Today’s blog, the Power of Intention, is the first in the Healing Path Series where I’ll introduce you to the formula for healing with ten essential steps.  The series will include information, exercises and guided meditations for each step including preparation, support, detox, release, transform, replenish, integrate, habituate, rebuild & grow and sustain. Today’s blog will cover the preparation part of the healing path, why it’s important, the components of it and how to set yourself up for success to manifest your intentions with ease and flow.

  • Key Topics Include:

    • How to prepare for a healing journey to navigate the path with confidence, trust and ease.
    • The advantage of focusing on the positive change you want to make instead of the problem state.
    • Guidance for identifying the present state and desired state intention.
    • How to empower your intention by being specific with your request.
    • How creating intentions allows you to celebrate yourself more deeply.
    • Guided meditation to create your intentions and bring them into manifestation.

Every journey begins with the first step.  The first step is an important part of setting yourself up for success or failure.  Doing your preparation work before beginning a healing journey will help you navigate the path with greater confidence, trust and ease.  We are trained to start our healing journey by first identifying a problem state that we want to shift.  While this is useful to a degree, I want to also encourage you to identify the state you want to be having instead of the problem with equal (or greater) attention. 

This can take some practice to habituate, but I assure you it is possible.  In my 20 years of clinical practice working with thousands of clients, I have realised that healing happens much easier and with greater completion we put more focus on the desired state than on the present problem state.  This is because in order for a state to change from the present state to the desired state there must be a greater amount of energy associated with where you want to be instead of where you are. This is simply the law of quantum energy dynamics that the laws of manifestation follow.  To tip the scales into creating a new way of being we must put enough energy into it that it can create in our reality, replacing the old way of being.  This is why healing is a process and not instantaneous.  It takes time, energy, focus, intention, resilience, trust, surrender, compassion and love to make deep and lasting change happen.

Creating a clear intention for what you want to create and what you want to let go of is the first step to preparing for your healing journey.  Try to be as specific as possible, and feel free to create multiple intentions for more complex situations.  For example, if you want to earn more money, heal from illness or find the love of your life these intentions are too general and can interfere with collecting the energies needed for manifestation.  General intentions can also open you up to creating something that is not exactly what you wanted.  You might earn more money but might end up having to work harder for it.  Or you might heal from illness but end up with lasting repercussions, or you might find romantic love but end up with uncompromising factors that keep you apart.  One great way to be specific with intentions is to chunk it down enough so that the important characteristics are known.  Like an amount you would like to earn with the criteria for it coming to you like working your passion, one that supports a good work-life balance and one that allows you to work smarter, not harder.  Or to regain full health on a physical, mental and emotional level so you can move on completely from the condition to live a healthy, happy and vibrant life.  Or to find a true love relationship that fulfils you is in equanimity and brings out the best in both of you. 

Creating a clear intention also helps you navigate progress and update it with new information that might become present as you walk the journey.  We change over time, and it is difficult to be able to create a new way of being from an old way of thinking.  So it is natural for your intention to become refined as you move forward on your path, to align with the growth and learnings along the way.  So even if you are further along on your healing path, revisiting step one to prepare, set, refine and build on your intention is not only allowed by recommended.

You can have several intentions at once, from lighter to deeper or for different aspects of being.  Remember that the quantum nature of healing is holographic and unified, meaning that if you treat one part of it you are also treating the whole.   Trust that if you set an intention for a surface condition it will also have a positive effect on the deeper intentions you hold in your heart. 

Preparing your intentions also sets you up for celebration.  Bringing more energy in at the wavelength of celebration gives the powers of manifestation a tailwind to reach your goal.  Celebrating your wins along the way keeps the healing path illuminated to guide you forward.  Setting specific intentions allows for these celebrations, especially if you make it a daily practice to reflect on the positive steps you’re taking and when you manifest an intention.

I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to check in on your intentions to support a solid foundation for your healing path by bringing conscious awareness and energy to what you want to create and what you want to let go of, your desired and present states.

