Family Constellation Work explores hidden entanglements within ancestral lines that can affect our current state of health and well being. Based on the work of Bert Hellinger, this deeply healing format brings understanding to the limitations we impose on our success and health in life, personally and professionally, that are directly linked to our ancestral past.

Julie offers Family constellation individual sessions, workshops, training courses and retreats. She has been facilitating the work since 2005, having studied with the leaders in the field including: Bert Hellinger, Sophie Hellinger & Susan Ulfelder at the Hellinger Institute of DC, Washington DC USA; Gunthard Weber, Bertolt Ulsamer, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, JoAnne Chartrand and Dyrian Benz at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA; Carl Buccheit, Carla Camou, and Michele Masters at NLP Marin, San Rafael CA, USA.

Julie’s unique approach to the work is called, Movements of the Family Soul, which involves working 6 main movements in a specific order to bring forward a complete spirit-soul transformation. 

Julie offers consulting and mentoring sessions for Family Constellations in addition to live training courses, on-demand video and audio courses, retreats and workshops. These courses and events are perfect for personal growth and professional development.  See a complete listing of current offerings below.

Family Constellation Work is a systemic therapy that releases ancestral entanglements that affect our health and wellbeing

FAMILY CONSTELLATION WORK works with THE FAMILY SOUL which is a collective energy that includes all the souls in a family system. Hidden orders support the flow of systemic energy in service of belonging and bonding.

In the family soul, there is a systemic energy of love that highest service is belonging.   If a past family member was cast out, died young or forgotten the flow of love is disrupted and leaves suffering in its place.    

Through the family soul we not only inherit our genetics from our ancestors but also emotional, financial, relationship, and other energetic patterns that directly influence our experiences in life. 

Unconscious entanglements develop between family members and their ancestors in an effort to heal the family soul. We also become entangled in the family suffering to ensure our belonging in the system, which is ultimately a survival instinct.

These entanglements can then manifest as personal, financial or professional limitations as well as dis-ease. This format helps uncover the truth behind these loyalties and strives to find re-solutions to bring balance to the flow of love in the system.

This allows for the flow of life to be restored to the living members of the family which is the foundation to achieving health, wealth, and success in all aspects of life.

THE BENEFITS  of this work are far reaching as everyone who participates and their families stand to benefit. This work is a wonderful complement to other therapeutic practices as it allows for the healing effects of other therapies to integrate fully, once the ancestral components are healed.  

Clients not only gain a deeper, more respectful understanding of the root of an issue, but are enabled to access a more fulfilling experience of life and frequently report a sense of resolution in their own personal lives after doing this work. The best thing you can do to help your family is to do your own work to release any entanglements you may be carrying. When the entanglements are released on an individual basis, there is less suffering to be carried, thus lightening the load on all members of the family.

Family Constellation Therapy is done in group and individual formats to release the burden you carry for others.

Family Constellation TherapyThe tradition format is done in a group where all participants begin by sitting in circle to create the ancestral soul field where the work will be done.  

There are three levels of participants in the group work: client, representative and witness.   The client has their family system set up to be worked.  Representatives are participants who stand in the field for members of the family or issues.  Witnesses remain seated in the circle as observers.  

In the group format, the issue is set up in the field using representatives as family members, states of being, or issues.  The facilitator works with the group using words, movements and representatives to first identify the present state of family dynamic as it relates to the issue.  From this place, by acknowledging what is, including those who were excluded and restoring the balance of the flow of love from the elders to those in the current generation, entanglements can be released and suffering is transformed to love.  The facilitator seeks re-solution to the issue moving the system into strength from where it was previously weak.  The constellation is then brought into order by positioning representatives in the appropriate positions in their family system.

Julie has also adopted the group format to a 1:1 format which she practices as part of the Consciousness Medicine work.  Using her energy healing skills together with experience with Family Constellation work, she is able to create the energetic states needed to shift ancestral entanglements and release suffering.  Julie weaves the Family Constellation Work into her Consciousness Medicine therapy sessions using a constellation board (pictured at left) or through talk therapy.   Integrating Family Constellations into a Consciousness Medicine session allows for not only the ancestral entanglements to be released, but also for healing to be applied to the related patterns of old conditioning such as revising limiting beliefs, clearing energy disturbances and timeline imprints.

Family Constellation Work is Effective for:

  • Emotional Issues
  • Dis-ease
  • Physical Issues
  • Relationship Problems
  • Financial Distress
  • Career and Business Troubles
  • Addictions
  • Persistent issues unresponsive to other treatments

Family Constellation Offerings: