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YOGA, HEALING & NATURE. Relax and recharge at one of our weekend or five day nourishing and healing yoga retreats.  Surrounded by nature,  our retreats are holistic holidays for your mind body and soul. 

Each yoga retreat is centred around a holistic healing modality, including Family Constellations and Consciousness Medicine.  A daily morning yoga practice is offered in addition to  two healing workshop sessions per day.  All vegetation meals are included.  Single, double and quad lodging is provided.  Our healing & yoga retreats provide a break from the stresses of life where you can take a deep dive into your personal growth journey.  Retreat participants appreciate the deep and compassionate space that Julie holds for these retreats, a creating a safe space for transformation and integration. 

Our healing and yoga retreats invite you to rest, release and renew

Family Constellationholistic courses Retreats offer a deep soul transformation as Julie facilitates each participant’s personal family constellation in the tradition of Bert Hellinger Family Constellation Work.   These multi-day events allow your healing to unfold gracefully as the retreat progresses as you represent and witness each piece of work.  Julie has developed a unique style of working that addresses each of the main aspects of the work called Movements of the Family Soul.  By working each movement in a particular order, we can achieve a complete ancestral soul healing that allows you to set down the burden you carry for others and embrace your life fully.  Julie is known for the safe and compassionate space she holds during these retreats that support transformation and integration to support you in creating the life you desire.

Consciousness Medicine (CxM)holistic courses Retreats include an introduction to this powerful natural healing approach developed and practiced by Julie. Retreats offer energy healing across all of the bodies including physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.  The holistic healing modality we bring to our retreats is Consciousness Medicine, a comprehensive approach that includes naturopathy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), family constellations, shamanism, chakra balancing and energy healing.  Julie personally developed this work bringing together her scientific background, holistic healing practices and clinical experience for a powerful natural medicine practice with a heart based approach.  Retreat participants enjoy learning new skills while giving and receiving healing within the group. 

yoga retreat

The yoga practice offered in our retreats is traditional Ayurvedic healing yoga called Tri-Dosha Yoga. It is a a self-intelligent system using a series of poses done lying down (on back and belly), focusing on breath and relaxation to bring balance to all dosas: vata, pitta, and kapha.  The Tri-Dosha Yoga series balances your internal state on all levels.

It is a meditative practice done with eyes closed for a deeper ability to sense the flow, release the conscious mind to access meditative states of harmony and bliss.  The practice finishes with pranayama breathing practice to sharpen the mind and invigorate the body. Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It’s based on the belief that wellness depends on a harmonious balance between the mind, body, and spirit.  Ayurvedic Tri-Dosha Yoga is a deeply healing practice as it brings balance to your doshas to promote healing.

Offerring holistic retreats to refresh, renew and transform

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