NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of the brain and how it takes in information, processes it and creates a subjective experience.

The brain can take in billions of bits of information, and can only process a few million at a time so it has filters, strategies and models it uses to cope. The way the brain functions is the ‘neuro’ part of neuro-linguistic programming.

The linguistic aspect of NLP is the study of the language patterns we use to express ourselves and communicate with others. NLP is a beautiful tool for improving communication through active listening, authentic connection and mindful speaking.

The programming aspect of NLP is the understanding of the subconscious processes, storage structures and habituated patterning our brains use that create our personal experience.

Julie incorporates NLP into her Consciousness Medicine and Family Constellation work as a foundational principle to support transformation and change.  See a complete listing of current offerings that incorporate NLP below.

Holistic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) builds on the traditional principles of NLP by applying a holistic, or whole person approach.

From a holistic perspective, we are comprised of a matrix of bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual. To facilitate deep and lasting change we must appreciate that issues are comprised of elements from each of the elements of the body matrix.

From this perspective, Holistic NLP treats the physical, energetic and emotional bodies which is part of the power of its therapeutic effect.

From a physical perspective, the NLP tools work to change brain chemistry, which is necessary to bring forward lasting change.

From the energy body perspective, when the brain chemistry is shifted to create new neural net pathways, our fundamental vibrational presence changes. This changes the frequency of energy in our system which will lead to a change in our external reality.

The change tools of NLP allow us to release old conditioned patterns that cause disharmony within ourselves and in our interactions with the world. When we release disturbances from the past, our energy body is allowed to reach a state of harmony and resonance with our inner truth. When this happens, our external reality will adjust to match this harmonious energy allowing drama, distress and struggle to fade away and be replaced with greater ease, authentic connection and happiness.

Because much of what we are revising with NLP has an emotional component, the effects on the emotional body are significant. Since NLP has its roots in psychotherapy, many of the change patterns are targeted at releasing emotional distress and restoring emotional equilibrium.

THE BENEFITS  of this work are deep and lasting change.  NLP is extremely effective at revising limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals in life, personally and professionally.  

Holistic NLP is a foundational component of Julie’s Consciousness Medicine work as it provides a powerful toolbox to revise old conditioning that disrupts our ability to create new and empowering ways of being in life.

Holistic NLP is a foundational component of Consciousness Medicine providing powerful tools for lasting change.

Did you know that 95 % of what you do, say and believe comes from your subconscious mind and 5 % from your conscious mind?

Your old childhood patterns and limiting beliefs are the key to the map of your reality that is stored deep in your subconscious mind. How you act, think and respond is driven by these subconscious patterns that are designed to keep you safe and well.

This is where the feeling of stuckness, being held back or like you are self-sabotaging comes from. Hidden outside of our conscious awareness are the driving factors for what we experience in life. And they are locked in because they have some value to a much younger version of ourselves. This will then overpower for the 5 % of your conscious mind that holds the intentions for what you want to create.

If your subconscious mind is in charge, then this is where you need to focus on making changes in order to truly change your experience in life.

Sounds easy enough, but the nature of the subconscious is that it is outside our awareness. It is in our blind spot and very difficult to see.

The power of NLP change patterns is that they help bring these subconscious patterns into the conscious mind so that they are available for change.

When you are aware of the old patterning, then you are 95% of the way to making the change. This can often be the most difficult part when clearly see what we have been up to all these years. It takes courage, forgiveness, compassion and dedication to break free from the old and create the new.

Thankfully NLP helps ease the struggle and speed up the process of making deep and lasting change.

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