Today’s blog is a dose of daily inspiration to create a positive mindset and activate the manifestation energies through consciously creating inspiration to fill and fuel your divine life force energies. Experience a guided meditation to align with the flow of your heart’s inspirations.

  • Key Topics Include:

    • How inspiration is a necessary part of any creative process.
    • Ways to uncover what inspired you.
    • Guidance to connect with the energy of inspiration to overcome challenges and create new perspectives.
    • How inspiration keeps us healthy and happy.
    • Connect to the flow of your inspirations with a guided meditation to feel clear, energized, motivated and supported by the divine energy of inspiration.

Inspiration is a necessary part of any creative process.  Life is one of the most creative processes I know, so staying inspired in life on a daily basis is a great way to feel more alive as you align to the flow of the truest expression of your heart’s essence of being.

What inspires you in life?  A beautiful landscape, the colours of the sunrise, someone you admire, engaging with the community, raising a family, deepening your spiritual practice, expressing your artistic nature, being a positive presence in the world?  Inspiration can be different for everyone and may change over time as we experience, learn and grow throughout our lifetime. 

Inspiration is a powerful energy to help overcome challenges, break free of old patterns, create new perspectives, and evolve into the fullest expression of the divine you can embody.  If you are feeling lost or blocked, a great way to get moving again is to find a source of inspiration you can tap into that builds your inner confidence, resilience, empowerment and self-love. 

True inspiration touches your heart in a way that allows you to embody its’ joy, harmony and lightness and let go of the attachment to external sources we can become addicted to. 

Part of inspiration’s power is that it unites our higher nature of spiritual being with our embodied heart presence with a conscious intention which is a winning combination.  For example, When I feel like something is taking too long for my liking I seek inspiration from my vegetable garden which shows me the divine alignment of the rhythm of nature.  It shows me resilience through vulnerability like a newly planted seedling adapting to its environment.

I’m also inspired by the elemental energies of nature like water, wood, metal, earth and fire) when I decorate my home to create a balanced, supportive and comfortable environment.  I take inspiration from the latest scientific findings in healthcare to constantly evolve the practice of consciousness medicine.

Inspiration can come in so many way and through all of our senses if we are just present, aware and open to receiving its energy.  To find your inspirations take a moment to reflect on the things you experience that motivate you to create positive things in your life.  You are most likely doing this a lot, and bringing these into your conscious awareness will allow you to build on these and diversify the sources if needed. 

It’s best to have a few solid sources of inspiration rather than becoming dependent on one type that may fall away as you grow and experience life.  Does seeing a beautiful garden inspire you to work in your own garden?  Does the smell of a burger on the grill inspire you to plan a barbeque with friends?  Does the sound of a familiar song inspire you to be happy with the good memories associated with it?

If you feel stuck in a glass-half-empty mindset or are feeling confused, lost or unmotivated I encourage you to find your personal inspirations to guide you to living a fulfilled life. 

Inspiration helps us to stay open-minded to new experiences, people and places as we stay open to receiving input that elevates our spirit, feeds our soul and puts a spring in our step.  If you feel you are falling short on this, simply make a conscious practice of finding 3 (or more!) things that inspire you in a day. 

This is best supported by a mindfulness practice of remaining fully present, connected to the breath and staying aware of what your senses are receiving.  As you do this, when you feel a lift of happiness, motivation, joy, gratitude or love notice what sensory experience you are having.  This is something that inspires you.  Carry forward in bringing awareness to these inspirations throughout your day as you continue to discover new ones too.

Staying inspired is like opening a window to let the fresh air circulate and flow within you. To bring a new perspective, to break free from old conditioned patterns and pave the way to a future that you create based on what inspired you.  Let go of the need to judge how you stack up against your inspirations as this will only constrict the flow of creativity.  Instead, connect to the ways that you have inspired others with your words, actions, or way of being. 

Being inspired by others and creating inspiration for others allows us to balance the exchange of giving and receiving that keeps us in our divine flow to break out of stuckness or confusion. 

Keep your inspiration flowing by reflecting at the end of the day about what you were grateful for and also what inspired you.  If you were left uninspired or underwhelmed by your day, what intention can you set for tomorrow to bring in more inspiration to your day?  Perhaps taking a new way to work, catching up on podcast episodes that inspire you, trying a new recipe, visiting an art gallery, sharing with friends, or exploring new places with family and friends. 

Opening up to daily inspiration is a wonderful way to feed your existential tank, to keep your life force energy flowing and vibrant to create health and well-being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I’ll now take you on a guided journey to connect to your inspirations and embody all the love, energy and joy these can bring.

  • Find a comfortable position in a distraction-free place.  Have a journal and pen nearby if you wish to remind yourself later of your experience.
  • For the next few minutes, give yourself the gift of letting go of past thoughts and future plans so you may be fully present in this moment. Now.
  • Notice your breath as it flows naturally in and out, bringing you nourishment with each inhale and each exhale.
  • On your next inhalation, bring your awareness to the midline of your body, where the central channel of life force energy is located.
  • As you inhale allow energy to flow up and down in your central channel as you sync up the rhythm of your breath with the flow of energy through your energy body. 
  • Do this without thought or observation, simply be present with your breath allowing it to flow top to bottom, bottom to top along your central channel of liberating and manifesting currents flow easily and effortlessly
  • Allow the rainbow colors of the chakras, or 7 main energy centers, to join in this flow.  The ruby red of the root chakra flowing up to the orange of the sacral chakra to the luminous yellow of the solar plexus to the emerald green of the heart chakra to the lapis blue of the throat to the violet and ultraviolet colors of the third eye and crown chakra allowing all the colors of the chakra rainbow to burst out from the crown of your head and rain down around you with harmony, peace and love. 
  • Absorb these energies into any places in your body that need these to heal, balance and grow.
  • Stay with the breath as you allow the full flow of your energy body to align with the rhythm of the breath of the physical body.
  • As you begin to feel more solid, relaxed and present, call in your inspirations allowing these to stand behind you in full, unwavering support.
  • Feel each of your inspirations as you connect your field with them. 
  • Become aware of the divine exchange that happens between you and each inspiration.
  • What are you receiving from the inspiration and in turn what are you giving back to the world as a reflection.
  • If you would like to write these down in a journal as they come up feel free to do so.
  • What, who or where are you inspired by?  Call them in to support you as you continue to explore new pathways to welcome in the divine life force energies through receiving inspiration.
  • Notice the state of your physical and energetic bodies as you do this as you feel the lift, flow and creative energies you are connecting with now.
  • If you are seeking support for a challenge, ask to be shown inspiration to support you in your learning, growth and clarity.
  • With each breath build out your circle of inspirations until you feel held, supported, seen and energised by their energies.
  • Drop into your heart and find a place of gratitude for this infinite and free source of endless inspiration.  Thank you thank you thank you.
  • Allow this energy to connect at your sacral chakra in the pelvis.  Fill this energy centre with the vibration of creativity, flow, beginnings, endings, balanced emotions, pleasure and joy.
  • Allow the energy of creativity to flow through your body.
  • Allow an intention for how you would like to express this creativity to float into your mind.
  • Introduce this intention to the flow of inspiration now pulsing through your body matrix.
  • On all levels of being physical energetic emotional ancestral and spiritual.
  • Come back to the breath and you begin to locate yourself in the here and now.   This present moment.
  • Notice the flow of your creativity and how it wants to be expressed as you drop into your heart and breathe with this wisdom.
  • Now begin to make gentle movements and bring your awareness fully back to your body.
  • On your next breath open your eyes and come fully back to this present moment.
  • Clear, energized, motivated and supported by the divine energy of inspiration.

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