Something I get asked a lot is how I protect myself when working as an energy medicine practitioner.  Protecting oneself from the dense energies that can be released during a session is important.  But here’s the thing… the word protection is often served with a side of fear.  And judgement.  And exclusion.  All are words, in the world of family constellations and consciousness medicine, that tend to cause more disruptions than harmony. 

So, in my years of training, I was always aware of how to be able to ‘protect myself’ without engaging fear-based energies.  The solution is a presence of being that activates the full power of the energy body to create a vibrational boundary for support that shields and secures a harmonious state of being.

It serves as a field of discernment and selection of the energies my field interacts with. A kind of energetic membrane that served as a buffer between my vibrational being and other vibrational beings. 

In a few minutes, I’ll take you through a guided meditation so you can experience this state yourself. But first, we need to include and potentially heal the other aspects of the body matrix related to having healthy boundaries.

Our childhood experiences and conditioning play a huge role in our relationship with boundaries. Particularly between the ages of 8 – 12 years old, when the solar plexus chakra in the abdominal area of the body, is coming online. It is this energy center that holds many of the traits needed for healthy boundaries including power, ambition, will, responsibility and control.

Take a moment to think about this age range (8-12) in your life and what was happening for you at that time.  Is there a memory that comes into your mind straight away? If so, let that memory have in its place on your timeline as you observe it from your current day self position on the timeline.

If no memory comes, that’s ok, simply picture an image of yourself at that age perhaps from a family photograph. 

Take a moment to let that younger version of you see the adult version of you now.  As you welcome that child into your embrace and tell them they are safe, supported and loved.  This allows that younger version of you to know not only did you survive this period of life, but you’ve been thriving for several decades onwards! As you look at that younger version of yourself send some healing energy to the solar plexus, and visualize it forming in a healthy fulfilled way.

Staying in your present day self, allow your child version to skip away happily down the timeline to come to peace at that age.  Look at the healthy, flowing full solar plexus chakra forming on that younger version of you. When you do this you may notice a lightness in your belly or middle back as your system heals from any imprint you may have carrying from childhood.

From the emotional body perspective, I use anger as an indicator for someone’s relationship with boundaries.  The healthy emotion of anger is used to set boundaries.  Like the cat that hisses at you if you come too close, and in the next moment resumes their self-grooming routine as if nothing happened. 

Next time you feel anger ask yourself: is there a boundary here that needs to be set or reset in this situation?  If our boundary-setting abilities are not empowered, we will feel powerless in these situations which leads to rage or withdrawal.

The energy body must have a clear and balanced solar plexus and solid root chakra to know you are safe enough to set a boundary.  The throat chakra is also important to be able to speak our truth when setting boundaries.  Speaking up can be important, but sometimes can cause drama. 

When you find yourself in a situation where boundaries are needed, ask yourself how you can say it, without saying it. Explore how can you adjust your energetic stance, thoughts and presence to inform the world of your boundaries.  It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, life becomes more drama-free.

In order to feel empowered enough to set a boundary, it’s important to know that it takes two to tango.  What you may feel is crossing your boundary is interacting with a part of you who is choosing to engage with it.  Like when the vampire needs to be welcomed over the threshold, what part of your system is inviting this in?  This is usually tied to unconscious ancestral entanglements to suffering that we carry for our family soul, or our ancestral past.  By taking your appropriate place in the system, you take full responsibility for your own life allowing you to simultaneously include the energy and release the need to engage with it anymore.  In other words, to set a boundary.

From the physical body perspective when we want to heal issues with boundaries, it’s good to support the gut microbiome with pro-biotics and minimising foods that upset its balance such as sugar, wheat and alcohol.  The gut microbiome is rich with wonderful microorganisms but can also harbour more unfavourable or parasitic organisms that weaken the system.  Nurturing a healthy gut helps set a healthy boundary for gut microbes to flourish and unfavourable ones to leave.

Boundaries from a spiritual body perspective is best served by knowing that the universe always has our backs.  That there are higher powers that always support us.  You don’t need to see, name or converse with these if you don’t want to, but trusting they are there will help keep perspective on when boundaries need adjusting.  We can also call upon spiritual energies such as archangels, spirit guides or ascended masters to help us keep the boundaries needed for health, happiness and harmony.

Now that we’ve done healing for your body matrix around boundaries, you can fortify this with a guided meditation in the associated podcast to allow you to reach an embodied place of fortified boundaries through aligning, balancing and healing the central channel, auric layer, chakras and physical body temple.  If any of these elements struck a chord, I encourage you to hold them in your heart as you listen to this healing activation meditation.


Ready to Empower Your Ability to Have and Create Healthy Boundaries?  

Listen to the Guided Meditation in the second half of this podcast: