Life force energy is the most abundant kind of energy there is in the universe. It holds the fullness of every living being, while at the same time, is nothing but infinite potential.  It is the animating force within us, called many things including prana, spirit, consciousness, infinite, divine, and god depending on the context where it’s used. When life force is blocked our tanks can only be partially filled, the result can be ill health, emotional unrest, traumatic experiences, financial distress, and relationship difficulties.

In this week’s blog Vortex of Vitality, I’ll be covering ways important to all levels of being to have a clear, flowing and vibrant life force energy.   You’ll experience ways to up your life force energy and heal blockages on an ancestral level so that you can achieve all you want in life.  I’ll take you through a guided meditation to create your own vortex of vitality as you are guided to access Life’s Embrace, the final article in the Movements of the Family Soul Family Constellation series


Life force energy is gifted to you at birth, through the union of your parents.  Pure life force energy is free from story, ego and pain.  It is the purest vibration of the divine that we can embody.  It has no plan, no agenda, it simply IS and responds to what we choose to make of it. 

When life force is blocked our tanks can only be partially filled, the result can be ill health, emotional unrest, traumatic experiences, financial distress, and relationship difficulties.

The good news is that your life force energy belongs only to you as it is assigned to your physical body temple for your lifetime.  So even if you’ve been disconnected from it or never connected fully in the first place, it has always been there and always will be.  Waiting patiently for as long as it takes for you to reclaim what is yours and liberate yourself from the factors that have gotten in the way of embracing life fully to access full vitality.

Life force energy is the most abundant kind of energy there is in the universe. It holds the fullness of every living being, while at the same time, is nothing but infinite potential.  It is the animating force within us, called many things including prana, spirit, consciousness, infinite, divine, and god depending on the context where it’s used.  Fundamental to all the names it is given is the idea of the wholeness of being that is a pure reflection of divine energies that exemplifies unconditional love, joy and harmony. 

When our life force energy is flowing fully, all of our systems are optimized to access and express full vibrational vitality.  When vitality flows through the body matrix our spirit is full, our ancestral soul is united by love, our energy body is sparkling in full vibrance, our emotional body is buoyant with positivity and our physical body is animated and dynamic.

There are many factors that can affect the flow of life force energy in and around us.  And we must clear disturbances across our Body Matrix in order to be able to access the fullness of these essential frequencies.

For example:

How well we treat our physical body with a healthy diet, quality rest and regular exercise. One of the ways our bodies receive life force energy from our food, so choosing fresh vibrant foods over processed is important.  Like anything that uses energy, recharging the battery is essential which means getting regular & restorative sleep. 

Energy has a dynamic nature to it, so regular movement will help generate energy whereas a sedimentary lifestyle can stagnate life force energies from circulating.  Breathwork is one way to activate life force by using the structure of your physical body. 

From an energy body perspective, in order to activate the flow of life force energy through our energetic systems, we must have clear and aligned chakras, central channels and auric layers. Our crown & root must be open to receive the frequencies of life force from above and below. This also helps emotional well-being and mental health.

Our emotional body must be clear of old patterns, imprints, traumas and triggers from the past otherwise our life force energies will be channelled in that direction rather than in life-affirming ways.

The spiritual body is a kind the holder of the life force energies in their most pure form. Having a spiritual practice is essential to nourishing this body to expand its power to contain our life force as we grow and develop through our lives.

The ancestral body is one of the places where life force energies can leak out in the biggest way. Working to heal the wounds of your family soul, with family constellation work, is essential to be able to embody the full potential of life.

That is a great list to start to clear, reclaim and build your life force energies so that you can channel that energy into manifesting what you want in life.  Through all the bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual as well as all contexts in life health, wealth, career, happiness, relationships, community and family.

Practical ways you can activate more vitality in life would be to look across your life and notice:

  • What makes you laugh
  • What makes your heart sing
  • What brings a smile to your face
  • What ignites your passion
  • Where are the places where you feel inspired
  • How can naturally express your creativity
  • What are those moments where you feel most alive

These are the things that fill your life force energies or your existential tank.

NaturopathyMaking conscious choices to include these things as part of your daily or hourly routine is a great way to build your relationship with life force energies.  From this moment forward, hold the intention to add things, people and places into your life that bring these things to you.  This will help raise your happiness vibration because they bring out the best of you. The true essence of who you are. Harmony, bliss, freedom and beauty.

To access the fullness of life, we must free ourselves from the loyalties to our ancestral entanglements.  When we get caught up in ancestral entanglements by trying to belong to our family, our ability to receive the full abundance of life diminishes, leaving suffering in its place.

In other words, we hand over our life force energy to our ancestors (who are no longer in life, by the way) to try to heal the collective energy of our family soul.  Family Constellation work is one of the most effective ways to release these ancestral entanglements and access the fullness of our life force energies.

In this ancestral healing series, I’ve been describing my unique style of family constellations called Movements of the family soul.  These are 6 main movements, when worked in a particular order bring about a harmonious ancestral spirit-soul transformation that will change your life for the better.

