Family Constellation Sligo Workshop

August 11, 2024 | 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM | Sligo Town

In this Family Constellation workshop, you will be invited to release ancestral entanglements to past suffering that affect your health and well-being.  Together we will do two Hellinger Family Constellations with Julie Williams facilitating.  You will also experience guided meditations for opening, and closing the workshop and supercharging your healing.  Leave feeling a greater sense of harmony with a deeper connection to the flow of life, love and happiness.



This Family Constellation Workshop will uncover and heal ancestral entanglements that limit full health and well-being.  We will open with a guided meditation to access the ancestral soul field to create the container for the workshop while holding the intention for the day in our hearts.  Julie will select a person’s constellation to be set up.  Members of the group will be invited to represent in the constellation.  Witnesses remain seated in the circle, observing their external and internal experiences.  Julie will facilitate the work using movements and phrases guided by the field until a resolution is reached.    All levels of participation benefit fully from the day.  No experience is required.

DATE: Sunday, August 11, 2024

LOCATION: The Natural Therapies Centre, 1 Murrow House, Teeling Street, Sligo

TIME: 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM


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Julie Williams has been facilitating Family Constellation for almost 20 years and has studied with the leaders in the field including Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Bertold Ulsamer and others.  She studied at NLP Marin and the Hellinger Institutes of Washington DC and Santa Barbara, California.  Her own life was transformed by this work so profoundly, it inspired her to become a facilitator and now runs workshops and retreats worldwide. [email protected].


What is Family Constellation Work?  Watch this video to learn more:

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