This week’s episode, Reproductive Radiance, is the next in the Spirit of Organs series where I’ve been exploring the physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual nature of our organ system. 

Today I’ll be covering the reproductive system including common issues that are associated with it and how to bring full functional health using the practice of Consciousness Medicine.  

You’ll receive guidance to support reproductive organs by balancing the chakras, releasing ancestral entanglements and fully accessing the power of your pelvis.

You’ll be guided to release any blockages that keep you from having a healthy reproductive function in all stages of life and unlock your creativity, power and intuition.

Reproductive organs sit at the seed of life, as they are needed to come together to produce life.  Yet they can be the focus of shame and guilt that impairs their ability to function properly.  The truth is that the seat of your full energetic power resides in the pelvis, and if you do not own it with reverence, joy and sacredness your reproductive health, personal empowerment and emotional wellbeing will suffer as a result. This can also result in fertility issues, menstrual difficulties, menopause symptoms, and urinary tract issues.

Fertility is one of the most common reproductive system issues I see in my practice.  The World Health Organisation estimates that 1 in 6 adults will experience fertility challenges in their lifetime.  From a purely scientific standpoint, I can’t help but wonder if this is natural selection’s way of trying to limit our population growth as overpopulation is a major factor in today’s climate crisis.   But from a human perspective, the desire for parenthood is universal as it transcends cultural, geographical and temporal boundaries.

Reproductive rights are a subset of human rights and have spurred many powerful and controversial decisions about sexual and reproductive health, freedom and autonomy throughout history.  This is understandable when we acknowledge that reproduction is a fundamental aspect of shared human identity deeply ingrained in our biology, psychology and tapestry of our collective history.  That’s a lot of collective energy for an organ system to hold.  Which is why it is so important to keep the reprodive system healthy on all levels of being.

When I’m working holistically with the reproductive system, treating the physical aspects are only one piece of the puzzle.  And in all honesty, it’s a small piece.  For example, if I’m working with issues like infertility, ovarian cancer, uterine cysts, menopause, menstrual difficulties for example, I will focus my healing intentions on the ancestral, emotional and energetic bodies well before putting focus on the physical symptoms. 

Because reproduction is so fundamental to being human, the ancestral link to these kinds of issues must be addressed before we can hope to uncover what’s really going on.  The nature of ancestral links, or entanglements, are that they are much bigger than one individual.  They are an amalgamation of every person who came before us, that are part of the collective energy called our family soul.  We share our individual experiences with the collective experience of our ancestral lineage.  And when we become entangled with that energy, it grows exponentially making it difficult to overcome trying to face it individually.   In my opinion, this is why medical interventions in this area often fail.  They are no match for the massive energies of all the ancestors who have come before us. 

When working with the ancestral body,  I’m going to look for specific situations in past generations who had the same issue that I’m working with.  Using fertility as an example, I want to know if there were any children who died at birth, were stillborn, miscarried, terminated or died young.  I’m also curious about women who had a difficult or traumatic time in childbirth especially those who died in childbirth. 

I will collect this information for both the members of the couple the result can be repeated miscarriages, traumatic deliveries or not being able to conceive at all.  Also, cysts or tumors in the area are an ancestral loyalty to lost children in the ancestral past where to body carries a mass to try to hold a place for the lost ones.

I’ll then work the first two Movements of the Family Soul in a Family Constellation: the Orders of Love and the Big Little Dynamic which will first include all members of the family soul and then release the burden of the past carried by each person.  If possible I prefer to work with each member of the couple separately, to address their personal entanglements and prepare them to become a parent.

Preparing someone to become a parent involves a right of passage movement where their birth family becomes secondary familial support and the family they want to create becomes primary.  This can be done whether the couple has children or not.  It allows for the family soul to support them in creating a family of their own by acknowledging and connecting to the support of the ancestors.

If I’m working with a male and female partnership I will then fortify their paternal and maternal energy by bringing in the ancestral strength of eight generations back to support them in conceiving, carrying the pregnancy to full term and having a smooth delivery free from complications.

