Today’s blog is the third in the Path of Healing Series for the 10 key steps to personal growth. Today I’ll cover a soul detoxification process that aligns us with our true essence of being. This is the third step in the Path of Healing, which allows the space for letting go of what doesn’t belong to us so that we may get a clearer picture of the issue at hand.  From this place, we can be more focused on our intention for healing while coming back to ourselves more deeply which is required for true and lasting transformation.

In the previous 2 articles, Power of Intention and Self Care Guide, I’ve covered the first two steps on the personal growth path including setting a clear intention for your present and desired states and building a solid self-care practice for support on the healing path.  Today I’ll cover the detox element of the path, which functions like a pre-clearing to lighten your load to more clearly identify the intention while finding a deeper embodied presence of being.

  • Key Topics Include:

    • The importance of the detoxification step on the path of healing to allow for the source of an issue to rise to the surface.
    • How collective energies can affect us positively and negatively.
    • Guided meditation to experience setting a boundary with collective energies and let go of any patterns that do not belong to you as a lovely soul detox to allow you to drop into a deeper embodiment of your soul to access the empowering forces of the collective, your ancestors and the unified soul field.

The detoxification step on the healing path is like clearing away the old debris to uncover the deeper root of an issue.  In my experience, this step is essential for creating a smoother flow through the healing path, without dragging the anchor of past experiences, ancestral entanglements, and unconscious conditioning.  This step also helps us respectfully separate from collective energies that can attach to an issue making it nearly impossible to shift.  Collective energies are vibrations that resonate at the macro level, shared by many individuals over time. 

Shared experiences, emotions and energies across the collective consciousness, created by the world’s population throughout history, create a vibrational frequency that takes on a life of its own.  While collective energies can have a healing effect when they are linked to positive experiences such as life celebrations or healing programs with proven success rates they can also come in the form of heavier energies associated with shared experiences of shock, suffering or illness. 

For example, every medical diagnosis carries a collective energy compiling the energy of all the people who have received that diagnosis, the medical staff who administer treatment and the procedures of medications used to treat it.  When I work with a client who has been diagnosed with anything, I will work to separate them from the collective energies of that condition so that it is easier and clearer to work on their individual experience of the issue.  Another way I will work with the collective energies associated with diagnosis is to put the client I’m working with the collective energy of the positive statistics associated with recovery.  For example, if there is a 40% recovery rate and 60% relapse rate, with conscious intention I will include my client in the 40% recovery collective energy of the diagnosis rather than removing them from the collective energy entirely.

Becoming aware of, creating and regularly fortifying the boundary between yourself and collective energies is a great way to prevent overwhelm, fatigue and disempowerment.  This can be done with the Presence of Healing meditation I give in several of the previous podcast episodes to align the central channel of energy, balance the chakras, align the body matrix and strengthen the auric layers.  At the end of this episode, I will also take you through a guided meditation to experience this.

Essentially, this soul detox step sets a boundary between your true essence of being and your family, relationships, collective, community and workplace energies.  This allows for greater efficiency in making changes since you can focus on yourself and not be dragging other energies with you that may reduce clarity, progress and results.

This is important because we are walking around in a soup of different energies that surround us, and as these energies are unseen it can sometimes be difficult to release our responsibility for feeling everything our system comes into contact with.  Have you ever had the experience where you’re happily walking down the street, being present, feeling balanced and noticing your surroundings with heartfelt appreciation and suddenly you start to feel anxious, worried, unsafe, sad or confused?  As this is something you feel in your awareness, you automatically think it belongs to you and the mind will happily hop on to try to rationalize, explain and understand this state of being. 

It’s important to note here that just because you feel something doesn’t mean it is yours.  It simply means that you are picking up energy transmissions from all around you and as they pass through you are having a sensation of it.  Making it your own by trying to figure out why you are experiencing it simply assimilates it as a part of you.  When in fact it’s not.  It is one of the infinite experiences of divine unified field, of which you are a part, as it explores all its forms in reality.

If you are someone who is over-responsible for others or is stuck in rescuer or people-pleaser mode. In this case mistaking the external energies as your own is probably deeply embedded in how you interact with the world and create your identity.  So give it some time and repetitive effort to heal and build your energy body to create a new way of being.  When patterns have been in one’s field for a while, taking time to shift them provides the most gentle, meaningful and lasting result.

