Consciousness Medicine is a natural form of healing that combines the principles of quantum physics together with sacred healing arts and complementary medicine therapies to promote health and harmony on all levels of being: physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral and spiritual.  It’s a practice designed to harness the power of consciousness to promote transformation at the source of the issue, producing direct results with lasting change.

Healing the Body Matrix with Consciousness Medicine

Healing the Physical Body

Our physical body is the template that holds our other bodies in the physical plane.  Healing issues within the physical body involves looking at our anatomy, physiology and cellular processes that keep us healthy.

Healing the Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is the place where we hold, process and express emotional states of being.  Healing issues within the Emotional Body involves working with childhood conditioning, belief & identity structures and releasing ancestral entanglements.

Healing the Energy Body

Our energetic body is a network of energy centres, fields, and pathways that support our overall health and wellbeing. When working on a holistic level, attention to the energy body is essential to achieving and maintaining balance.

Healing the Ancestral Body

Hellinger Family Constellation work is a powerful systemic therapy that releases ancestral entanglements to states of that affect our current states of health and wellbeing both personally and professionally.

Healing the Spiritual Body

The Spiritual Body holds our connection to the pure vibration of the Divine and serves to guide the flow of our consciousness.  Spiritual Healing involves working with the aspects of the soul-spirit to reclaim lost aspects, heal soul fractures, and restore the flow of life force energy to the entire system.

Individual Sessions

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Training Programs

200 hr Programme 2021

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