In my journey of becoming a natural health practitioner, I experienced dozens of different modalities targeting different aspects of being. The approaches were all different enough from talk therapy of NLP to the hands-on massage to the subtle energy healing modalities. 

As I began applying the modalities I was learning, I noticed something that intrigued me.  No matter what healing modality I was applying, the place where healing happened was the same for them all. 

Energy Healing

This is a place of sacred stillness that allows our souls to find the flow of pure life force energy gifted to us with birth.  Where old conditioned patterns or past trauma can be healed and transmuted into pure potential and then repurposed for a more harmonious outcome.  A space full of healing potential that allowed for states of being to shift in a dance of creation and dis-creation.  Where realities would shift, releasing disturbances and restoring harmony.

I began to observe this state allowing my scientific brain to study the steps involved to access it and how to apply a focused healing intention to direct the healing potential to a particular area of being.  And how doing that would promote transformation and literally shift reality.  I was astonished at the power of simply Being in this embodied state of conscious presence could heal, using an intention or not.

Like most things, the more I practised it the better I got at and was soon able to teach others how to access this state of being I call the Presence of Healing.  It has since become something I teach in all my foundations courses, on the very first day.  It is that important.  And learning it early on allows for the continuous growth of the state over time until it becomes habituated on a 24/7 basis.

Once I mastered this, my life became a more harmonious place where drama disappeared and nourishing connections grew. It supercharged my ability to practice self-healing for most issues that arose.  It gave me a greater sense of grounding and confidence when working with others in a therapeutic setting. 

It began to shift how I worked and lived, where I could feel the power of being versus doing. 

All my life I’d been a do-er, and I felt I now had the permission to relax and explore states of pure being where huge potential existed. And when married with clear conscious heartfelt intention, could bring forward more transformation and change than no amount of Doing could compare to.  It initiated me into a world of holding an intention in this space and allowing the universe to deliver to me what I needed in order to accomplish the goal.  It was a complete paradigm shift for me.  And allowed me to become more present in all that I did, nourish a deeper trust that I am supported by something greater than myself and activate more fully the power of co-creation with these universal forces.

Next, let’s cover some really cool science that explains how this works.

Consciousness Medicine is based on a few main principles of quantum physics that explain how we can use the power of consciousness to transform and heal.  The first principle called wave-particle duality is what won Einstein his Nobel Prize.  Simply put it states that matter can exist simultaneously as a wave and a particle.  There are particles that manifest in reality and associated waves that exist as unmanifested potential.  What we see in reality is matter that has shifted from being a wave of potential to becoming a particle of reality. 

From a healing perspective, think about this particle of reality as a limiting belief, ancestral entanglement or energetic disturbance for example.  At the same time, there exists an infinite number of other potential realities in waveform in the quantum space of infinite potential. 

When we access the Presence of Healing state of being, we become a conduit between these two states of matter.  And with our conscious intention, we can shift a particle of reality back into the soup of infinite potential and bring forward another reality from a waveform into a particle of reality. 

This is achieved by another principle of quantum physics call the observer-dependent effect, or how I like to call it form follows consciousness.  This is the idea that the act of observation alters the nature of the wave-particle relationship, allowing a wave of potential to become a particle of manifested reality by applying our conscious intention.

Applying this to the healing frame means that our consciousness has the power to create states of reality simply by where we put our attention and intention.

Think of the Presence of healing as a still point between manifested reality and infinite potential.  When we hold this state of being we become a bridge or gateway between the two.  With a heartfelt intention, we can allow particles of reality to discreate into waves of potential and manifest particles of reality aligned with our healing intention.  In other words a limiting belief to dis-create and an empowering belief to be created in its place.  Or an energetic disturbance to be transformed into harmony.  Emotional distress transforms into peace and relaxation.  These are simple examples, but are key foundational principles behind how the practice of Consciousness Medicine works. 

And here’s how we apply it. We start by identifying the particle of reality that we’d like to transform.  From there we hold an aligned and expanded state of being where we access the Presence of healing gateway.  As we expand our conscious awareness into the quantum field of infinite potential, we bring our awareness to the intention for what we want to create.  This shifts the potential energies and allows the desired state to be created.

It’s important to note here that this transformation is best applied when we preserve the intended positive outcome of the present state.  Meaning that the present state of struggle exists for an important reason to some part of us outside our conscious awareness.  Important to a much younger version of ourselves that was far less resourceful than we are now.  Like control being a coping skill to be safe.  Illness is a much-needed opportunity to rest.  Anger is a defence mechanism to stay boundaried.  To promote true and lasting change we must preserve how it serves us while transforming the way it does so.  Simply being aware of this and honouring that this is simply an old pattern from long ago and far away that is no longer serving us in the way that was originally intended helps this process.

Ready to access the Presence of Healing for Yourself?  

Listen to the Guided Meditation in the second half of this podcast to experience the presence of healing, and apply the dis-creation – creation principles of quantum physics we just covered.: