The Wisdom of Drama

You are not responsible for someone else’s feelings about you or their experience of the interaction between you.   But at the same time, drama likes a partner, and it takes two to tango.

If you are experiencing a challenging time with another person or situation, begin by asking yourself what part of your shadow is dancing with their shadow?

For example, Ancestral Soul Shadows dance between people all the time. If the pattern is strong enough, and (most importantly) ready to be released, it will show itself in the form of drama. Emotional Drama. Health Drama. Life Drama.  The good news is that if you are experiencing these things, simple awareness of them can be the key to releasing them for good.

Let me say it this way…how available is an issue to be resolved if it is hidden away in the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind? Not likely. But if we are experiencing it in daily life, how likely are we to be motivated to find a solution to change the experience? Very likely.

Drama in any form, allows us to become aware of deeper patterns within us that are actually longing for harmony, peace, joy, and love. Conscious awareness of these patterns of drama allows us to become aware of an issue that is ready for revision. It gives us motivation to do the personal growth work to find the source of the issue, and transform it to a more useful state that can support us rather than annoy us.

So, while you cannot hold yourself responsible for the thoughts or feelings that someone has about what you’ve said or done, since this is ultimately their choice, it is a good invitation for you to look more deeply within and connect with the parts of you that are incomplete, or unloved. From here, the work begins to embody yourself fully, to love yourself fully (warts and all!), which will change your vibrational frequency of being and allow your reality to align with a calmer, easier & more abundance life experience.