This week’s blog, Healing Power of the Heart, is the third in the Spirit or Organs series where I’ve been talking about how to keep your organ systems in tip-top shape by looking at them across all levels of being using the practice of consciousness medicine.  Today I’ll talk about what heart health means on the physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual levels.  You’ll learn how a full, open and healthy heart is one of the most powerful healing tools available and experience a guided meditation to drop more deeply into the heart space for healing, harmony and happiness.

The heart is not only a vital organ needed for life, its spirit goes far beyond the physical body.  It is the conduit for life force energy, the centre of our consciousness, balances our upper and lower chakras, holds our ancestral loyalties, clears energetic disturbances, regulates our emotional well-being, and allows us to love and be loved.  

From the physical body’s perspective, this powerful organ has muscular and electrical components that work together in beautiful synergy to circulate blood throughout our system.   Taking care of heart health is important to a long, active and healthy life. 

Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, minimizing stress and getting restorative sleep are all ways to support your heart.  Tracking and managing cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and toxins such as alcohol and smoking are great ways to support your heart.

As we age, lifestyle factors can either catch up with us heart health isn’t prioritised, or can support us well into old age if we do.  In other words, how you treat your body now will have the greatest impact on you in 10 to 20 years.  If you run your body ragged in your 20s and 30s then you will notice the depletion in your 30s and 50s.  The good news is that it’s never too late to take care of yourself and reap future benefits!  Acknowledging this as an act of self-love, or a gift to your future self, can be a great motivator to make simple changes in diet, stress management, and sleep habits that will pay off big in the long run.

The physical care we take of our heart is really important, but it is not the whole picture of heart health now and in the future.  The spirit of the heart also includes energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual components that must be considered, treated and maintained over time for full health and well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

In my Consciousness Medicine clinical practice, I’ve gained experience in treating matters of the heart from a whole person and complementary medicine perspective and want to share this wisdom with you for self-healing or for practitioners wanting to add to their skill sets. 

Did you know that the energetic frequency of the heart chakra (639 Hz) is a frequency of energy that can clear other energetic disturbances?  This heart frequency has a high harmony factor that interacts with dense, disturbed or irregular frequencies of energy (that cause the body matrix to become dysregulated) in a way that releases the patterns of disturbance.  It is one of the best frequencies to hold in your auric layer, or energetic bubble that surrounds you, for protection.  When disturbed energy comes into contact with your field, it is transformed into a more harmonious frequency. 

You can amplify your heart chakra frequency by simply bringing your awareness to your chest area and visualising with each breath a glowing ember of emerald green light that grows brighter and brighter with your focused intention.  As you do this you sense any residual areas of disturbance present in your heart chakra from past events or parental influence.  If so, simply focus your glowing heart energy to that place where you feel it in your body.  This will help to clear disturbances and open the door to harmony and love.

The heart chakra is coming online between 12-16, so difficult or shocking events from childhood can leave an imprint that will disturb the flow of energy throughout your whole system.  The heart chakra is the meeting point for the upper and lower frequencies of energy that come through the manifesting and liberating channels of energy.  Life force energy comes in from the crown and up through the root, meeting in the heart for us to give and receive love, kindness, compassion and gratitude.  Meditating on the heart chakra’s energy in the presence of healthy heart frequency tones (live or recorded) will fill your body matrix with healthy heart energy to heal any childhood imprints that keep you from having a clear, full and happy heart. 

The heart is also where true conscious awareness resides.  Consciousness is often attributed to the brain, but our heart is where conscious presence is more accessible.  For example, a study done by the Institute of Hearth Math showed that the heart responds before the brain does to external input.  The study involved monitoring the brain and heart electrical signatures of people who were shown images that were either pleasant or disturbing.  A computer randomly generated these images, so the researchers themselves did not know what image would be shown next.  When reviewing the electrical signatures of the heart and brain, they saw that the heart responded before the picture was on the screen for the brain to react. 

This study has always fascinated me as it opens up a deeper philosophical question of how the heart knows what is coming before it has happened.  It suggests that our brain’s reaction, and what we think to be our present reality, is actually running on a delay behind the pure conscious awareness of the heart.

One reason why this is possible is because the heart is the source of all life.  In other words, our heart houses our life force energy.  For example, the creator of life – call it god, universe, divine, or whatever your beliefs are – is most often described as unconditional love and bliss.  This means life is a form of love.  Since love is an aspect of the heart, it follows that life is love and resides in the heart. Living from this heart space is a great way to stay connected to the divine within and access the power of pure consciousness in every moment, situation and setting. 

