Today’s blog is the first in the Body Positivity Series, a journey to explore the underlying issues associated with the lack of body positivity and how to build more self-love and positive self-image using to tools of Consciousness Medicine as the guide. 

In this series, I’ll cover topics like how to embrace your body as a temple, ways to deepen your mind-body connection based on self-love/care, key factors that contribute to negative self-image and how to revise them across the Body Matrix (physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual) with practical tools, examples and guided meditations.

In today’s blog:

  • Learn ways to repattern negative self-image to a positive one through revising limiting beliefs and releasing critical thinking.
  • Access deeper appreciation for your body as a sacred temple.
  • Experience a guided meditation to access a deeper more embodied connection with your sacred nature of being.

These are the days when inclusion and equanimity are important topics being addressed on a variety of platforms. Isn’t it wonderful we live in a world where this is becoming possible more than ever before?  Where we can see others as human beings rather than skin tone, size, shape, physical abilities, or gender. 

I look forward to a world of evolving consciousness where we can see each other in appreciation of health and well-being rather than physical appearance.  Where hierarchies based on the desirability or antiquated social norms fall away and judgements leading to discrimination are no longer a collective force in the world.  

The Body Positivity Movement is one of these ideals that is helping to support this effort.  It is a movement that was born from social media, which is one of the precious bright spots that social media has activated.

Did you know, Social media users have tripled in the last decade with nearly 5 billion people accessing various social media platforms globally?  With an expected growth of at least 15 – 30 % each year, it is one of the greatest social experiments ever.  A free tool that allows you to connect with 5 billion other people at your fingertips.  And to create movements using keywords that can go viral in cyberspace in a matter of minutes.

The booming nature of social media has allowed people to see more examples of who people are, how they look and what they believe in.  Rather than having to take television, movies, magazines or the community as references for standards of living and being. The Body Positivity movement is an important example of how people can come together to challenge societal standards of appearance by promoting acceptance of all beings.

The fact that this is such a huge movement clocking up nearly 20 million posts using the hashtag last year alone, speaks volumes to the enormous number of people caught up in this collective dynamic.  The movement originated as a kind of fat liberation movement to celebrate marginalized body types and move the needle of societal standards on shape and size. 

In this series, I’ll take a broader view beyond physical appearance to bring awareness to the underlying components needed to support becoming more body aware with greater positive thinking, self-love and freedom. 

Your physical body is the temple that houses your life force energy. It holds the essence of who you are, connecting you to the material reality we exist in.  It is the physical structure that unites the elements of the Body Matrix in sacred space. 

Your body temple allows for the creation of a divine bridge between pure divine consciousness and physical reality. This is the gift of human form.  We are a union of the infinite with the finite.  How amazing is that?  This is what your body temple holds for you.  Take a moment to stop and appreciate all your body temple does for you on a daily basis. 

Your body temple is a self-intelligent system, designed and tested over thousands and thousands of years.  An intricately complex system of biochemistry, cells, organs, tissues, and systems that keep you alive day in and day out.  Your body temple breathes for you, regulates your heartbeat, and transports and integrates nutrients needed to keep you running on autopilot for decades without a day off.

It tells you what you need to know to stay healthy if you listen.  If you don’t it will continue to complain until it gets your attention so that you can grow, heal and evolve.  

When I describe it like that it warrants a little celebration, doesn’t it, of your body temple to show your appreciation for its dedication, diligence, and divine design.

This is the first step to deeper body awareness.  Which will ignite within you the power to harness your mind-body connection and supercharge your life.   It will deepen your relationship with self-love by acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.  It helps habituate a self-care routine to support your body temple to be the strongest foundation it can be to support you on all levels of being. 

From the emotional body perspective, limiting beliefs about not feeling good enough must be revised to access greater body positivity.  Limiting beliefs are core beliefs about ourselves and the world that are formed in the first few years of life in an effort to keep us safe.   These beliefs start as safety patterning but eventually become limitations based on childhood fears.  They become baked into our identity structures in a way that drives our behaviours, thoughts and emotions.   When limiting beliefs are present, we must continue to live a life aligned with them in order for our reality to make sense and stay safe.  

Body negativity is fueled by these limiting beliefs and the fear we are trying to avoid by facing them.  To shift into a positive mindset about ourselves we must revise these beliefs to support a healthier and safer way of being.

So here’s an exercise you can do to uncover your limiting beliefs and revise them into more empowering ones. 

Exercise: Think of someone you know who shows the characteristics of body positivity you would like to have access to. 

Ask yourself: what does this person believe about themselves to have their experience of life?   Go with the first few things that come into your mind.  These are the empowering beliefs you need. 

