feel uncertain about something or am looking for clarity on how to move forward my main go-to is to get really still, really quiet and wait. I’ve grown to trust that if I sit with something long enough, a solution always presents itself.

For almost eight months, I sat, struggling to connect to a place where I felt the work could be equally as effective online as in person. I knew it had to be possible, since the Family Soul energies transcend the physical. So I waited. Sitting in deeper stillness and quiet than ever before. Knowing that a solution would appear … eventually.

Over that time I was also beginning to palpably miss the power of the group workshops. Especially at a time when the world most needs us to come together and harness a force for good that is greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Even though I’ve been facilitating this work for nearly 15 years, taking the group work to an online format brought a new kind of challenge for me as a facilitator. I’ve been working 1:1 online for many years now, but the nature of 1:1 work and group work is vastly different. So I sat, waiting for the time that felt right and last Saturday was that day.

I was joined by fifteen other souls on Zoom for a three hour event that included personal constellations, guided meditations and a group healing constellation.

From the start I was happy (and relieved) to find that the amount of healing available from the Ancestral Soul Field for our work that day was equal to what was accessible when working together in person. Now it was my job as facilitator to deliver the power of the ancestral soul healing to the participants in a package that allows the conscious mind to stay engaged in the process (this helps supercharge the integration of the work) while the family soul entanglements are being released from deep within the subconscious mind.

During a constellation, there is a lot going on in other levels of awareness that people may or may not be able to sense into. As a facilitator, skillfully walking in both realms to include the family soul elements together with a person’s experience of life is an art and practice in itself. If not done well, participants can find the experience much like watching paint dry, completely un-engaging. If done well, everyone in the group receives healing with every movement of each constellation.

I decided to use a constellation board for the workshop with colored wooden figurines along with various crystals, figures and stones.   I began by doing personal constellations for members of the group, asking other participants to represent for different family members, resources and/or aspects of the family soul. As the energy of the constellation unfolded, it brought forward the hidden family soul dynamics within the ancestral field. It’s no surprise that the issues we worked with on the day centered about states of anxiety and depression that felt especially overwhelming in these challenging times.

I’m seeing a lot of these states in my 1:1 client practice as well, along with a strong helping of trauma that is derepressing, coming to the surface to be released. On the brighter side I’m also seeing many connect more deeply with themselves & their truth, which is a lovely and empowering experience. However you cut it, it is in intense times like what we are experiencing now that can bring the greatest growth opportunities across all contexts of life.  The key is to feel supported, trust and feel safe enough to stretch outside of your comfort zone just long enough for a new identity to be unveiled while the old identity (shaped by old conditioning) fades into the past.

While the constellation board format isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I personally find it a useful tool for clearly showing how the energy is flowing within the Ancestral Soul Field.  I use the constellation board from time to time with clients in 1:1 sessions, but mainly use it for myself when I need guidance or want to look at a situation from a different point of view. It always serves to bring me clarity.

On Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this clarity was also more readily available to the person who was having their constellation done. It was clear to them what they’d been up to trying to take on the family burden which lead to a smoother transition to feel empowered to set the burden down.   Witnesses in the group also shared how powerful the board was to see so clearly what the dynamics at play were.  This feedback helped solidify my observation that in this format, the constellation board becomes a beautiful external mirror for what’s going on deep outside of conscious awareness in a really reliable way.

After working the personal constellations, I felt called to set up one more, mainly as a group healing exercise around the impact Covid has had on all of our lives. My intention was not to directly go up against the Covid energy, since this is far too large a task for one soul to manage. Nor did I want to suck everyone into the hold of fear it has over the collective energies.

Instead, my goal was to honor the virus as a natural element at work for some greater purpose, to allow it to see all the aspects of life it is affecting and then bring healing to the souls present by adding resources to bring life force energy to areas where struggle is being experienced due to the virus. A bonus would be to get a better understanding of what Covid is trying to tell us.

I began by placing six colored figurines to represent for Covid (black) in the center encircled by: finances/economy issues caused by Covid (green), relationship/family (orange), health (white) and emotional states brought on by Covid (blue) other/consciousness (red).

