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Today’s blog is the second in the Body Positivity Series, a journey exploring the underlying issues associated with the lack of it and how to build more self-love and positive self-image on all levels of being using the healing modality Consciousness Medicine.

In this series, I’ll cover topics like how to embrace your body as a temple, ways to deepen your mind-body connection based on self-love/care, key factors that contribute to negative self-image and how to revise them across the Body Matrix (physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual) with practical tools, examples and guided meditations.


Key Topics in Today’s Blog:

  • History of the mind-body approaches from Hippocrates to modern day.
  • How Consciousness Medicine puts the spirit back in the mind-body approach.
  • Importance of the spiritual body in staying healthy.
  • How to release external validation for greater body positivity.
  • Guided meditation to restore autonomy over your thoughts, feelings and actions for greater empowerment and self-love.

In last week’s blog, the Sacred Body Temple, we explored together ways to repattern negative self-image to a positive one through revising limiting beliefs and releasing critical thinking patterns.  We ignited the pilot light for your sacred body temple with a guided meditation to access a deeper, more embodied connection with your sacred nature of being.

Today we’ll build on those states of being to explore, clear and harness the power of the true mind-body connection for a deeper embodiment of your soul’s truth and life force spirit.  We’ll explore how inner conflict can derail positive thinking with a healing exercise to include all aspects of yourself in equanimity, respect and compassion with a guided meditation for greater self-empowerment, clarity and creativity.

The history and evolution of the mind-body connection is an interesting one, starting back in the Greek & Roman times with Hippocrates who lived around 450 BC.  He founded his Hippocratic holistic and natural healing philosophy around the idea of a “ healthy mind in a healthy body” meaning that the mind is a determining factor in what the body manifests.  

Interestingly, at that time, they believed that the mind and the soul were one, and we were also made up of two other components: the god or infinite and the body or material self.  These three aspects of our true essence, body, mind and spirit made up the foundation for Hippocrates’ holistic treatments including all levels of being.

Fast forward to the 17th century when Descartes a French philosopher and scientist coined the idea of mind-body dualism. This takes the mind-body connection to a deeper yet more expanded place saying that we exist in both the physical (with the body) and the non-physical (in the mind/consciousness).    

This is the first example of the branch of the mind-body idea that does not explicitly include the spirit.   Perhaps because around this time was when organized religion was a place where people nourished their spiritual nature through worship and prayer.  

As modern psychology began to take hold In the 19th century, with Freud and others, the study of the mind grew further away from the inclusion of spirit to bring forward the mental health approaches used today. 

On a separate branch, the medicine for the physical body developed into the allopathic, or traditional medical model we use today.   Also not inclusive of the spirit.

Physical HealingWhile the two recognized the importance of the other, the evolution of medicine kept them separate.  You wouldn’t go to a surgeon to treat depression and likewise wouldn’t go to a psychologist for brain surgery.

This approach has worked, for the most part in some incredibly important ways but it is now time to evolve our thinking to re-include the spirit in our treatment programs. 

This is where consciousness medicine comes in as the future of new medicine to incorporate the spirit-soul back into healing through treating the entire body matrix made up of physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual bodies to form a beautifully woven matrix of being that defines the essence of who we are.

It is in bringing the spirit soul back into the picture in treatment which is one of the superpowers Consciousness Medicine has.  It was one of the main goals when I developed the work, which was to create a hybrid between ancient healing approaches and modern-day biology and medicine.  

From the CxM perspective, the spirit-soul is treated through the spiritual and ancestral bodies.   The spiritual body is part of our being that connects to the infinite unified source of life force energy that all living beings are a part of.   It houses our spirit in a gently powerful way that stays connected with the All feeding our human existence with vital spiritual nutrients for life.  The ancestral body houses the family soul’s collective energy and your soul is a part of that, through life being passed down through generations.

When we become separated from our spirit, this will always result in a health crisis in the mind and body as well.   It would be like your car running on an empty tank.  Eventually, it will sputter and stop.   But before that happens, you refill or recharge the tank.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this for yourself and your life force energy, or prana that is as essential as fuel is for your automobile?

This is self-care.  To do things, be with people and go places that fill your existential tank with life force energy every day.  Laughter, fun, time in nature, children and grandchildren, meditation, and yoga are a few examples of ways to activate the flow of life force energy to fill your tank so that you are more resilient, centred, present and aligned with your truth.

Having a regular spiritual practice is another way to connect to and nourish your spiritual nature of being.  Shamanism is a practice I use to help heal fractures in the spiritual body from past trauma.  I also use it as a divination tool to access spiritual guidance to bring into physical awareness of being.

You can accentuate your ability to access states of body positivity by including your divine spiritual nature in how you perceive yourself.  To honour your physical body temple that houses your spiritual nature of being.  And your spiritual nature is a direct reflection of the divinity of the gods.  Pure, harmonious, unconditional love and connection to all, pure conscious potential.  This is what animates your physical body and will do until the day you die.   It is certain, then that you are divine.   Seeing and embracing this in yourself and others is a sure path to greater compassion, connection and bliss.  It is within you.  

OK so now that you are aware of the uncompromising nature of your true spiritual nature within, let’s talk a little about the mind and how to claim empowerment over your thoughts to be able to fully support a healthy self-image by accessing deeper states of self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-empowerment. 

Starting with the mind, poor self-image is a product of negative thinking together with limiting beliefs about oneself which I covered in the last article. 

Over time, these beliefs evolve into information filters our brain uses to create our experience of life.   Which affects how we process external input from the people and situations in our lives.   For example, if you have a limiting belief that you are not beautiful then your system will begin to sort for “ways I’m not beautiful” in order to prove that belief to be true. 

