Today’s blog is a stress survival guide that will give you information and tools to de-stress yourself on all levels of being. You’ll also experience a guided meditation integrating the 3 key elements for de-stressing including recovery, resilience and revision to clear the negative effects of consciousness & subconscious stressors.  Key topics include:

  • Integrating three key elements to turning negative stress into positive self-growth: recovery, resilience and revision.
  • How to supplement all the elements of your body matrix to minimise the negative effects of stress.
  • The difference between conscious and unconscious stress.
  • Guided meditation to use as a stress release practice.

Stress is a complex issue as it comes in many shapes and forms. For this reason, it can be hard to identify the root cause in order to treat it effectively.

Most people take stress as a necessary part of life. Which in truth it is. Given our ever-increasing pace of technology, society, and general life our body mind and spirit are stretched further than we were originally designed for.

For example, think about the life of our homo sapien ancestors who lived tens of thousands of years ago.  Did you know that our genetic code, which is the basic building blocks for life, differs very little from the homo sapiens that ventured out of Africa some 60-80,000 years ago?  Even though new studies have shown evolution has sped up 100 times in the last 10,000 years the difference in our basic building blocks of life differ by less than 10% from our original ancestors.  And fun fact, even though humans seem very different the genetic code between people varies by only 1%.

Our basic building blocks have remained the same over such a long period of time, yet our lifestyles have changed drastically.  While this speaks to the absolute divine perfection of original human design, which I have been in awe of since I took my first developmental biology course, I think it also means we must be mindful to supplement our systems to support the stress of the ever-increasing speed of evolution to offset the negative effects of the stress this can cause on all levels of being.

Our systems were originally designed in a time when there was no technology, social media or electricity.  What did exist was family, community, connection to spirit and an innate ability to provide one’s own food and shelter from what the land had on offer.  A place where people lived close to nature, with few distractions.  I think this is why we all feel better in nature because fundamentally our cellular memory remembers this as Home, or where we came from.  

Evolution is part of being alive and is important to keep our human existence from becoming extinct. So let’s evolve our way of thinking about health and well-being to allow self-care to become an essential part of every day.  And that doing this in simple regular ways can easily habituate good de-stress habits in an automated and reinvigorating way. 

So now let’s talk about the different ways you can supplement each element of the body matrix: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.

Let’s start with the physical body, where vitamins and supplements have a global market value of 250 billion.  This number shows that people are naturally gravitating toward nutritional vitamins and supplements, which I have to admit makes my heart sing.  I a big fan of supplements and have been for decades to support us in our lives, in the present and for decades to come.

Nutritional supplements are best recommended by a trained practitioner such as a naturopath or nutritionist for example.  I have found that using kinesiology, or muscle testing, is one of the most effective ways to assess what supplements the body needs. 

As a naturopath, I recommend three main supplements as a general well-being formula.  And then will specialise recommendations depending on the condition and by muscle testing.

  • A multivitamin and mineral supplement.
  • A probiotic to keep the digestive microbiome balanced especially after taking in sugar, alcohol or breads (which are both another form of sugar).
  • Superfoods in the form of super greens which are a nice mix to add into a smoothie or in capsule form. 

Incorporate all three and a healthy diet free from processed food and your physical body’s constitution will grow stronger which will benefit you now and in the decades to come.  Because it’s what you do now that you will feel in a decade or two.  If you treat yourself well now, you will be well later.  If you don’t then it will catch up with you and may not be reversible when you’re older.  So start now and give your future self a gift by taking care of yourself now while receiving the immediate benefits too.

The physical body is also supplemented by regular exercise and body treatments like massage for example.

single_department_2Supplementing the energy body is something I recommend for everyone and have seen the most consistently positive results in the personal growth of my clients and students when they add this into their self-care routine. Things like listening to music that transmits certain frequencies aligned with chakras for example.  Sound baths, chanting, and singing are all ways to soak our body matrix in the vibrational frequencies of harmony that support full health and well-being. 

