“Words are not enough to say how much I’ve enjoyed, evolved and learned during the workshops. I cleared some deep emotions and gained a natural way to understand a bit more the beauty of this journey called life”.

Patricia, Workshop Participant

Some of our Testimonials

This was far and away the best group Zoom experience I’ve ever had. I felt held, connected and present in a way I have not experienced in any other online group, including healing and meditation groups. It was lovely to be part of the deep healing magic of Constellations.


Webinar Participant

“It was life changing,I am so grateful. I truly appreciate the deep transformation that took place on this retreat. I can now savour the depth of new relationship with my family on a daily basis. This retreat was a powerful healing tool and true blessing.”


5 Day Retreat Participant

“I can’t thank you enough for all the time and energy you put into organizing this retreat in such a balanced and beautiful way.  The 5 Day Bali Retreat has been the most memorable and fun experience for me!  There was so much to absorb, I feel I could do it all over again.  I loved the yoga classes, they encouraged me to be kind and gentle with myself, and I felt so focused and calm at the end.  Words aren’t enough to express my awe gratitude for the evening activities.  They were the icing on the cake and more!”


Student & Retreat Participant

“I had a great and wonderful time during all the workshops. Iove your methods of teaching. I love the fact that you have a scientific background but most of all your capacity to embrace us all and guide us through this healing journey”.


Workshop Participant

“I am new to the work of Bert Hellinger, but I found the work to be extremely powerful, moving and very healing“.


Workshop Participant

“Thank you for your work! It’s amazing! I experienced a huge shift during the workshop and since then my life’s purpose became very strong and clear for me. I’m hugely grateful to you and all people who took part in my healing process”.


Workshop Participant

“I got so much out of the weekend, representing & witnessing so many family constellations as well as having my own done. It was like a master class for me on so many levels.”

Anne, Workshop Participant


..and more testimonials

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the family constellation workshop.  The changes occurring underground in my psyche are profound and unifying.”


Student & Workshop Participant

“If you really want to change, even (maybe especially) if you believe that you can’t, get in touch with Julie…as long as you don’t mind having fun as you move forward!”.


Workshop Participant

“I came away with more self-confidence and an ability to draw boundaries a bit more and also in general I just love my life instead of desperately searching for someone to love me. I gained an understanding that other people have trouble trusting themselves and other people, I thought I was the only one with this issue. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone and also the family constellation dynamics were really interesting!”


5-day Retreat Participant

“Truly inspiring and hugely healing – very well facilitated”


Retreat Participant