This week’s blog (and companion Healing Codes Podcast episode #17)  Cultivating Co-Creationship is a follow-on from last week’s Clearing Co-Dependence article.  I’ll cover how to connect in healthy relationships from a co-creative place called co-creationships.  You’ll be guided in a meditation to release any co-dependent tendencies across the body matrix of physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual bodies.  This will allow you to access your truth and authenticity, revise limiting beliefs into empowered beliefs, clear childhood patterns, and connect to the support and power of your ancestors so that your spirit can align in full resonance with life-affirming relationships with yourself and others.

Codependent tendencies are one of the strongest inhibitors of creating mutually beneficial, co-creative experiences in relating to others and your world.  Releasing the cycle of unhealthy attachments like codependence requires identifying and treating the source of the issue from a holistic, or whole person, perspective.  This is because issues with relating & connecting are complex in nature.  Not only because they involve multiple people, but because the codependent behaviours, actions, and beliefs are installed very young in our lives, becoming the foundation for the identity that we have lived with for decades.

In order to transform dysfunctional relationship patterns into healthy ones, we must start from the beginning of life and in some cases prior to that if ancestral history is playing a part.  Consciousness Medicine is perfect for treating complex issues because the approach allows for a broader perspective than traditional methods alone.  It also allows for going deeper into an issue and promoting transformation at the source of the issue for complete and lasting change.

Dysfunctional relationship dynamics such as codependence result in people becoming excessively reliant on others for health happiness and well-being.  This develops into a disempowered state where a clear sense of self is lost, boundaries are impossible to set, needs are overlooked, emotions are repressed, external validation is required for safety and self-care is non-existent.  Over time, the entire system begins to become dysregulated to where truth, authenticity and unconditional love are no longer accessible. 

Restoring personal empowerment is the key to breaking free of these dysfunctional relationship patterns.  Empowerment is supported by healthy and aligned charkas, auric layers and a strong central channel.  With a strongly connected crown and root, we can achieve an aligned central channel and strong auric boundary to begin to get a clearer sense of self.  Our solar plexus must also be healthy and intact to support setting healthy boundaries and access self empowerment.  The energy body is the best place to begin to establish a energetic vibration that allows for the other aspects of the body matrix to be treated more smoothly.

Limiting beliefs about self and the world must be revised into empowering beliefs that fully support the emotional body to find safety and choice in all situations.  When we feel safe with our pure essence of being self-love becomes an option for creating unconditional love for self and others.   This allows us to access the compassion needed to release judgement and let go of unhealthy attachment to external validation.  Personal needs then become accessible with a deep knowledge that we have a duty to ourselves to prioritise them.  This allows for the physical body temple to be supported in taking back choices, actions and independence to create healthy co-creationships.

If the patterns of codependence are the result of childhood trauma, which in many cases it is, then we must address that trauma while also looking for and releasing entanglements to the ancestral past where these traumas originated in our family soul.  When the collective family energies are running a strong victim/perpetrator/rescuer dynamic, then this must be brought into harmony through working the Family Constellation Movements of the Family Soul.  

The spiritual body can then be fully plugged into the pure frequencies of life force energy that support the entire body matrix in resonating at a frequency to attract people with healthy relationship dynamics and co-create connections with mutual respect, equanimity and unconditional love.  This is the definition of a co-creationship which is a more conscious and elevated relationship dynamic to support each person in becoming the most vibrant, successful and happy version of themselves.  Where benefits are far greater than the individual parts which also elevates planetary consciousness.

Are you ready to experience this healing for yourself?  Good!  I’ll now guide you in a meditation to heal unhealthy relationship dynamics across all levels of being.  

You can also listen to this guided meditation in episode #17 of my Healing Codes Podcast.

Before we begin, take time to set your space for the meditation.  Find a comfortable, quiet and distraction-free place.  Light a candle if you wish to use it for opening and closing the meditation.  Have a journal nearby to write down realisations, sensations and healing intentions before during or after.