Life’s embrace is the final movement of the family soul and is my favourite movement because it is like a genie arising from a bottle and granting you an infinite number of wishes that you’d like to manifest in your life. 

Life’s embrace is an experience, that once you feel, you can never “unfeel” it. It changes who you are forever. It is a place where you are so full of light that worries and distress fade to the furthest edges of awareness. And the realization that the best and most fulfilling way to be free from pain and suffering is to fill yourself with the unconditional love of life force energy. This is what some might call the moment of enlightenment or liberation.

Your system is only 100% available to align with the wholeness of your life force energy when the other movements of the family soul have been worked to that you are in your place (Orders of Love), have acknowledged your appropriate lightness (Big/Little Dynamic), have open receiving channels (Interrupted Reaching Out), have been witnessed in this fullness of you (Seeing and Being Seen), and have activated the illuminated ancestral archetypes of the Victim / Perpetrator / Rescuer Dynamic.

As a family constellation facilitator, Life’s Embrace is what I work towards in every piece of work, no matter the format or experience level of the client. 

When working in the group format, I place a representative for life in the constellation which functions as an indicator of how much life force the person is embodying.  If the flow is limited, we’ll see the representative being emotional, excluding themselves, or not being able to stand up for example. 

As I work through the movements of the family soul, the representative for life then becomes an indicator of how strong the ancestral entanglements are and when they are fully released so that the client’s representative is available to reach, be seen and embrace life.

If I’m working with clients for consciousness medicine, I will search for where life force energy exists in the person’s body matrix and build on what is there. 

Connecting to life force energies is so important to complete the family constellation work and any other healing modality.  In my years of teaching, I’ve found that regularly reminding students of this helps them become more effective practitioners.   

This is because identifying and releasing an issue is only half the way to true healing.  Filling the space where the issue was with life force energy is the second half.  If we are too focused on the problem state, and not enough on what we want to bring in from a full-abundance-of-life perspective then we can leave the person in a vulnerable place where energies other than the pure frequencies of life can come back in. 

In my years of experience, I’ve found that embracing life and replacing ancestral entanglements with life force energies is best served by supercharging life by naming the resources needed and characteristics of life one wants to embody. 

For example.  The characteristics of life one might be wanting to create are a healthy loving relationship, abundance in finances, a rewarding career, balanced family life, emotional equilibrium, and conscious connections.  The resources needed to bring this in could be fun, love, joy, safety, connection, trust, clarity, support and flow.  As we include each of these, it amplifies the energy of life so that your system is naturally pulled into the embrace of life.  It creates a vortex of vitality that allows for life force energies to respond to your intentions. It also activates the co-creative forces of the universe to align with you and manifest your heart’s desires.


So let’s take a moment to create your own vortex of vitality for self-healing and to embrace life fully.

You can also listen to this guided meditation on the companion podcast.

This is an exercise that uses NLP anchoring techniques and family constellation work to repattern the biochemistry of your brain to create the new neural net pathways needed to create the reality you want.

 It is a spatial exercise you can do by standing and following my guidance. Or if you’d like to do it in stillness through your mind’s eye that’s ok too.

Find a comfortable and quiet location.

Relax and focus on the breath.

Call your intention to mind that you would like to heal today. 

Drop into your heart with that healing intention as you feel yourself relax more deeply as the breath continues to flow easily.

Take a few breaths to settle in, relax and create the container for this healing meditation.

Visualise in front of you a ring of energy where you are going to create your vortex of vitality. You can use a marker on the floor if you are doing the movement meditation version.

Now, standing outside the circle take a moment to come up with 3 things you most want to create in life. And when you have that how will you feel. Happy, Relaxed, Calm, Grounded, fun etc.

It’s ok to pause this at any point in this meditation to give yourself the time you need.

Starting with the first thing you want to experience and how it will make you feel, think of a time when you had this in your life. Bring that memory into your mind as your body creates a physiological response in memory of it. When you feel it in your system step into your circle bringing this energetic signature. Take 3 breaths here.

Step out of the circle.

Move your body making cross-lateral movements crossing your arms and legs across the midline of the body or by turning around a few times to break state.  This is important to reset your system to neutral before continuing.

Think of the second thing. Remember a time when you felt this way. Load up that experience and step into the circle. Take 3 breaths.

Step out of the circle and make cross-lateral movements to let go of that energy.

Now the third. Load up the state and step into the circle. Take 3 breaths and step back out and break state.

Now hold your intention in your heart of what you want to create in life.

Make a gentle bow of the head to acknowledge your ancestors and respectfully leave any past suffering or trauma where it belongs generations back from you.

Look up now at your circle full of life force energies you just anchored in. 

Give the energy in the circle a swirl around to the left to open up the vortex of vitality. 

Now reach for your circle as you step in and close your arm around you in a self-hug.

Feel all of those beautiful states you just added all together. Soak in this bliss. Feel the support. Sit in gratitude for as long as you’d like here.

This is your life. Allow yourself to embrace life fully by embracing it within.


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