The associated filter will then delete all the ways in life that prove to you that you are beautiful and only let through the information that proves you are not.  All of our brains work this way and it is the toolbox of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that explores this landscape with tools to repattern our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 

This is how the need for external validation becomes established and in some can develop into the foundation for knowing who we are.  Which creates a co-dependent connection with needing external input to know how to be, feel and act.    This then leads to the inability to access one’s own self-love, pride, confidence and basic sense of self. 

For example, it can then lead to the obsessive need to be validated through social media likes, followers and mentions.  One that can turn unhealthy very quickly when one’s internal guidance is lost which is incredibly disempowering the person on all levels of being.

Revising your relationship with external validation is essential for creating greater empowerment, harmony, joy and alignment with truth.   Releasing it completely is liberating and can be done if you replace it with another form of internal validation based on inclusion, compassion, creativity and discernment.   What if you could believe in yourself and your divine nature of being while feeling supported and validated in it?

Restoring your autonomy over your thoughts, feelings, and actions is the key to accessing greater body positivity.  So I’ll now take you through an exercise in the form of guided meditation to bring your internal compass of self-love into the centre of how you see yourself and the world.

Internal Board of Directors Meditation

Take a moment to make yourself comfortable in a quiet, relaxed and distraction-free space.  You may want to have a notebook or journal nearby to capture your journey if you wish.

Take a moment to form your healing intention for today.  What do you want to transform?  Greater self-confidence, a healthy and positive self-image, release your dependence on external validation, access greater self-love?  Feel free to use one of these or choose your own.

  1. Now visualise a large meeting room.  Decorate it as you like.  Place a table in the centre surrounded by chairs. 
  2. Take your place at the head of the table as we begin to call in to order your internal board of directors meeting of which you are chairman and CEO. 
  3. Your internal board of directors is a divine committee of Self whose mission is to serve your greatest good always without question.  Its goal is to present you with the best representation of information so that you, as chairman of the board, can make an informed choice on actions, thoughts, behaviours and being.
  4. As chairman of the board, your job is to invite the participants to today’s gathering.
  5. First call in the member who is in charge of the negative self-image, or the aspect of your intention you want to release.
  6. Next call in the director’s positive self-image, self-esteem and self-love and sit them directly across from the director of negative thinking.
  7. As you sit with this internal conflict within you, what other board member would you like to call in to help get more expert opinions?
  8. Some useful board members can be the director for your spiritual nature of being.  The director for creativity and fun.  The director for risk assessment.  The director for health and well-being. Let’s start with those and you can add as needed.
  9. As chairman of the board, give each director a hello as you introduce them to the others.   Let them know they will all be heard equally and that you value each of their viewpoints.
  10. Give the problem start or negative thinking director the floor to speak about what their experience is, and how it is important to the overall system.  It is this director who knows what the intended positive outcome of negative thinking is.  To keep you safe and protected?  To keep you loyal to ancestral suffering?  To notify you of where you can focus on improving yourself?  To motivate you to change?
  11. Acknowledge the job this director has been doing out of love and devotion to the team.  Team you.  Let them know as chairman you appreciate their hard work, but their methods need some revision.  Let this director know you would like to promote them.  To elevate the position that lets them keep you safe, protected, belonging, and motivated and can inform your personal growth process.   This new position will allow them to not have to work as hard since negativity is a dense heavy stuck energy to carry.
  12. Introduce them to the positive-thinking director.  Who is also there to keep you safe, protected, belonging, motivated and evolving while allowing you to feel joy, fun, playfulness, hope, confidence and empowerment.
  13. As chairman let these two know since they have the same mission, perhaps they’d like to now work together as their mission is the same.  This would ease their workload by half.  Happy Days!
  14. Allow the negative thinker to also work alongside the risk assessment office since the worst-case scenario thinking is useful input to assess risks.  But cannot be the only aspect involved.  Let the risk assessment office thank the negative thinking director for its input so that it feels heard and respected.
  15. Now bring the creative and spiritual director in to give suggestions for how they can work together to create a more positive, aligned, empowered, and confident version of you.  Ask them for three suggestions for how this can be accomplished.  Let them inform you of the ways you can fill your existential tank with things you love to do that make you happy and feel confident.  Allow them to give you guidance on how to believe that your divine perfection incarnated through empowering beliefs to replace limiting ones.  You are loved, loving and loveable.  Light is around you, light is within you. You are the light.  Ask them for the support you need to achieve this as you feel their advice, support and love.  Allow this internal support group to be all the permission you need to validate your worth, beauty and sense of self.
  16. As chairman of the board take these suggestions on board with agreement you will try these out and will reconvene if you need further assistance.  Thank them for coming and allow them to go back to their valuable functions within you from an elevated, harmonious and positive place.
  17. Take a moment to reflect on the information you received on your journey and make notes in your journal as you wish.  Stay in this meditative place as long as you like and when you’re ready begin to move gently and bring your awareness fully back into this present moment of now

It was an honour to hold space for your body temple today.  Listen next week for the continuation of this body positivity podcast series.  If you’d like to learn more about me and my offering including ann upcoming Consciousness Medicine and Family Constellation Training Course, and Family Constellation Retreat please visit my website www.consciosness-medicine.com where you can also sign up for my e-newsletter and stay connected on social media from links on the home page.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my offering including ann upcoming Consciousness Medicine 4-Week Healing Journey and the 2023 Consciousness Medicine and Family Constellation Training Course, please visit my website www.consciosness-medicine.com where you can also sign up for my e-newsletter and stay connected on social media from links on the home page.


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