In this week’s blog, Energy of Emotions, I’ll introduce you to the relationship between your energy and emotional bodies so that you can heal the past and embody empowerment in every moment.  You’ll learn how childhood development and chakra activation happen together, and how this is related to your emotional well-being.  Experience a guided meditation to clear and activate your chakras while healing past imprints so you may access a greater sense of grounding, intuition, creativity, empowerment, unconditional love, gratitude, and harmony.   

We all know the importance of having an intention when wanting to change our lives.  Call them goals, ideas, wishes, or dreams the first step in creating what you want, and letting go of what you don’t want, is to have the intention to do so.   Did you ever stop to wonder why sometimes your intentions come easily into manifestation, while others seem to elude your grasp?  

There are a few factors at play here, but the most important one is to recognize that in order for a present state to transform into the desired state, the energetic power of the desired state must be greater than the energetic power of the present state. 

Have you ever stopped to think about where emotions come from and what they actually are?  We can’t see them but we certainly can feel them.  On a physical level, emotions are a series of biochemical pathways and neural net pathways that drive the sensations we experience as emotions. We store emotional imprints at a cellular level as well as a deeply subconscious level within our psyche. 

Emotional imprints come from significant or traumatic experiences throughout our lifetime from conception to the present day.  The ones that affect us most deeply are those from childhood, when we are not as independent and resourceful as we are in our adult lives.  

Consciousness Medicine incorporates NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to treat the emotional body by working with tools like timeline therapy, re-imprinting, reframing and belief revision.  These take into account the fact that we cannot change what happened in the past but what we can change is our relationship to it. 

When we have an imprint from childhood that is active in our psyche, it will produce triggers in certain situations that remind us of these past experiences.   It is these triggers that cause upsetting emotional responses that can feel overwhelming and even uncharacteristic of who we know ourselves to be.  This is because when we get triggered, we regress in emotional age to when the imprint associated with that emotion was anchored in. 

One key way to gain greater empowerment over our emotional triggers is to become aware of how old we feel when we get triggered.  And from there to be able to bring ourselves back to the present moment in time, and recognize that we are no longer that age because we that we made it through that past experience. 

We can then bring healing to that younger version of ourselves by working with the energy of the chakras, which correspond to different ages on our timeline. 

Since emotions are energy in motion, they are meant to follow the flow of being felt & released versus being suppressed & ignored.  Emotional imprints and their triggers are the result of repressed emotions that become stored in the body, mind and spirit.  One way to heal these imprints is to clear any areas of disturbance in the chakra associated with the age where the imprint was experienced. 

By bringing a harmonious vibration to the age ranges associated with the chakra developmental activations we bring peace, honor and forgiveness in to heal both the energy body and emotional body simultaneously.

In a moment I’ll take you through a guided meditation to experience this, but first I’ll give you a guide to how the 7 main energy centres called chakras align with our ages throughout our lifetime.

When we experience something significant or traumatic during the age the chakra is coming online, a pattern of disturbance will form in that energy center.  When we clear that the disturbances in the chakras helps bring peace to the emotional body as well.

The ages of development associated with the 7 main chakras are:

  • 3/5 for the root
  • 4-8 sacral
  • 8-12 solar plexus
  • 12-15 heart
  • 16-21 throat
  • 21-26 third eye
  • 26-30 for the crown.

I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to heal imprints across your timeline using chakra healing energies. 



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