Family Constellation Facilitation Course

Learn the main principles of Hellinger Family Constellation work in this 3-month training course.

This course is perfect for those wanting to level up their personal growth journey, those wishing to become practitioners and established practitioners wanting to add new skills.

2024 COURSE DATES:  14 Sept, 12 Oct, 16 Nov  2024



Hellinger Family Constellation work is a systemic therapy that skillfully uncovers and releases patterns of generational suffering called ancestral entanglements, that hold us back from accessing full health and well-being.  Julie has developed a unique style called Movements of the Family Soul that works with six main aspects of Family Constellation Work to bring forward profound soul transformation. 

This facilitator training course will teach you the foundational skills to:

Learn specific ways to recognize and work with ancestral entanglements

Understand the main dynamics behind specific types of entanglements

Learn how to navigate the ancestral field and develop intuitive abilities

Experience and practice the Movements of the Family Soul

Learn how to set up constellations in different formats (i.e. traditional, issue, options, business, nature)

Learn specific phrases to use and when to use them to release entanglements

Learn how to clarify the issue to work with and how to choose the appropriate format

Learn how to adopt the group format to 1:1 therapeutic work or interpersonal relationship

Learn how to recognize energies in the field necessary to bring forth a resolution

All participants will have the opportunity to have their own constellation done.


+ 3 one-day training sessions (in person)

+ Class recordings

+ Movements of the Family Soul eBook

+ Movements of the Family Soul Audio Course 


+ Online access to course materials

Guided Meditations (live and recorded)

Certificate of Completion (CPD credit available)

DATES:  14 September,  12 October,  16 November 2024

TIMING:  10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Gorse Hill, Cliff Road, Windgates, Greystones, Co. Wicklow A98R3H2

INVESTMENT:  Full Tuition = €540.

A monthy payment plan is also available: €180 per month, payable before each class with a one-month deposit.

REGISTRATION:  Register by purchasing the course or paying a deposit.  Course details will be emailed to the address you use to register.


“Julie is a wonderful teacher of family constellations. Her insight and experience in imparting wisdom in the system have enabled a new consciousness through which to see the world and a deeply enhanced understanding of the trans-generational issues that impact us day to day in our lives. The process of liberation from this weight has been truly transformational, allowing me to be fully present and conscious in and of the now of life.” Grainne

“Over the sessions held in our basic facilitator training, I have gained much more than I thought in learning how to facilitate and also about my own family. That opened new opportunities for me in my personal and professional life. Julie has a very well-grounded understanding of Hellinger’s traditional work and transmits it in an elegant way with a scientific background and empowered connection with what is going on in the field of work in order to do good work. Thanks for your enlightened way of being!” ~ Eva

“It’s been an amazing journey without which I would have never discovered who I truly am on a personal level and as a practitioner and for that I am truly grateful.” ~Bernadette

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