healing workshopsGroup healing workshops are one of the most powerful ways to promote personal transformation in deep and lasting ways.  It allows you to come together in a community of like minded people to co-create sacred space that provides healing for everyone who attends. When we come together in groups, our energy becomes far greater than the sum of our individual parts, allowing for a collective heart resonance to form that supercharges your healing intentions.

Julie facilitates healing workshops  and webinars utilising the practices of Family Constellations,  Consciousness Medicine and Business Coaching.  She facilitates these healing workshops courses, bringing together her skills as a natural medicine practitioner, scientist and clinician.  Participants love her workshops and webinars, returning again and again to share in these group healing experiences.  

Our healing workshops support you to release the old and welcome in the new

Family Constellationhealing workshops workshops are one of Julie’s favourites to facilitate. This is the traditional format for the work where participants sit in a circle that creates the container for the ancestral soul field to bring forward its healing energies.  The way Julie facilitates everyone who attends will benefit from the work.  The Family Constellation group format is an amazing healing workshop that releases systemic suffering that runs through the family soul. Julie offers these healing workshops which are a great way to experience the work before booking into one of her holistic courses or healing & yoga retreats.  Participants are held in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space that supports healing on the all levels of being.

Consciousness Medicine (CxM) Webinars and online events are a beautiful way to come together from the comfort of your own space to learn and receive healing.   Julie runs these regularly to promote upcoming events, offer a free alternative for healing and to grow the community of conscious individuals. Each webinar is centred around a healing theme that Julie is finding most prevalent at the time in her clinical practice.  It is healing in itself to know you are not alone in your struggles, as we share so much on the human level with others.  Webinars include information, group distance healing and guided meditations on each theme.  Themes to be covered this year include anxiety, relationships, chronic illness and more.  These events are a great way to get to know Julie and how her CxM work treats issues.  They are useful to students, practitioners and individuals on a healing path. 

Group Healing Webinars are offered online to create a free source of healing and to build a conscious community.

Current Programme 2022

Healing Workshops and Webinars