Breathing also supports the energy and spiritual bodies as it connects us more to receive and activate the flow of prana, or life force energy across our entire body matrix.  A full and healthy breath also calms the nervous system, which runs through energetic signalling.  

You can best supplement the emotional body by doing your personal growth work. To take responsibility for your childhood conditioning that can create drama in the here and now. That allows you to become aware of your emotional triggers so that you can more resourcefully identify within yourself the underlying needs that must be addressed so that you can stay positive and solution-focused when faced with conflict.

The ancestral body is supplemented by including the past generations in your heart no matter what their story or situation with unconditional love. Respect and support the elders in your life, family or not.  When you become an elder respect those who are beginners at what you have mastered. Share your knowledge and teach the next generation about the culture you come from.  This helps us connect to and be supported by our indigenous nature of being.

Supplement the spiritual body through practising ceremony, regularly visiting sacred sites  (to worship religion or not), and doing practices like yoga are a great way to build support by activating faith, hope and belief in a power greater than ourselves that is unconditional love. Also, working in what you love also helps you connect to your dharma or the way you express the divine within you so that you are available to become the fullest expression of divine life force energies possible.   

A little goes a long way, so it really doesn’t take more than a few minutes a day to add any one of these into your life and rotate them around as you need.  Taking a broader, whole-person view, allows you to have a lot of options available to you at any given time to be able to choose from based on what you need at the moment. So that you will never feel resourceless in times of stress again.

When we can do this supplementation we are creating strength and harmony across the entire body matrix. A whole-person approach is essential to treating complex issues such as stress. Since it affects all levels of being consciously and subconsciously.

Conscious stress comes from things like too many tasks and not enough time, having an overwhelming number of responsibilities, financial deficits, being stretched thin with family obligations, high-pressure jobs and so on.

Subconscious stressors are subtle limitations we place on ourselves through learned behaviours in childhood. Things like limiting beliefs and ancestral loyalties that are hidden deep within our subconscious in an effort to keep us safe and belonging. But over a lifetime wear out their welcome and eventually have the opposite effect. But since 95% of what we do comes from these subconscious patterns we are driven by them in ways we are not aware of. 

These subconscious patterns cause stress due to the internal conflict they cause between our conscious mind wanting something and our subconscious patterning holding us back out of fear.

Stressors exist for all of us so the key is to have a nice healthy body matrix on all levels, nicely supplemented, so that when stress happens it becomes a positive growth experience rather than a negative health-diminishing one.

In the last 3 episodes of the Daily De-Stress series, I covered in detail the three key steps to eliminating the negative effects of stress. 

  • Recovery time allows for rest needed during and after stressful experiences.
  • Resilience building allows you to be as strong as a tree but be flexible enough to bend not break when the storm hits.
  • Revise subconscious patterning that creates inner conflict and external drama.

Today in the final episode of this series I’m going to bring each key element together in a guided meditation that you can use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis whenever you feel called to shift negative stressors to positive outcomes and desired state manifestations.

Guided Meditation

You can also listen to this on the companion Healing Codes podcast episode #21 (see link below).

Take a moment to find a comfortable position, Settle in, relax and begin to focus on your breath as you just breathe naturally.

Tune into your body and notice if you have any points of tension.  Breathe into that space in your body to allow it to relax. Release the tension of the mind, and breathe into your third eye.  Release the tension in your neck and shoulders as you breath into those areas.  Now relax the spine by creating more space and balance between each vertebra with your next breath.  Allow the pelvis, legs feet and toes to relax on the next breath as you breathe into that area of your body igniting the pilot light of your body matrix, the root and sacral chakras.

Feeling the support of the root, or base chakra, begin to stack each energy centre up through the centre line of your body, your central channel.  Stacking them like beautiful spinning balls of rainbow light: the root red, sacral orange, solar plexus yellow, heart green, throat blue, third eye purple and crown violet. 