  • Take a moment to find a quiet and comfortable place free from distractions.
  • You may find it useful to have a journal or notebook nearby to write down insights.
  • It is very helpful to write down your intentions so it’s easier to track your progress and celebrate yourself.
  • Take a few deep breaths, so relax and become fully present in the here and now.
  • Let go of thoughts of the future or past, and give yourself this gift of a few minutes of self-care time.
  • Drop into your heart and get a sense for your body matrix.
  • Sensing your physical body’s presence as it breaths for you.
  • Sensing how your energy is today, and with focused intention bring your energy body into alignment along your central channel, or midline of the body, with each of your chakras spinning top to bottom, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root to create a vibrant rainbow of colours as your energy body aligns now.
  • Integrate your physical and energy bodies as you bring compassion to your emotional body.
  • Compassion and unconditional love for your feelings, how you express them: positive or negative.  Love all parts of yourself, even the tough bits.  Sense harmony in your emotional body.
  • Feel the support of your ancestors as you bring balance to the ancestral body. 
  • Feel the support of the ancestors on the masculine line through the right shoulder blade.
  • Feel the support of the ancestors on your feminine line through the left shoulder blade.
  • Lean back into this support and allow the energy to expand like wings that support you in moving forward and feeling uplifted and supported.
  • Allow the flow of pure life force energy to fill your spiritual body as you embody your life and all the abundance on offer to you.
  • Breathe this through your entire body matrix: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.
  • Sense harmony.
  • Sense bliss.
  • Sense into the field of infinite potential that is ever available to receive your heart’s intentions.
  • Drop into the heart by bringing your awareness to your chest, lungs, ribs and heart chakra.
  • And answer this question: What would you like to create in life?  State it in the positive. What do you want?
  • To be happy?  To feel safe?  To have financial security? To have full health?  To create loving relationships?
  • When you have this, state three characteristics of how you will be, feel and think when you have this.  To be happy means you will smile more, feel peaceful and loving and have a positive mindset, even in challenging times.  This is your desired state. You may continue to describe your thoughts feelings and emotions, keeping them stated in the positive of what you want rather than what you don’t want. 
  • Write this in your journal if you wish and then hold this in your heart. Visualise this request radiating from your heart like a radio tower. Sending the signal for your desired state intention into the field of infinite potential.  Where it will find a match and bring it back to you in due time.  Trust and let go.
  • Now bring your awareness to what you want to let go of.  What stops you from having your desired state?  What are the obstacles you want to remove from your path? What old conditioned patterns are you done with? 
  • Stay separate from this state as you set your intention.  You may want to visualize writing this down on a helium balloon.  And when it is complete, drop into your heart and let go.  Allow this present state intention to float up, up ,up until it is embraced by the light of the sun. 
  • Watch as the light of the sun illuminates all of the positive resources you have gained through this challenge.  What are these? Resilience, focus, healing wisdom, rest, self-empowerment.  What have you learned or how have you grown by living in this present state up until now?
  • See those resources fall back down into your head like crystal raindrops.  Bring each to your heart as a symbol of receiving the learning so that you may let go of the suffering.
  • Come back into alignment with your body matrix. Sense harmony across your physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual bodies.
  • Come back to the intention for what you want to create.  Your desired state.
  • How will you know when you have achieved it?  What signs will help you know you are moving forward to creating this experience?
  • Remember these as your milestones to watch out for.  Make a promise to your future self that you will celebrate in the present moment when you have this and will also send gratitude to your past self for setting the intention and creating the roadmap to follow.
  • Sense love for all parts of you past present and future who are now coming together to align in a common goal of letting go of obstacles and creating the experience in life you desire.
  • Take notes on your desired and present state intentions and milestones as you wish.
  • Hold these in your heart.  And then let go.  Allow the divine energies to do their work.  Trust that you are supported and in letting go of your intentions will allow the space to become available for it to manifest.
  • Come back to your breath and begin to make gentle movements as you bring your awareness back into the present moment, here and now.

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