Truth, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness Follow your Heart and Create the Life You Want

Creating the life of your dreams is the goal for many people on the spiritual path.  To be able to live one’s truth, be free and happy.  Simple right?  For some yes, for others it can be elusive and downright frustrating to try to align a conscious, spiritual path with a job and career that earns enough money to not only support living expenses but also to have enough for retreats, treatments, travel and things that fill the existential tank.  The compromise is often living a double life where, from 9 – 5, we go to work at a unfulfilling job in order to earn money to live, and our enjoyment in life is limited to the precious moments of free time. The driving force behind this this lifestyle is mainly the old paradigm and its associated definition of success.  It unconsciously keeps people locked in the rat race of sacrificing happiness in the pursuit of financial abundance, job satisfaction, providing for families and collecting material possessions desperately trying to find happiness.

As leaders of the new conscious evolution, yes I mean you; it is our task in this lifetime to rewrite the rules of success as it relates to our work and associated lifestyles.  Together we can change the world, through embracing our true nature and allowing the universe to provide our hearts desires easily, effortlessly and with great financial abundance.  Are you in?

When you align fully with your truth, know that you are always free to choose and make these choices based on love rather than fear, you empower yourself to engaged in co-creationship with the Universe so that you can Do less, Be more and receive abundance in all forms.  Of course, this also requires looking deeply within to rewire old ways of thinking, behaving and being that are aligned with limiting beliefs, ancestral entanglements and childhood patterning.  My life’s journey walking the path of a Scientist turned Healer, is a testament to the fact that this change is indeed possible.  And I can show you how.  Let’s talk.