In order to do this fully, we must be clear of any ancestral entanglements held within our ancestral body.  By nature, ancestral entanglements will drain our life force energy as we give it over to try to make the lives of those who have come before us better.  This is the basis of the Hellinger family constellation work.  We are reliving the difficulties, suffering and trauma our ancestors experienced in an effort to try to carry the burden for them to try to help them and ultimately ourselves. 

Life, which is a form of love, flows from generation to generation from parents to children.  If there have been past tragedies, traumas or exclusions causing guilt shame or secrets in the family lineage then love is not accessible through the gift of life.  Instead, suffering and drama will be present rather than heartfelt loving life force energy.  Now that’s the bad news.  The good news is that when we release the ancestral entanglements, using for example my movements of the family soul approach of Hellinger family constellations we allow for the flow of love and life to be restored to every member of the family soul, which is the collective presence of our ancestral lineage. 

In my experience, ancestral entanglements hook into the heart due to the direct relationship with life.  When we are carrying a lot of ancestral entanglements, our hearts will be carrying a burden that does not actually belong to us.  If these ancestral entanglements are left untreated over a lifetime it will cause diminished heart function that leads to heart failure, heart attack, stroke and other cardiac events that can be life-threatening.  When I’m taking a family history with my clients, if there are a lot of incidences of cardiac issues, this is a sure sign that there are patterns of disturbance in the ancestral body that must be addressed.

From the emotional body perspective, healthy emotions of the heart will show up as love, kindness, joy and compassion.  If the emotions of the heart are dysregulated, this will show up as grief, depression and hostility.  These negative emotions are like anchors to life force energy and over time will drain these life-giving energies essential for health and well-being.  The NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, toolbox is the approach I use in the Consciousness Medicine practice to help identify childhood imprints and previous life experiences that have caused the heart to become damaged, scarred, protected or closed altogether.   Counselling and CBT, for example, are also wonderful ways to uncover and treat emotional imprints that deplete the heart’s ability to be healthy, full and happy.  We must be in an emotionally stable, balanced and resilient place for our heart to be able to function in top form. 

From the Spiritual perspective, the heart is essential in holding our life force energy that connects us to the spiritual planes of being.  If our heart is physically stressed or depleted, burdened by ancestral entanglements or disrupted by energetic disturbances then its ability to hold life is severely diminished.  We must heal the other aspects of the heart across the body matrix in order to allow for the fullness of life to be accessible to us on all levels of being. 

When we achieve this, we create far greater resilience for ourselves where heartbreak does not deplete us, but instead functions as the heart breaking open to expand its capacity for holding and creating life.  From here we have greater access to love, trust, divine timing, joy, compassion, gratitude and being in the flow of life in its purest and fullest form.

Now find a relaxed position to experience a short meditation to heal the heart and activate its healing potential.

You can also listen to this meditation in the companion Healing Codes Podcast given at the end of this article.

  • Take a moment now to drop into your heart by bringing your awareness to that region of your body.  
  • Feel the powerful life force energy that resides there.
  • Feel love and gratitude for your heart on all levels of being.  Appreciate all it does for you on a daily basis.  Make a promise and commitment to yourself to take the best care of your heart as you can, for your health now and in the future.
  • Visualise this region of your body being filled will emerald green energy bursting with the healing energies of the heart chakra. 
  • Let it saturate your energy and emotional bodies to heal any wrongs, heartbreaks, betrayals or other past events that impacted your ability to have an open heart. 
  • As this happens feel the warmth of divine love, bliss and harmony healing old wounds. 
  • Sense greater self-empowerment as you fully embody yourself letting go of past hurts so that you may find peace, and joy and embrace life fully. 
  • With each element you release allow more life force energy to fill these empty places, as you sense what it is like to have access to the life force potential that was gifted to you at birth. 
  • Acknowledge your ancestors and respectfully let go of any burden you carry for your family soul.  Your ancestors are giving you full permission to leave generational suffering with them and step fully into life.
  • Now that you are fully aligned with life, love and the support of your ancestors you are being gifted with 3 wishes you want to create the best-case scenario for your future self.  
  • What is your heart’s desire?  What will make you feel happiness and joy?  What do you want to create for greater love and compassion? 
  • Hold your three wishes in your heart as you feel the support of your own life force energy flowing through you and hear the cheers of your ancestors as they celebrate you in your beauty, wisdom and presence.
  • Take a few breaths here as you begin to come back fully to the present moment, becoming aware of your surroundings. 
  • Begin to move gently as you stay connected to the support, love and abundance in your heart.


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