I also find this format helps heal relationship issues as well. This is because if the person has not fully stepped into the family they are creating with another person, then they cannot be fully present as a partner. 

If the ancestral entanglements are more deeply rooted, I may also work the other movements of the family soul including Interrupted Reaching Out to ensure each partner is available to receive a baby into their life, the victim/perpetrator/rescuer dynamic to release any old trauma patterns that could cause loss or birth difficulties and life’s embrace to connect them to the energy of becoming a parent and what they need to be supported in that.

The power of the family constellation work to clear patterns of infertility never ceases to amaze me.  I have used this method in cases where couples have been told they won’t be able to conceive and now have several children after doing the family constellation work.  This is also due to the fact that the Consciousness Medicine work expands beyond the ancestral work, to clear other blockages to fertility residing in the energy, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

From the energy body perspective, the sacral and root chakras are important factors in supporting the healthy of the reproductive organs.

The importance of the root chakra with these issues is for safety and grounding.  If a person does not feel a fundamental sense of safety in the world or with others, they will not embody themselves fully.  When trying to conceive from this ungrounded, disconnected, incongruent place my sense is that the soul trying to come in simply can’t find their intended parental target.  But when we can clear the energetic disturbances so that the person can be fully present, connected and embodied the target becomes crystal clear to the baby’s soul to find their parents and be conceived.

The importance of the sacral chakra in fertility is that we must open up the creative juices and release old emotions stored there.  Creativity is one of the main features of the sacral chakra, so clearing out patterns of disturbance allows for the energy body to support the creation of a little soul within it. 

The sacral chakra is the emotional center, and if there are old unresolved emotions, trauma or energetic scars from trauma then it will be too full for a baby soul’s energy to reside.  Clearing and aligning the sacral chakra with the root through to the crown, to welcome in the fresh pure energies of the divine will set up the energy body to support reproductive health and in the cases of fertility, to create a healthy womb space for conception, development and birth. 

Clearing old emotions stored in the sacral chakra is best done in layers. Take the time needed to do this thoroughly without rushing or getting distracted when it gets difficult.   Clearing old emotions follows a similar process.  Taking the time needed and brining in support when needed is essential.

Forgiveness is a great way to clear old emotions.  Forgiving those in the past who wronged you in ways that created negative emotions for you lets you be free from carrying those old emotions.  Forgiveness is not about saying what they did was ok.  Finding a place in your heart to know they were doing the best they could at the time, and that you may have been caught up in their drama so that their actions towards you weren’t personal. 

Let them have their experience and forgive them so that you may find the inner peace that closure brings you.  Find gratitude in your heart for the divine teachings this situation brought you and stay solution focused paying attention to the ways you’ve growh so that you will never find yourself in that position again.  Trust in the divine wisdom of all things happening for a good reason, without needing to know that reason.  And finally, feel love for that younger version of you who overcame a difficult time so that you may be here today.  Forgive yourself for the choices you made in the past.  Acknowledge you were doing the best you could at the time.  Make an agreement with yourself to learn from the past and do your best to make new conscious choices aligned with your truth, needs and priorities moving forward.

These are all great ways to clear out the old emotions the keep you stuck or limit the health of your reproductive organs.  As you clear this area allow in flexibility, flow and fearlessness.  It will support in the release of any guilt or shame felt for the healthy expression of sexual pleasure.  Whose expectations are these that cause you guilt or shame? Release what you carry for others and own the power of your pelvis and the personal autonomy that comes with that.  Allow the divine to come through you with your sacred sexuality and reproductive radiance.

From this place, reclaim your pride, dignity and health of your reproductive organs so that you can access creativity, emotional equilibrium, full health and personal empowerment.

This will ingite your spiritual body as the reproductive organs are the manifestataion channel life force energy.  Acknowledge your life force enrgy fully, so that this can be a continued channel of support for you here, now and always.


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