Healing the Physical Body

Description: Our physical body is the template that holds our other bodies in the physical plane.  It is often where issues show up to get our attention, if we are listening.  Healing issues within the physical body involves looking at our anatomy, physiology and cellular processes that keep us healthy.  By using a combination of physically based practices the physical body can be supported to release illness, pain, and chronic conditions. 

Julie uses her training in Neuro-Muscular Massage, Nutrition, Herbalism, Ayurveda and Naturopathy to assist the physical body in reaching peak health and wellbeing.  She also brings in her deep scientific knowledge on the subjects of molecular, cellular and developmental biology combined with research experience in genetics, pharmacogenomics, molecular toxicology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology which allows for a more natural approach to bring balances to all physical systems.

Physical Healing