Healing the Ancestral Body

Family Constellation Therapy is a systemic approach which uncovers and releases unconscious entanglements to ancestral suffering that affect our health and well-being both personally and professionally. It is based on the idea that just as we have our own soul or animating life force energy, our family has collective energy called the Family Soul. The Family Soul holds life and is bound by deep, all-encompassing and unwavering love.

As life flows from generation to generation, the Family Soul weaves a beautiful tapestry giving each family member a place within the masterpiece. Like your fingerprint, your place within the Family Soul belongs only to you. When all family members take their place within the system, there is a natural order that presides, allowing love to be the primary force that flows in life. However, if anyone in your family history experienced trauma, loss of a child, mental illness, an early death, imprisonment, or any ill fate that meant they were excluded, lost, forgotten, or estranged, the Family Soul becomes fragmented and the flow of love is disrupted. Like water leaking from a cracked vase, the Family Soul cannot hold its full life force if any family members are forgotten. This means that the future generations will only have a fraction of the life force available to them, which will inevitably lead to some form of pain, suffering, trauma or distress in life.


Many issues that people struggle with can be traced back to systemic entanglements with family members – sometimes up to 7 generations back. These unspoken agreements and entanglements hinder the flow of love and energy through the system or Family Soul.  Yet they ensure our belonging to our family system and keep us innocent in our suffering. Entanglements are most often caused by difficult or traumatic events in the ancestral lineage.

Family Constellation work is a powerful ancestral healing format that allows for the exploration and release of hidden entanglements that affect all levels of being. Just as we inherit our DNA from our ancestors, we also inherit emotional, financial, mental and energetic states entangled with the suffering of those who have come before us. We do this out of deep subconscious love and belonging that ultimately becomes a survival instinct.

The Family Constellation format allows for working with the facts, rather than story, to uncover these deep hidden entanglements linking us to our ancestral past.

Through the use of words, movements, and a deep holding of respect and honour for the past generations, we are able to restore broken connections, re-include forgotten family members, and restore balance and order to the Family Soul. When this happens, we allow love to unite the family, rather than loyalties to suffering.

From this place we are free to embrace life and bloom into the truth of ourselves with full health, wealth, and well-being.

Julie has been facilitating the work since 2005, having studied with the leaders in the field including: Bert Hellinger, Sophie Hellinger, Susan Ulfelder at the Hellinger Institute of DC, Washington DC USA; Gunthard Weber, Bertolt Ulsamer, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, JoAnne Chartrand and Dyrian Benz at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA; Carl Buccheit, Carla Camou, and Michelle Masters at NLP Marin, San Rafael CA, USA.