Consciousness Medicine

Consciousness Medicine is a completely natural form of healing that combines a high vibration, pure embodied Presence of Being together with the scientific principles of Quantum Physics. Its practice is designed to harness the power of consciousness to promote transformation at the source of the issue, producing direct results with lasting change. This holistic therapy, developed and taught exclusively by Julie Williams, combines 4 main quantum healing principles together with the knowledge of the 5 main bodies that create our spirit-soul matrix: physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral and spiritual. Find out about individual sessions.


Healing the Ancestral Body

Family Constellation Work, explores hidden entanglements within ancestral lines that can affect our current state of health and well being. Based on the work developed by Bert Hellinger, this deeply healing format brings understanding to the limitations we impose on our success and health in life, personally and professionally, that are directly linked to our ancestral past.

Healing the Spiritual Body

The Spiritual Body holds our connection to the pure vibration of the Divine, and serves to guide the flow of our consciousness. Shamanism is one of the original forms of healing and different branches of it have developed over the last hundreds of thousands of years. Soul retrieval is a common practice in shamanism that allows for lost, damaged and fractured aspects of the spirit to be returned to the soul of the person to restore full health. Shamanic practices can also remove negative or blocked energies to restore balance and harmony.

Healing the Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is the place where we hold, process and express emotional states of being. Early childhood experiences and traumas can shape our emotional landscape for our entire lives. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a model for understanding, working with and changing behaviors, beliefs and identity structures associated with our past. Its efficacy stems from the study of how our brain takes in information from our senses, creates our experience of life which then shapes our belief and identity structures.

Healing the Energy Body

Our physical body is supported by a network of energy centres, fields and pathways that support our overall health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. These are vibrational and electromagnetic fields both inside and surrounding our physical bodies. When working on a holistic level, attention to the energetic body is essential to achieving.

Healing the Physical Body

Our physical body is the template that holds our other bodies in the physical plane. Neuromuscular realignment realigns the bones, muscles, and connective tissues, while releasing trigger points in the fascia that can cause chronic and acute pain.
Our bodies are also made up of complex cellular functions, biochemical reactions and molecular pathways that are coded for by our genetic blueprint of DNA.

Deep scientific knowledge on the subject of molecular, cellular and developmental biology combined with research experience in genetics, pharmacogenetics, molecular toxicology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology allows for a natural way to bring balance to all these internal systems.

Yoga is also the physical act of meditation, and connect to mind body and spirit. Through a series of asanas, designed to promote Ayurvedic style healing, the Tri-Dosha series brings its self intelligent healing through its practice.

Individual Sessions

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Practitioner Certification

200 hr Programme 2021

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