Family Constellation FOUNDATIONS Video Course

Movements of the Family Soul Family Constellation FOUNDATIONS COURSE. This video course will guide training on how to work with each different movement as well as how to put the movements together to give the training you need to become confident in your family constellation facilitation skills.  Family Constellation Work is a powerful ancestral healing format that allows for the exploration and release of hidden entanglements that affect all levels of being.



FOUNDATIONS Family Constellation Course

Work at your own pace through the Movements of the Family Soul series of seven videos, one for each movement, as you learn the fundamental principles of Family Constellation work from the facilitator’s perspective.

What’s Included:

Personal log in to access the course

Seven 30-minute videos, one for each movement

eBook Manual

Guided meditations for each movement for personal healing

Clinical examples for professional development

Guidelines for working with each movement for professional development


Main Movements of The Family Soul Included in this Series:

The Ancestral Soul Field
Orders of Love
Big / Little Dynamic
Interrupted Reaching Out
Seeing and Being Seen
Victim / Perpetrator / Rescuer
Life’s Embrace

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Facilitated By, Julie Williams

“I was inspired to create this video series after witnessing the deep and powerful life changes my clients experience after working on each of the main movements of the family soul.  By working each movement in this particular order, it allows for deep family soul healing that aligns their souls to receive abundance in all forms. If you feel called to learn more about the work, I welcome you with a supportive hand to guide you on your journey.”  ~ With Love, Julie