Whatever stage your business is in, these 10 steps can help you to achieve success and abundance aligned with your true purpose.   In my clinical practice as a natural medicine practitioner I take a holistic approach to any issue a client is asking for help with.  Part of this holistic approach is to ask how their life is going in all contexts, not just the one where the issue is presenting most strongly.  For example, it is important for me to know how they are doing with health, relationships, work, career, finances, community and family.  This allows me to get a better sense for how the client is wired so that I can deliver a more personalised approach to healing that will benefit them across all contexts of their life.  

This may sound like a lot of work, but from a Consciousness Medicine perspective it isn’t.  The holographic nature of the work means that by treating the part we treat the whole.  for example, treating a health issue will also have a positive effect on relationships.  Which then allows for the space to identify and align with your life’s purpose and create a career and job that you truly love. The benefits will continue to cascade through the system improving finances and so on.  This is one of the most rewarding parts of my work, serving as a manifestation coach to assist clients in clearly identifying and manifesting the work and life of their dreams. 

Our career choices are a direct reflection of our true essence of being, and when a person is misaligned within themselves then it is difficult to find one’s true purpose, work at a job we love, run a successful business or have a career that fills the soul with joy. I experienced this first hand in my own life by making a complete career change from pharmaceutical executive to holistic therapist that transpired the same time as a steep curve in my personal growth process.  Letting go of the security of a well paid corporate job to the riskier self employment option was not easy.  It took courage, discipline and hard work.  My inner scientist worked through the process methodically, gaining benefits from a trial and error approach building resilience, humility and experience along the way.  I learned first hand how I had to make the changes to my internal landscape before I could manifest the changes in my external one.  

Over the years I’ve had many ups and downs in my finances, career and work.  Thankfully that roller coaster has stopped and I’ve settled into a steady and thriving business created from a foundation of what I most enjoy sharing with the world.  For so many years I struggled working at jobs that crushed my spirit rather than filling my life force energy tank.  I’m happy to say those days are behind me as I’ve created my own business aligned with my true purpose. I can attest to the truth in the saying that when you do what you love the money flows.  

Business coaching has now become a natural extension of my Consciousness Medicine healing work.  Weaving in my corporate business knowledge and personal experiences, I offer guidance in a practical, professional and holistic way.

Part of the success with business coaching is by using these steps with my clients.  These are tried and tested, for a wonderful approach that is easy to put into practice.  For that reason, I am sharing this top 10 list in an abbreviated format for those self starters who can take the content and run with it.  I am also in the final stages of development of a course that will support you through working each of these steps, so that at the end you will have the business and relationship with work that you desire.  

These principles apply to start ups and established businesses.  If you feel stuck in realising your business goals, or finding the energy to launch your own business then I encourage you to read this list and sense into what steps you feel weak in and what ones you feel strong with.  This will help direct you on where to focus your energy to break free of limitations and achieve abundance.

Whatever stage your business is in, these steps will help you to free yourself from personal limitations and achieve professional success and abundance aligned with your true purpose 

1. Create a Mission Statement for your business that reflects your ethos. Use this as a mantra or an opening each day when you go to work.

2. Work your passion and the money will come. Just because you’re good at something or have the skills doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy it. Be honest with yourself.  What do you love to do? What inspires you?  What makes you happy?  Break free of the limiting beliefs that work is not meant to be enjoyed or its selfish to do what you love or to be happy.  When you align with your passion, you fill yourself with life force energy and the universe is more likely to join you in co-creating your abundance goals.

business coaching3. Create a financial plan. Befriend your finances and know your profit, loss and projections for your business. Create your budget.  Know how much you need to live, your costs (personal and business) and create your business plan from there.  For example, how many clients a week to you need, and what to you need to charge in order to support yourself.  How long will it take you to be profitable? 
Financial subjects tend to carry fear for most people, so the process of outlining your financial goals, projections and current state will help you work through those fears. Changing your relationship with money takes revising limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral entanglements and opening up your energy to receive.

4. Identify your ideal client. When you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.  What kind of client would bring you satisfaction and joy. Hint: this can be a younger version of yourself, who was seeking what you know now. This allows you to also set the energetic parameters of your practice so that you connect to those want to work with.

5. Be your own business card. Walk your talk. Practice what you preach. Practice on yourself and live your life accordingly so that people can see how what you offer benefits you. This will inspire people to want to work with you.

financial freedom6. Separate yourself from your work. The work does not belong to you. You are a conduit for bringing the work into manifestation. By realizing this and separating your personal value from the work you do, will help you be in greater service to your business. It also helps remove the personal nature of your business’ successes or failures. Be who you are, not what you do. Do not let your work determine your self-esteem or self-value.

7. Build client pockets.It takes time to build up a clientele that can sustain a regular number of clients over time. For example, if you want to work with 10 clients per week, 40-50 a month, relying on those same clients month after month forever is not sustainable. If you have 150 clients who can cycle in over the months then you will have a more sustainable business. The more effective the work, then there will be a natural attrition rate for people moving on, so working to bring in new clients should always be part of your plan. Personal referrals (word of mouth) are a very effective way to bring in new business. It is natural if someone who believes in your work and has had a positive experience with you to want to share that with their family and friends. Be open to this and create incentive options for them.

8. Have a website.This is important if only for the process needed to create one. It makes you clearly describe who you are and what you offer. Websites also offer credibility and a way for people to get to know you before they decide to work with you. It can be a very vulnerable process that brings up self-worth or being-seen issues. The act of creating your website will allow you to embody your truth more deeply, see yourself more clearly and recognise your unique value you bring to your market.

9. Allocate a space to work from. The universe can not bring you new clients if you have nowhere to see them. This can be your own office or even just a place in a holistic centre you can rent hourly as needed. Have a place to work from in order to open the flow of clients coming to you. Take care of that space, keep it clean, and adjust the flow of chi so it reaches this space.

self love10. Connect into the Universal Healing Source (UHS) which is a support for all who work to assist others in personal growth and healing.Trust that this support is monitoring and co-creating the circumstances for your greatest good. If things are not flowing, then trust you may not be as ready as you think you are. Or that you may need some space to do your own work. Or you need a break because you’re heading into burn out. Trust that your practice is unfolding in the perfect way to guarantee your practitioner longevity. Talk with the UHS to ask for what you want and allow for it to match the clients that can most benefit from what you offer to you. Self Care is rewarded by the UHS. If you are drained, or not taking care of yourself first, the UHS will often hold back bringing your clients as it will burn you out or it will hinder practitioner longevity.