Manifestation is an Inside Job

Lasting Change Requires Inner Transformation
Everything is energy. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and even your physical body. YOU are the antenna that sends a signal out to the universe to bring in a reality that matches the frequency of vibration you are currently resonating at.
If you have limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, ancestral entanglements, past trauma or childhood imprints in your system, guess what will show up in your reality? More situations that match these patterns, creating the experience in life of struggle, stuck-ness, drama, distress, illness etc.
In my experience of working with thousands of clients, students and retreat participants, lasting change requires inner transformation in order to manifest changes in your external reality.  What I mean by this is that you must do the work to shift the patterns within each (and every) one of your bodies (physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral & spiritual) to fundamentally change your own vibration…which then allows you to experience a reality aligned with your dreams & desires.
So if you want a job, relationship, career, family, health, money, happiness, peace, abundance etc. that is different than your current experience, you’ll have more success by having the courage to look deep within yourself first and foremost rather than trying to force external factors outside of your control.
Consciousness Medicine is a therapeutic practice that assists people to make these internal shifts at the source of the issue so that dreams & desires manifest more easily & completely ❤️?
I’m super excited to announce my Consciousness Medicine Practitioner Certification Programme that will start April 2020….stay tuned for more details!