The detoxification step in the healing path serves as a pre-clearance for the next step which is release, which is the focus of next week’s episode, so be sure to tune in for that.  The detoxification step helps bring clarity to the source of the issue, which is often hidden under patterns in the energetic, emotional and ancestral bodies.  This soul detox step allows for the top layers of the old patterns, especially the ones you carry for others and don’t belong to you, to release and the source of the issue based on your healing intention to move to the surface for release.

Identifying and working with the source of an issue allows for deep and lasting change to happen as you walk the rest of the healing path journey.  This soul detox step allows for the old patterns in need of change to move to the surface easily and clearly.  This movement creates a flow of energy that also adds a tailwind to the release of the source of the issue, as it is recognizes it no longer is serving its host, you.  This is the unified soul approach to healing, which allows for all energies that no longer serve you to go back to the unified soul collective to be repurposed into something better for all souls, including you.

I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to experience setting a boundary with collective energies and let go of any patterns that do not belong to you as a lovely soul detox to allow you to drop into a deeper embodiment of your soul to access the empowering forces of the collective, your ancestors and the unified soul field.

Take a moment to find a comfortable distraction-free place and allow yourself to come into the full presence of being.  Letting go of thoughts of the past and future for the next few minutes. 

  • Take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax, settle in and be receptive to the healing energies now available for you to detox your soul.
  • Bring awareness to the midline of your body, from head to feet.
  • Move your awareness into connection with your central channel of energy that runs along the midline of your body.
  • This central channel is created by the upward flow of the liberating energy current and the downward flow of the manifesting current that comes with your human body.
  • Take a moment to move your awareness up and down your central channel, simply observing without analysis or judgment.Access pure conscious awareness, with heartfelt gratitude for your body temple in all its forms: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.
  • As you do this, visualize your central channel of energy becoming more defined, strengthening and connecting in harmony from top to bottom, bottom to top.
  • Ask to heal any misalignments, frays or disturbances in your central channel now.
  • Come back to the breath and feel your center strong, clear and aligned.
  • Visualise 7 light switches located in each of the 7 main chakras root to crown as we now begin to turn these on in a balanced, connected and harmonious way.
  • Flip the on switch for your root or base chakra located in the region of your legs and feet.Sense yourself grounding as you visualise a ruby red color light as you turn this chakra on now.
  • Flip the on switch for the sacral chakra in your pelvis, visualising a bright orange color like the sunrise in this area of your body now.
  • Flip the on switch for your solar plexus chakra located in your belly seeing the bright glow of yellow as you do this now.
  • Flip the on switch for your heart chakra located in the chest seeing the emerald green light of its activation now.
  • Flip the on switch for your throat chakra seeing the beautiful lapis blue color activate fully now.
  • Flip the on switch for your third eye chakra located on your forehead as you sense the purple glow of its activation now.
  • Flip the on switch for your crown chakra at the top of your head as you sense your connection to the heavens with violet-colored energy.
  • With all the chakras turned on, allow them to come into alignment with your central channel.
  • Your auric layer is now activated.The oval-shaped energy field that surrounds you extending within an arm’s length away from your body.
  • With each breath allow your central channel and chakras to support any healing your auric layer may need.
  • Sense your auric layer as a strong but porous boundary between you and the world
  • This is the space of your true essence of being.Take a moment to get a sense of it’s color, texture and sensation.
  • Now, from this balanced, solid and harmonious place ask to release anything that does not belong to you.Ancestral entanglements, collective energies, and energies you carry for others.
  • Observe them floating effortlessly out of your field.
  • Ask now to release anything from the past that no longer serves you in this present moment and on the healing path that lies before you.
  • Observe as these elements come to rest behind you in their place on your timeline.
  • Now ask to call back any energies you may have left outside yourself, with people places of things.Activate a filter on the external rim of your auric layer to filter out any energetic debris that does not belong to you as you reclaim your energies completely now.
  • Stay present and connected along your central channel, with active chakras and an empowered auric layer.Sense harmony, sense bliss, sense your true nature of being: lighter, freer and complete. Now.
  • Drop into your heart with deep gratitude for your true essence of being contained within your auric layer while appreciating the collective energies that are now external to you.Allowing you to make the choice to connect or disconnect as you wish.
  • Let go of all conscious thought as you find your way back to your breath. In this moment of the now.
  • Access full presence of being in this moment as you begin to make gentle movements and open your eyes coming back fully now.

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