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Consciousness Medicine Foundations Course Curriculum

March 2023

Holographic Anatomy: The Body Matrix: Physical & Energy Bodies

Science: Quantum Physics Healing Principles : Everything As Vibration, Observer Dependent Effect & Zero Point Field

Skills: Practitioner stance, communication skills, vibrational healing techniques, chakra clearing and balancing

Meditations: Presence of Healing Alignment Series

Case Studies: physical pain/injury, inflammation, root chakra & auric healing

April 2023

Holographic Anatomy: The Body Matrix: Physical, Energy & Emotional Bodies 

Science: Quantum Physics Healing Principles : Wave-Particle Duality & How Less Is More 

Skills: Energy and physical body balancing, Holistic NLP, energetic kinesiology, timeline therapy, sacral & solar plexus clearing

Meditations: Energy Balancing & Self Empowerment Series

Case Studies: Infections (viral, bacterial, parasitic), smoking cessation, boundaries, self empowerment, addiction

May 2023

Holographic Anatomy: The Body Matrix: Physical, Energy & Emotional Bodies

Science: Quantum Physics Healing Principles : Non-Linear Timelines & Multiple Dimensions. Science of the Heart

Skills: Unpacking the root of an issue, layering the work non-linearly, working with childhood imprints, reframing

Meditations: Central Channel and Chakra Alignment Series

Case Studies: Heart & throat chakras, organ systems, revising limiting beliefs, re-imprinting old conditioning

June 2023

Holographic Anatomy: The Body Matrix: Physical, Energy, Emotional, Ancestral and Spiritual Bodies

Science: Quantum Physics Healing Principles : Vibrational Medicine & Heart Resonance

Skills: Family Constellations: Orders of Love & Big/Little Dynamic.  Belief & Virtual Filter Revision, Ceremony

Meditations: Ancestral Healing Series

Case Studies: Third eye and crown chakras,  hormones & fertility, identity shifts, ancestral healing

Course Materials

+ 4 one-day online training sessions with Julie via Zoom

+ Monthly Supervised Study Groups 

+ Class & study group recordings (audio & video)

Personal log in to access course materials

Guided Meditations 

+ Case Study Examples and Healing Protocols

+ Monthly Self Study Practice: 2 hrs/month is recommended

+ 1:1 Mentoring opportunities

+ 60 page Consciousness Medicine eBook that serves as the training manual

Video Tutorials 

+ eLibrary 


Certificate of Completion 

  • 32 hours training which can be applied to 200 hr. Consciousness Medicine Practitioner Certification or as CPD hours.