Movements of the Family Soul eBook


Family Constellation work is a powerful ancestral healing format that allows for the exploration and release of hidden entanglements that affect all levels of being.  Movements of the Family Soul is Julie’s unique approach to the work bringing together her nearly 20 years of facilitating and clinical experience.  The ebook includes the foundational principles of Family Constellations, descriptions of each movement, ways to work with them and clinical examples of how ancestral entanglements affect health and well-being.

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Family Constellation work is a powerful tool that uncovers and releases hidden entanglements to the ancestral past that affect health and well-being.  Just as we inherit our DNA from our ancestors, we also inherit emotional, financial, mental and energetic states entangled with the suffering of those who have come before us. We do this out of deep subconscious love, loyalty and the need to belong that ultimately becomes a survival instinct.

The Family Constellation format allows us to explore ways in which ancestral entanglements can affect our lives and well-being. The work is traditionally done in a group format where participants stand in as representatives for different family members while the facilitator works to uncover and release the ancestral entanglements.  The work may also be done in a 1:1 format where the therapist uses a constellation board and figurines to explore their family soul dynamics.

Julie has integrated her nearly 20 years of facilitating the work together with her clinical experience to develop a unique style of working called Movements of the Family Soul. This includes working with six main movements, that are done in a particular order to bring forward a complete soul transformation in a profound and reproducible way.

This eBook describes the fundamental principles of the Family Constellation work, each of the movements of the family soul, how to work with them and clinical examples of which movements to apply for different conditions.

This ancestral knowledge is essential for anyone on the personal growth or professional development journey.  Family Constellation work is one of the best forms of ancestral healing out there as it not only allows us to set down the burden we carry for others but also nurtures greater compassion for others.  Its healing power is expansive so that when we heal our soul we also bring the same healing to our family soul.


What’s in the Book:


About the Author:

Julie Williams has been a Family Constellation facilitator since 2005 after training with leaders in the field including Bert Hellinger at the Hellinger Institute of Washington DC, University of Santa Barbara and NLP Marin.   She is the creator of Consciousness Medicine, a natural healing approach that combines her scientific background and training in holistic healing including Family Constellations.  Her approach is often described as heart-based, grounded and playful.


“I’ve experienced many family constellations and Julie’s approach is next level!”

“Julie is a wonderful facilitator of family constellations. Her insight and experience in imparting wisdom in the system have enabled a new consciousness through which to see the world and a deeply enhanced understanding of the trans-generational issues that impact us day to day in our lives. The process of liberation from this weight has been truly transformational, allowing me to be fully present and conscious in life.”

” I just listened to several of the speakers on the Ancestral Healing Summit and while I honour that there are many paths to healing, I was left with even deeper gratitude for Julie and her way of facilitating family constellation work that makes the process so accessible.”