Module 1: The Ancestral Soul Field
  • The Family Soul
  • The Presence of Healing
  • Ancestral Entanglements
  • Examples of Issues Associated with Ancestral Entanglements
  • Family Constellation Formats
  • Setting the Container and Activating the Field
  • Determining the Issue
  • Collecting Family History
  • Including the Desired State
  • Guided Meditation for Activating the Ancestral Soul Field
Module 2: Orders of Love
  • Exclusions and Completions
  • Standing in Someone Else’s Place
  • Soul Equanimity
  • Taking Your Appropriate Place
  • Examples of Disharmony in Order
  • The Power of Inclusion
  • Rules of Order (siblings, parents, generations, relationships)
  • How Order Disharmony can manifest in emotional, physical, person and professional issues
Module 3: Big Little Dynamic
  • Big/Little is underneath every entanglement
  • Inappropriate Bigness & Appropriate Littleness
  • Prayer of the Inappropriate Big One
  • Limiting Beliefs & Identity Associated with Entanglements
  • Including the Power of 8 Generations Back
  • Ways to Identify Inappropriate Bigness
  • Using Words and Movements to Restore Appropriate Big/Little
  • Accessing the Love of the Big Ones
Module 4: Interrupted Reaching Out
  • Restoring the Heart Connection
  • Mother and Child Soul Connection
  • How IRO affects adult life
  • How to work IRO in a Constellation
  • Affect aspects from Relationships, Career, Finances, Health
  • Open and Expand The Heart
  • Divine and Receiving Channels
  • What is Self Love
  • Why we stay in toxic relationships
  • How to nourish trust and safety in connecting with others and the world
Module 5: Seeing and Being Seen
  • The Power of Being Witnessed
  • Limitations that Manifest in Life because of this
  • Using words and exercises to heal this movement
  • Applying this across all Movements
  • How to practice this in the real world
  • Supercharging the Other Movements with this One
  • Seeing and Being Seen from a place of non-judgement and unconditional love
  • Finding Strength in Vulnerability
  • Allowing yourself to be fully acknowledged
  • Accessing your essential nature of truth
Module 6: Victim Perpetrator Rescuer
  • Archetypical Aspects
  • Facilitator Skills needed to work this movement
  • What causes this Dynamic in History
  • Ways it shows up in Life: Health, Finances, Emotions, Relationships
  • The Importance Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Working with this by Restoring Harmony
  • Cautions for Working with this Pattern
  • Dance of the Shadows
  • Turning Struggle and Strain to a Foundational Strength
  • Collective Influences of Country of Origin
  • Steps in the Healing Process
Module 7: Life's Embrace
  • Final Movement of Resolution
  • Setting Intentions
  • Being vs Doing
  • Filling Your Existential Tank
  • Life is What We Make of It
  • Working with the Representative for Life in a Constellation
  • Adding Resources
  • Reaching for and Embracing Movement