Do you sometimes feel lost?  Like you’re navigating life’s journey without a map?  Where it’s hard to get clarity to set a goal and move forward.  And your greatest wish is to be able to navigate times of uncertainty in a positive, focused and motivated way?

Feeling uncertain can leave us feeling anxious, confused and stuck.  We’re all wired like this as humans, in order to keep ourselves safe we will try to minimize risk and maximize reward. One thing I’ve learned working with clients and on my own personal growth journey is that uncertainty is necessary for deep and lasting change. 

It can be quite unsettling when we can’t get clarity on our next steps no matter what we do.  We can end up holding ourselves back from making decisions out of fear of not being certain about the next steps.  So in order to keep moving forward to achieve your goal, trusting in uncertainty is essential. 

Uncertainty is par for the course in major life transitions.  These can be natural transitions or ones brought about by devastating or shocking situations.  We also experience these when the collective conscious is forced into a new way or new normal like we’ve all just experienced with the global pandemic.  And lastly (and this is the best one) when the personal growth work you’ve been doing culminates in an identity shift, allowing you to finally step into a new way of being.

Trusting in uncertainty is like standing on the edge of a canyon seeing the other side and trusting that the earth will rise to meet your feet when you take the first step.

Before we can have this level of trust, it is important to reframe uncertainty from a place of fear of the unknown to a place of empowerment and knowing that a safe delivery to the desired destination is guaranteed.

Identity shifts are necessary for growth in life and are one of the deepest levels of change we can experience in life.  From the CxM perspective, an identity shift happens when we release ancestral entanglements to past suffering, revising limiting beliefs into empowering ones, aligning and balancing our energy body which fundamentally shifts our assemblage point in the quantum field. This creates new experiences, people, places and things.  

While the new experience is the desired state you’ve been asking for, which is a really good thing, it means having to let go of the old identity you’ve been having for decades making the signposts you’ve used to navigate your life up to this point useless. 

This often results in feelings of helpless, hopeless, worthless, anger or grief.  It can feel like to light has gone out from the end of the tunnel.  In this place, our old identity is still trying to function and the new map of reality has not become habituated enough to feel it fully.

The new identity place can feel unfamiliar, uncomfortable and uncertain until the new neural net pathways have become habituated to support the new you.  Hope is a powerful tool in these situations, where we have hope for a brighter future.  Together with the knowledge that all is happening for a good reason will help solidify that hope into a light that shines brightly to help you navigate the stormy seas of uncertainty.

When we are going through an identity shift there comes a point when we are living part time in the old identity and part time in the new identity which honestly can make one feel like they’re going a bit mad.   The key in these states is to recognize them as the opportunity to achieve the experience in life you’ve been putting in the work to achieve. 

To know that this is happening in direct answer to what you’ve been asking to manifest in your life.  This helps to keep yourself feeling empowered in this place of unpredictability, indecision and scepticism by keeping a bigger picture view that often gets lost during these times.

Remember our old egoic structures don’t let go without a fight, since they are part of a very old pattern designed to keep you safe and well.  We must find ways to feel safe, and empowered to trust that the uncertainty we are consumed by is an essential part of the path to getting where we want to be.

Navigating the territory between the old identity and the new identity is best supported by having your desired state clear in your mind and having a felt sense of what the new state will be like.  What will it feel like when you reach your desired state?  Stepping into the state in your mind’s eye on a regular basis helps to build the new neural net pathways needed to support the new identity to take hold.

Trusting in uncertainty also takes support as it’s difficult to do it alone.  A daily self-care practice is essential to help nourish your spirit with the elements of the new way you are moving into.

Ancestral support is a real help during these times.  In order to fully connect to this we must first release our ancestral entanglements to access this support.  I use the Family Constellation work for this in a style I’ve developed called Movements of the Family Soul.   There are 6 main movements included, that when done in a particular order help to bring forward a soul transformation. The foundational movement is called Big/Little. 

Simply put, the parents are the big ones the children are the little ones it’s the order we arrive on the planet.  When we get entangled in the ancestral suffering of the past we step into a place of inappropriate bigness.  In order to release the ancestral entanglements, we must restore our appropriate littleness.  As a facilitator, we do this with movements, words and positioning in the ancestral soul field. 

When we take our appropriate place in the system, in our appropriate littleness as the child of our parents we restore the flow of love through the family soul allowing us to access the ancestral strength that lies 8 generations back on both the maternal and paternal lines.  This connection is incredibly empowering and necessary to know you are supported in life no matter what.

If you would like to explore Family Constellation work more deeply as I have retreats and workshops coming up to help you do that.   I also offer an on-demand video course that describes the MoFS movements with clinical examples and guided meditations to help you experience the soul transformation FC work supports at your own pace.

In the Healing Codes Podcast episode 9 Trusting in Uncertainty you can experience a guided meditation to experience this connection yourself. 

But first I want to give you a few skills to use when you feel trapped in the whirlpool of uncertainty.

Navigation tools that work really well in times of uncertainty are truth and needs.  As you navigate a new path regularly pause to check in with yourself about what is your truth in this moment.  Be really honest.  And make it your truth, not a truth that is based on how others see you or need from you. 

By asking yourself what your truth is in that moment, you need to become fully embodied in the present and tap into your heart to hear your real truth.  Making decisions from this place will help you be able to navigate uncertainty more resourcefully.

In an identity shift our fundamental truth changes.  For example, your truth may have been to care for others no matter what the cost to yourself but as you shift into a more empowered way of being your truth will shift into being able to care for yourself first so that you have more to give to others.  By asking yourself what your truth is in that moment, you need to become fully embodied in the present and tap into your heart to hear your real truth.  Making decisions from this place will help you be able to navigate uncertainty more resourcefully.

When you are identifying your truth, it is useful to also be aware of what your needs are at that moment.  In a lifetime our needs can become dependent on others which can skew our ability to identify our truth. 

For example, if your need is that you are tired and need a day off then your truth will follow that you need time to rest.  So if a friend or family member asks you for a favour because you are always there for them no matter what.

By tuning into your truth and needs you will be able to make decisions from a heartfelt place that helps navigate uncertainty more resourcefully and drama free.

This takes practice since identifying personal needs can be a challenge at first.  But when you align that with your truth it becomes easier to act, react and respond in a way that allows for the new ways of being you to grow and bloom.

Another thing I’ve noticed in times when clarity escapes you is that this can mean your system wants you to integrate before showing you the next step.  In times of uncertainty, using integration as a mantra or intention can clear a lot of the debris in the way of clarity.  Welcoming in the frequencies of integration to release what no longer serves and welcoming in all that does is a great way to invite the earth to rise to meet your feet as you take that first step into the unknown to reach your destiny of living a full and abundant life.

From this place you can embrace uncertainty in a grounded, supported, loving and exciting way!

If you’d like to explore these ideas on a deeper level for your own self-healing, tune into the podcast episode below to centre, activate self-empowerment, connect with your ancestral support and integrate all parts of you into self-love, compassion and gratitude.

Healing Codes Podcast : Trusting in Uncertainty