Healing the Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is the place where we hold, process and express emotional states of being and the mental patterns associated with them.  Healing issues within the Emotional Body involves working with childhood conditioning, belief & identity structures and releasing ancestral entanglements.

Early childhood experiences and traumas can shape our emotional landscape for our entire lives.  Limiting beliefs and outdated identity structures must be revised in order to support healing the emotional body.  Past trauma and childhood conditioning must also be addressed and released so that we can operate from an emotionally balanced place. 

Julie is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming and uses NLP as a foundation to her work.  NLP is an incredibly effecting model for understanding, working with and changing behaviours, beliefs and identity structures associate with our past.  Its efficacy stems from being able to build new neural net pathways in our brain to support the desired state of being.  The NLP toolbox includes a variety of approaches to identify unconscious patterns that limit us from reaching our full potential including timeline therapy, reframing, unpacking and re-patterning limiting belief structures, and releasing imprints from childhood and other trauma.

Julie also uses her Naturopathy training to bring in homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy to assist the emotional body to clear and align with states of harmony and happiness.  Family Constellation work is also part of the healing of the emotional body, as the states of emotional overwhelm is an indication that ancestral entanglements are present.