Awakened Minds Podcast Interview with Tiffany Clark featuring Julie Williams

Learn about Consciousness Medicine, how it works, what it treats and why this work is so important to the future of new medicine.  Listen and watch on Spotify.

Tiffany says:

“Join me as I interview the amazing Julie Williams and her Journey into Consciousness Medicine. In this episode, Julie Williams highlights the difference between traditional medicine, which relies on observable and statistically significant evidence, and quantum physics, which explores the science of subatomic levels. She discusses how quantum physics provides an explanation for the effectiveness of subtle energy healing techniques, such as the power of intention, prayer, and meditation, in promoting healing.”

Co-Author: The Energy Healer's Oracle, Tools for Total Transformation

Chapter 15: FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS | Heal Dysfunction and Reclaim Your Life by Julie Williams.  Released JUNE 2023.   Excerpt:
“In my clinical practice, I’ve witnessed so many success stories from chronic mental health conditions being alleviated; pain, disease and fatigue eliminated; couples who were told were infertile going on to birth the family they dreamed of; relationships on the brink of disaster finding a deeper connection; businesses going from near bankruptcy to profitability; and so many other examples of people reclaiming their health, wealth, and happiness…”  Get your copy on Amazon 💜


JUNE 2023. In this week’s episode I chat with Julie Williams, looks at family energies and how the family soul is impacted through ancestral suffering. We consider how we take on the suffering of our ancestors, why this happens and how it impacts upon us. We discuss how we can heal ancestral suffering and also the shadow elements. Julie’s approach to this shows us how we can take our true place in our family container and live our true purpose. Available on all podcast platforms

Key takeaways

  • Constellation work untangles us and brings forward ancestral strengths
  • Our ancestors don’t want us to live with their suffering
  • We can repattern our subconscious loyalties
  • When issues are out and talked about ancestral suffering can heal


In this episode, Julie talks about:

🌱Cancer as a symptom rather than the disease itself

🌱Cancer coaching for before, during & after treatment

🌱The importance of family constellations in her work

🌱The emotional & energetic aspect of healing

🌱The mind/body connection, and much more

Available on all podcast platforms.

Elemental Empress Medicine Podcast

with Sofia Dagg, recorded March 2023  

Julie Williams shares her abundant wisdom about the quantum physics of healing. Explore how you can flow with identity transitions, make money from your spiritually based business, and much more.

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Podcast with Alexandra Kreis November 2020

Healing through Reconnecting the Constellation of Consciousness

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"What if I told you that there was one key thing you could do to align your mind, body, and spirit with truth, love, and happiness? This thing could assist you in shifting the foundation of who you are so deeply and profoundly that you could stop seeking what you wanted and start actually living your dreams. You would be motivated by love rather than fear, allowing you to access a steady flow of self-empowerment that is aligned with your soul’s true purpose."

Exerpt from Chapter 2: "Healing the Family Soul" with Family Constellations by Julie Williams  


Julie Williams talks with Karen Mahoney about Consciousness Medicine as a healing practice and way of life. 

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