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Natural medicine allows for a holistic, or whole person, approach to healing where all aspects of being are considered together in order to restore full health. Natural medicine practices are centred around the main principle of restoring balance and harmony rather than eliminating symptoms.  This releases attachment to the problem state diagnosis and focuses creative attention on bringing forward more life force energy for healing.    

Consciousness Medicine (CxM) is a unique form of natural medicine that combines alternative healing methodologies including Naturopathy, Family Constellations, Energy Medicine, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Life Sciences for a powerful combination of science and sacred healing arts.  

Julie Williams developed CxM to treat issues across the entire body matrix: physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral and spiritual to effectively identify the source of an issue and promote lasting change. This natural medicine approach is done through embodied presence of being that leverages the power of consciousness to shift reality.  

Our holistic healing courses support you in becoming a certified practitioner or levelling  up your current practitioner skills. Our business coaching services allow you to thrive your business at all stages of your career.  

We also offer workshops, webinars, retreats and wellness programs to support your journey personally and professionally. 

This Week's Episode

Julie Williams

Naturopath and Energy Healer, combines her love of science with extensive training in sacred and holistic healing arts for a powerful combination with a heart-based approach.  She graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology and worked in biotechnology and clinical research before changing her career in 2003 to realise her true calling as a healer.  

Testimonials... Sharing the Love

"This was far and away the best group Zoom experience I’ve ever had. I felt held, connected and present in a way I have not experienced in any other online group, including healing and meditation groups. It was lovely to be part of the deep healing magic of Constellations."


Family Constellation Online Workshop Participant

"Thank you so much for the amazing and beautiful gift of Consciousness Medicine.  It has been a truly transformational process, allowing me to be fully present and conscious in and of the now of life."


Consciousness Medicine Practitioner Certification Course

“The whole thing was so nourishing, moving, self provoking, life giving....and life changing. Julie held the group so gently but strongly it always felt safe and positive no matter what came up.  The location was great and the food was amazing too!"


Family Constellation Retreat Participant

"I got so much out of the group and individual sessions with Julie. I found it deeply and heart-warmingly powerful to honour and acknowledge the contribution (good and bad!) of my ancestors."


Family Constellation 1:1 Client & Workshop Participant

"Having suffered from a debilitating rare form of Rheumatoid Arthritis for nearly 10 years, Julie helped me to release the ancestral patterns that were stopping me from fully recovering. I am now healthy and pain free. Julie holds a space that allows for permanent recovery from chronic illness."


1:1 Client, Workshop and Training Course Participant

“I am so grateful. I truly appreciate the deep transformation that took place on this retreat. This retreat was a powerful healing tool and true blessing.  I can now savor the depth of a new relationship with my daughter and wife on a daily basis


Family Constellation 5 Day Retreat Participant

“The 5 Day Bali Retreat has been the most memorable and fun experience for me!  I loved the yoga classes, they encouraged me to be kind and gentle with myself, and I felt so calm at the end.  Words aren’t enough to express my  gratitude."


Family Constellation 5 Day Retreat Participant

“I had a great and wonderful time during all the workshops. I love your methods of teaching. I love the fact that you have a scientific background but most of all your capacity to embrace us all and guide us through this healing journey”.


Workshop & Training Course Participant

"Thank you for your excellent support and advice. I felt stuck in my job and was unable to conceive.  Working with you really helped me to clarify that path I needed to follow and to free up important energy and give birth to a healthy baby girl!" 


Consciousness Medicine & Business Consulting Client

"I just want to thank you so much for the Consciousness Medicine retreat. The whole experience was absolutely amazing and just blew me away!! I found what you had to say really resonated with me and is having such a wonderful effect on me. I feel so grateful."


Consciousness Medicine Retreat Participant

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