Stillness Speaks

“Good Morning” says the Moon to the Sun as she rises above the horizon, stretching golden rays skyward.

“Thank you for welcoming in this brand new day.” They take a moment to embrace in a dance of darkness and light.

“My Pleasure” she smiles as her red and orange glow spreads above the water, rising rising, rising.  “It’s always a please to share the sky with you” she beams.

The waves of the sea below them gently caress the sandy beach, breathing in rhythmic agreement.

Together their attention falls upon the tiny earth human sitting quietly on the beach below them.  Sitting at the waters edge, meditating on the horizon as her furry bff explores the smells of low tide.

They connect together, in a triad of heaven, earth and human being.

Her heart opens more fully, embracing the support of the cosmic forces, seen and unseen.  In a gesture of gratitude and love her palms come together in front of her heart.  “Thank you”, she whispers “for this divine new day and the infinite potential it offers with every single moment.”

“Beautiful” beams the Sun.

“Sacred” whispers the Moon.

“Full” coo the Waves.

“Breathtaking” adds the Wind.

“It’s time for me to sleep” says the Moon to it’s Elemental friends

“Good night” answers the Sun, “See you again this evening”

“Indeed you will” answers the Moon as he slips into gentle slumber “Love you to me and back” he smiles.

“love you too daaarrliiing” she says as her light takes full flight, filling the sky with white, yellow, orange and pink colored blessings.