  1. When you’re ready, close your eyes and focus on your breath. 
  2. Allow your breath to flow naturally as you quiet the mind, relax and open yourself to the healing gifts you are about the receive.
  3. Drop into your heart and call to your awareness any healing intention you have for yourself today.  What would you like to let go of?  What do you want to welcome in to create a happier, healthier future full of love and companionship?  Be clear and concise, and know that the universal forces of cocreation are there to support you.  Always. Waiting for your heartfelt intention to activate the co-creative forces of manifestation.
  4. Write down your intention if you wish, so that you can remember them to use later in the meditation.  What you want to let go of and what you want to create.  Then release any attachments and let it go. Doing this shows you trust in the forces of universal good to deliver to you what you most want by showing you what must be released, healed and transformed in order for you to receive what you want.
  5. On the next breath, bring your awareness to your crown chakra located at the very top of your head.  Visualise the top of your head being bathed in pure violet frequencies of light of a healthy and balanced crown chakra.  Welcome in the life-giving energies of the heavens as you establish your own connection through your crown, which is needed for healthy co-creationships.
  6. As you do this, think back to the time in your life coinciding with the ages of 26 – 30, when the crown chakra is coming online.   What was going on for you during this time?  What was the main struggle in your life during this time?  Anything you feel here is simply a residue of the past. As you visualize the spinning wheel of the crown chakra allow any disturbances that resulted from your experience during the ages of 26-30 to be released, with respect and honour, into the past.  You may feel warmth or tingling at the crown chakra as it activates fully now.   Feel a renewed connection with the heavens that feeds your spirit soul with the pure divine life force frequencies.
  7. On the next breath, bring your awareness down to the forehead, the third eye chakra with a rich purple colour.  Pause here a moment as we ask for any areas of disturbance to clear now.
  8. Continuing down the line of chakras, bring your awareness to your neck where the throat chakra is located.  See the colour of bring lapis blue we ask to clear any areas of disturbance now.
  9. Dropping your awareness now into the heart as you feel a warm embrace of emerald green and pink energies that hold the greatest vibrational healing potential in the universe.   Allow the infinite energies of unconditional love and life to fill your heart.  We ask to clear any areas of disturbance from the heart chakra and the age range of 12-15 when it is being formed, to clear now.  Sense a beautiful vortex of heart energy emerging from your heart chakra to fill your entire auric layer.  As it does so the heart energy begins to heal any areas of your auric layer that are weakened, broken or missing.
  10. Visualise this heart-infused aura you have just created releasing any strings of attachment to people, places and events in your past that it is time to let go of.  See these break free from your aura, like icicles melting in the sun.  Sense them discreate as you fortify the connection points where they were once attached with the frequencies of unconditional love radiating from your full and beating heart.
  11. Now, allow your awareness to drop to your solar plexus chakra in your abdomen, front and back.  Allow the beautiful golden-yellow light of this healthy chakra to radiate through your internal organs to recharge their energetic battery with life force chi.
  12. Take a moment to reflect back on your past from the ages of 8-12 years old.  Recall your fondest memories of that time.  When you felt empowered, boundaried and loved as we ask to clear any areas of disturbance in this chakra and during this age range.
  13. Sense into the activated and aligned chakras we’ve already worked to stay present, contained and available for the healing frequencies to access your solar plexus and activate your ability to set healthy boundaries, know you have choice in all situations, as the most empowered version of you begins to fully emerge.  Sense yourself getting stronger as you trust in the universal flow of love, healing and harmony that is now circulating in a clear and balanced solar plexus chakra.
  14. Now bring your awareness to your pelvis where the sacral chakra resides.  Sense your entire pelvis become activated with orange light as we ask to clear any areas of disturbance in this chakra and the age of development of 5-8 years old.
  15. You may feel a natural pull now down into your root chakra at the base of your body as your system becomes more aligned, empowered and full of unconditional love.  Feel this area of your body be embraced with the magnificent ruby red colour as you open your root to the earth below you and establish your independent connection here, which is needed to create safety, self-esteem, and grounding.
  16. Keeping your crown open as well, sense into the life-giving frequencies of life enter your auric egg from above and below forming a solid and stable connection with both that will allow you to sustain your own energy body to support your body matrix in knowing who you are, embody your truth, align with your authentic self and trust in your inner guidance to know and communicate your needs from a fully embodied, safe place.
  17. Sense your energetic presence as open and spinning chakras aligned along your central channel which is open and flowing crown to root and root to crown.  Fill your auric egg with this beautiful, clear and harmonious energy as it heals any areas of your auric layer that may need to be fortified.  Sense harmony. Sense bliss.  Sense your true nature of being.  Know from this place you are fully intact, and have 24/7 access to the states of being needed to sustain your self-worth, independence, self-love, inner strength, and expression of kindness and unconditional love.
  18. Hold this balanced state of being as we now begin to revise any limiting beliefs and release ancestral entanglements that are needed for you to manifest your healing intention.
  19. Recall the part of your healing intention for the experience you would like to let go of.  And answer this question: what would someone have to believe in order to have this experience?  That you’re not good enough? That you don’t deserve to have what you want?  Some common limiting beliefs associated with codependent tendencies are:
    • I must be needed to be loved. 
    • Others needs are more important than mine.  
    • I can only be happy when others are happy. 
    • I am not strong enough to take care of myself. 
    • In order to be safe and loved I must give to others before myself. 
  20. Identify one that resonates most strongly with you.
  21. Come back to the energetic state we just achieved together of your clear and aligned chakras
  22. Picture all of your ancestors standing in front of you with your parents in front and their parents behind them.  As you look back over the past generations notice their presence of bigness that comes with each generation.  Acknowledge to all of these people that you are the little one and they are the big ones as you accept your place in the system exactly as it was given.  Bow your head as a movement to honour these words. Open your heart to receive the ancestral strength that is accessible to you from 8 generations back and beyond.  See them beaming their love, knowledge and support to your higher self as this drops down from the crown into your heart.  Call up the ground frequencies of the root to solidify this knowing of strength within your lineage.  Visualise any burden that does not belong to you dispersing completely as you welcome in the fullness of the life force energies gifted to you at birth.
  23. Allow your ancestors to disperse from your view, forever living in your heart as they support you in bringing forward your healing intention of what you would like to create.  Open your heart to receive these empowering beliefs that they are activating in your soul:
    • I am a good person and deserve to have what I want.
    • Through loving myself I can best love others.
    • I value myself and others in equanimity.
    • It is safe to relate authentically in relationships.
  24. Come back to your breath and tune into your physical body temple as you allow the healing you have received today to fully integrate on all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual so that you may continue to release what no longer serves your greatest good and welcome in all that does.
  25. Allow your awareness to come back behind your closed eyes and begin to move the fingers and toes.  Open your eyes and feel free to sit in integration or write in your journal about what you experienced on the journey.

Thank you for your oresence, it was an honour to hold space for you today to release codependence and welcome in the states of being to support creating conscious co-creationships that will inspire and elevate your life.


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