I asked the participants to hold intentions in their hearts, to bring healing to the areas in their lives that Covid pandemic has impacted. Next, I then went through each representative to bring forward the strength, courage, wisdom, trust, and life force energies needed to bring harmony, joy and peace. I positioned crystals near the figurines to do this. It was clear which crystal energy each representative needed and I was guided to place them from a state of no-thought, as I read the field’s messages and brought them into the physical to connect with the group.

  • Financial and economic stability (Green figurine + smoky & rose quartz)
  • United families and strong healthy relationships (Orange figurine + large swarovski crystal heart)
  • Full health and effective healthcare (white figurine + quartz crystal angel & stones)
  • Heart-centered emotional states of being (Blue figurine + large hunk of amethyst with quartz stones)
  • A strong spiritual support for all other elements that Covid is affecting including our states of consciousness (Red figurine + Buddha, small swarovski heart and quartz stones)

As I did this I could feel each participant’s soul connect to the strength that was being offered to them, all the while acknowledging that Covid was the force that was helping to bring forward these gifts of strength, healing and love. This is the basis for compassion for all living things, for knowing that from the darkness comes the light.

I noticed from the start of the constellation that the representative for Covid had no malicious, aggressive or harmful intent to any members of the circle. It simply was waiting for something, holding the space at the center of this wheel with the spokes being represented as aspects of life we experience as humans.

As I moved around the circle of representatives (in a clockwise direction starting with finances/economy), the balance of fear to love began to shift and the power of the Covid representative began to wane. It was almost as if it was celebrating that we were becoming more empowered in life, love and harmony. Sitting in knowing that the light aspects need to be present in greater amounts than the darker, denser energies of the problem state to bring forward true and lasting change. The wisdom of nature had spoken.

I held the field as the Covid representative witnessed the empowerment of the other representatives coming together to create a powerful self-sustaining circle of life force energies. As this circle of strength became stronger, the representative for Covid was ready to leave its position in the center of the circle, saying “Now that you’ve learned all the lessons and have become stronger and empowered in the face of this challenge, my job is done and I can leave. Remember I am simply following the laws of nature and when balance is restored I can come to rest too.”

I could sense the relief that it’s job was finally done, that we as a group (and human race) have finally learned the lessons it came to give and now it was free to go. It no longer needed to be the center of this wheel but could now move to the outside edges of the field, and eventually out of the field completely (off the board). Letting the dense energies of suffering completely release and sync in with the healing forces of nature, spirit and consciousness.

One of the interesting things I noticed during the constellation was the sense of detachment that the Covid representative had to the other representatives, that it was simply an element of nature (virus) looking for its home, as many of us are. It was here because it was needed to bring unity and connection to all of the aspects of human life. Once the energy of love, strength, support and connection was restored between the aspects of our human lives, then Covid’s presence was no longer required. A nice demonstration of how letting go of fear is the only way to embrace life fully. And another reminder that the Family Constellation work (in any format) is one of the most powerful tools to help get us there.

There was a point in the constellation when I had to pause for a moment and acknowledge a powerful blast of supercharged healing energy emanating from the group when I was working to bring strength to the health/healthcare representative (white figurine + quartz angel and stones). My sense that this was in response to those names the participants held in their hearts of people they would like to include in the day’s work. It was a true gift to be part of and witness such a gracious collective healing.

I hope as you read this recount, you feel the healing reach your heart too, allowing your soul’s truth to be heard loud and clear over the states of worry and chaos you might be experiencing.

I hope you take a moment to meditate on the elements, images and energies described here that resonate for you. Inhaling and exhaling deeply in full knowing that you are strong enough to face whatever comes your way. And that they best support in moving forward and break free of the limits of fear, is to work on calling in the life force energies to fill your Presence with the light of Life.

I’ll be holding monthly family constellation online workshops through the end of 2020 and as far into 2021 as needed. Please feel free to join me by registering online for all upcoming events on the Events section of my website www.consciousness-medicine.com