With your awareness along your midline, notice the glow of light that emanates from you.  This is your auric layer.  It buffers you from external energies while allowing you to discern yourself from the collective energies of the world.

Holding your awareness of your energy centres, aligned along your centre line as you bring the breath into your awareness as well. With each breath see this air fan the embers of each chakra to allow them to grow brighter and fuller. 

Allow your body to relax more deeply as you allow yourself to rest, recover and reset.  Sense your true nature of being here.  Sense bliss.  Sense love.  Simply Be in this beautiful, comfortable and peaceful state that supports rest and recovery.

Begin to become aware of the auric field around you. We’ll now work with the breath to build resilience.  Take 3 long deep breaths inhaling for 3 counts and exhaling for 3 counts.   With each cycle of breath allow your auric bubble to fill with the essence of who you are.  Divine light, bliss, love, harmony, health.

For the next 3 breaths inhale for 3 counts, hold for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts.   Be gentle as you build your breath through each cycle.  Engaging all directions of breath in the inhale filling your lungs upwards, downwards and sidewards.  Stay relaxed.  Stay present in your centre, surrounded by the beautiful light expression of your soul. 

For the final set of breathing practices, breathe in for 3 and exhale for 6.  Do three rounds on your own time. Staying centered.  Staying fully activated.  As you begin to stimulate a natural DMT, or god molecule, within your internal biochemistry.

Through this practice you have reached a presence of being that will allow you to be more resilient in the face of adversity.  As you practice it more and more you will allow this state to become habituated to support growth during times of stress.

Allow your breathing to come back to a natural rhythm.

Notice what you notice now here in this presence of being that connects you to your inner guidance.  Is there something in your experience of life you would like to revise?  From this place of alignment, truth and love let your inner guidance show a drama in your life that it is time to let go of, for your greatest good.  And for the greatest good of all others in your life.

Come back to your breath, centre and energetic fullness at any point you need to clear your mind and stabilise your system so that you are available now to upgrade your operating system to the lasts version to support you now and for all you want to create in the future. 

Picture all of the ancestors in your lineage filing in before you with later generations in the back and the newest in the front.  Acknowledge these people you are related to through genetics, life experiences and family soul dynamics. 

Fully acknowledge your place in the system.  In this place.  Supported by all those ancestors behind you.  Always and unconditionally, your family soul is there as the deepest level of support.    Take a breath here and say these words to your ancestral lineage.  I am the little one, you are the big ones.  I release any suffering I may have carried for you as I stand in the fullness of who I am in knowing this burden is not mine to carry.  I step forward now holding your support and love in its place. 

Come back to your empowered state of energy alignment, relaxation and natural breathing.

Drop into your heart and connect with the intention for what you want to create now.  Your biggest dream.  The best-case scenario for what your life could become.

What is the belief that supports the creation of this experience of life for you?  That you are good enough.  That you deserve to have what you want?  That it is safe to receive your heart’s desires?     Hold this empowering belief in your heart as you stay aligned, fully ignited, compassionate and in gratitude for your ancestor’s support.  

As you begin to feel the lightness of being that comes along with this, visualise your life’s timeline from birth to your current day self.  Tell your younger self this empowering belief on each year of your timeline from birth through 5 years old.  Tell the younger version of yourself at birth that you deserve to have what you want.  Then through 5-year age ranges until you get to your current age.  

Well done, you have just revised your subconscious patterning to align with your conscious empowered self. One that is full of joy, love, connection, support and kindness.

If you wish, you may anchor in this state by calling a word, mantra or image to mind while staying in the fully aligned and energised state.  Any time in the future you call up this anchor you will instantly access this state of being to help you remember the truth of who you are.

As we move to the end of this meditation, connect to yourself with gentle movements. Sit quietly for as long as you would like to integrate this or feel free to get up and go about your daily tasks.


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