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 the first in the everyday spirituality series where I’ll be sharing practical ways to bring more spiritual, or life force, energies into your everyday life, no matter what your schedule or lifestyle.  This will allow you to have more energy, focus, and motivation in all you do.  It will allow you to transcend emotional overwhelm or unrest more easily with skills to shift into states of joy, harmony and contentment.  As you learn the tools I’ll offer in this series your physical and mental health will benefit greatly as your vibration shifts into being able to hold the purer, clearer energies of an abundance of life force. 

Key Topics include:

    • A brief history of spirituality practices.
    • How a spiritual practice is essential for achieving and maintaining health and well-being.
    • Spiritual practices that can fit into any schedule or lifestyle.
    • How to connect with nature as a spiritual practice.
    • Guided meditation to receive and give the blessing of the divine through connecting with nature.

I’ve been inspired to create this series after being 2 months into my 3 month stay here in India where I’m teaching my work as part of a yoga teacher training course at a friend’s ashram in South Goa.  India found its way into my heart when I came here to do my yoga training a decade ago.  From that point forward India became a refuge for me to step out of the constraints and learned conditioning of the Western world into a place where spirituality is integrated into everyday life in an effortless and sacred way.  Follow me on social media to learn more about my journey here from teaching to ceremonies to life lessons.

Spirituality is often thought of in terms of a religion where faith is expressed with devotional practices.  But they are actually separate ideas. For example, religion is a shared experience by a community or group while spirituality is a more individual practice with having a sense of peace and embodied presence of non-judgement and unconditional love.  

Wouldn’t you like to welcome more of this into your life?  Since spirituality an individual practice, you can decide how much or little time you have for your practice, when you can do it and how best to weave it into your life.  I promise, when you do, you will notice a positive difference from the start.

I’d like to begin the everyday spirituality series by bringing your awareness to nature. In the beauty of nature, you can see the divine. Connecting with nature is one of the simplest ways you can activate spiritual energies. 

How often do leave you your house and go to work without mindfully observing your surroundings? 

When we get busy-minded thinking about our to-do list or what happened yesterday or our plans for the day we get lost in thought and disconnect from our surroundings. 

Disconnection of any kind limits the flow of life force energy that holds these pure spiritual energies.  This is one of the reasons why mindfulness is so effective in bringing calm, peace and perspective.  Because it brings us back into full presence in this moment with the breath and awareness of each sensation we are experiencing through seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. 

Mindful presence only takes a moment to access. With one thought and one breath, we can call ourselves back into this present moment.  Take a moment here to do this.  Notice for 10 seconds what are you seeing, what are you hearing, what are you feeling in your body, and what are you smelling.  Internally and externally.

For those who may think you don’t have the time to add spirituality practices to your life, I offer you that 10-second practice.  Now, expand it to 30 seconds or one minute checking in a few times a day.  Upon waking, midday and before bed for example.  At least 3 times a week will do, but every day is even better.  Give yourself a week of doing this and notice the difference it makes in your energy levels, presence, resilience and grounding.

Connecting with nature is one of the most powerful ways to access to the divine energies of life.  Life force spirit is within all aspects of nature in plants, animals and the elementals that include fire, water, earth, air and metal.  This is another simple practice you can do by noticing natural elements around you when you are outdoors and consciously observing these with full presence in the moment and appreciating the wonder, beauty and divine essence through all your senses.

This can be the flowers outside your door, the trees on your street, and the weather happening where you are.  Notice the wonder of rivers, mountains, valleys, meadows, beaches, oceans, lakes, canyons and other natural wonders you see daily or make special visits to see or watch the sunrise and sunset.  Studies show that the benefits of watching the sunrise can improve mood, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, support maintaining a healthy weight, reduce depression, and improve sleep by regulating a healthy circadian rhythm.

Doing these practices in communing with nature helps us appreciate your human form as being part of the divine matrix of living organisms.  This assists us in dropping into a more relaxed frequency of vibration that allows our minds to become still, if even for a moment, and our internal systems to quiet down. 

Try this for yourself, and as you do listen from your heart to the wisdom that nature has to share.  What message do they wish to share special for you?  The wisdom of the ages is available in the quiet stillness of the sacred nature of being.  Give this a try as it is an active meditation technique for accessing a bigger picture view that allows you to see your place in the cosmos more clearly, offering a valuable reframe for the human ego that likes to think it is in control.

I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to experience receiving these divine spiritual frequencies in your mind’s eye that you can take out into the world as a daily practice if you wish.

Make yourself really comfortable. 

Take 3 deep breaths as you sense yourself relaxing more and more with each one.

Allow your breath to come to a natural rhythm, and throughout this meditation come back to your breath regularly to welcome in the nourishment from each inhale and exhale.

Picture yourself out in nature.  A place where you feel safe, connected and embraced in the loving arms of the elementals. Perhaps a place you’ve recently visited where you felt deep peace, harmony and connection.  Or an imaginary sanctuary in nature where your system can relax, expand and breathe easily.

Drop into your heart as you allow yourself to give and receive with equanimity.  To receive the pure frequencies of the divine and release anything that no longer serves you.

With each release, allow the space that has been created to fill with the high pure frequencies of the divine.

Repeat these statements after me.  Out loud or in your mind’s eye. Hold each in your heart as you do this and notice your internal experience.  Notice statements that activate your soul and elevate your spirit. Feel free to take these into your waking life as a simple spiritual practice.


I receive the blessings of the universe through the sensation of the sun on my face.

I receive the blessings of the universe through the water that touches my fingers and toes.

I receive the blessings of the universe through the wind that caresses my skin.

I receive the blessings of the universe through the air that I breathe.

I receive the blessings of the universe through the food I eat.

I hold this light of the universe in my heart.

I express the blessings of the universe through kind actions and thoughts for myself and others.

I acknowledge the divine nature of all beings.

I accept my life as part of a greater whole

I allow myself to embody the all of one

Through each breath I fill my soul with spiritual energies.

I accept life force prana into every cell of my body.

I radiate the divine within me.

I accept my purpose in life to be the fullest expression of the divine.

I accept my life as a divine gift to be treasured with gratitude.

Now take a moment to reflect on your experience and feel free to write down any thoughts, feelings or observations in your journal as we bring this meditation to a close.

You can also listen to this meditation on the companion Healing Codes Podcast episode with the link below.

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