Now phrase them in a positive and empowered way.  For example, something like

  • When I feel confident, the world responds with love.   
  • Perfection is an unrealistic ideal that I can now. release easily and effortlessly.  
  • My body is a divine gift and I gratefully accept it exactly as it is. 
  • I can care for others without caring what they think.

Use these as a daily mantra or affirmation to help reprogram your limiting beliefs into empowering ones.  As you do this you may need to look more deeply at your childhood conditioning or past trauma associated with the limiting belief. Seek the support you need in this exploration if it feels overwhelming.

From the ancestral body perspective, negative thought patterns are associated with the Victim, Perpetrator, and Rescuer Pattern.  This is one of the main Movements of the Family Soul that drives the pattern of fear, critical thinking and disdain for self that underlies a negative self-image.  

Using Family Constellation work is the best way I have found to break free from this pattern to unlock self-care, self-love, confidence, joy, harmony and freedom.  I have developed a style of working with Family Constellations called Movements of the Family Soul and offer courses, workshops, retreats and individual sessions to assist you to reach your full potential. 

So now let’s do a guided meditation to allow you to honour your body temple and access a greater sense of body positivity.

  1. Make yourself really comfortable.  Take a few deep breaths as you allow yourself to become fully present, right here, right now.
  2. Take a moment to bring your awareness to your body.   Notice your first thoughts or feelings as you do this.  Can you bring your awareness to your body with love and gratitude?  If you experience any negative thinking patterns as you become aware of your body allow them to float away like a feather on the wind.
  3. Bring your awareness to your liver located under the right side of your rib cage.  And smile.  Smile from your liver.  Sense your liver radiating love within your system as it cleans your blood and creates essential enzymes needed for detoxification of your body temple.
  4. Bring your awareness to your kidneys located midway down your back, just below your ribs.  And smile.  Smile from your kidneys.  Sense the kidneys radiating love into your system as they manage the waterworks of your sacred body temple.
  5. Bring your awareness to your heart and lungs.  Smile from your heart.  Smile from your left lung.  Smile from your right lung.  Sense your heart and lungs smiling and radiating with love as they work together to pump your blood, oxygenate your body and release carbon dioxide.  See the plants absorbing this co2 as their food and find gratitude in your heart for their production of your life giving oxygen your body temple needs.
  6. Feel the love radiating from your organs as you become aware of the boundary of your skin that houses this beautiful energy.  Feel gratitude for your physical nature of being for supporting this joy, love and harmony.  No matter what shape, tone, size or ability of your physical form appreciate its importance to all that you are.  As you radiate from your physical body all the love, appreciation and gratitude you can for the sacred body temple you live in.
  7. Open your crown chakra located at the top of your head to allow in the pure frequencies of life.  Notice the colour, texture and other qualities of this divine vibration that makes you who you are.  Allow this energy to fill your entire body temple top to bottom.
  8. Open your root or base chakra located at your feet to welcome in the unconditional love of nature to which you are infinitely connected.  Allow your heart to balance with the pure frequencies above and the grounding frequencies of the root.  This is the true essence of your body temple.  Sense your true nature of being.  Sense harmony, sense love, sense bliss.
  9. Connect to the strength of your ancestors at least 8 generations back from the place you stand in your family soul.  Bow before them with honour and respect for all those who came before you as you release any entanglements associated with the victim/perpetrator/rescuer pattern. 
  10. Feel the love and support of your ancestors who release you from the burden you carry for others now.
  11. Allow the empowering belief you would like to embody to float into your awareness like a song on the wind.  Playing sweetly and gently along the airstream until it reaches your ears.  Welcome in this divine song into your heart and allow it to radiate to all parts of you and become absorbed fully into your body temple.
  12. Allow any negative thinking that may arise to float gently away as you drop into your heart and feel the truth of who you are. 
  13. Sense the divine nature of your body temple, inside and out. 
  14. Feel gratitude for all aspects that make up the amazing being that is you. 
  15. Reframe any imperfection you feel about yourself into a character trait that makes you more interesting, unique and a greater expression of the divine in all her forms.
  16. Make an agreement with yourself from this moment forward to acknowledge any negative thought you experience with 2 positive thoughts in response.  This builds new brain chemistry to support deep and lasting change.  
  17. See yourself as a complete and divine being exactly as you are. 
  18. Sense gratitude for your incredible body temple and the gift of life it holds with unconditional devotional love.
  19. Take a moment to integrate your journey on all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.  Releasing anything that no longer serves your greatest good as you welcome in all that does. 
  20. Stay as long as you wish in this meditation, or if it feels complete begin to make gentle movements and bring your awareness fully back to this place, right now.

It was an honour to hold space for your body temple today.  Tune in next week for the continuation of this body positivity blog series. You can also listen to this blog as a podcast episode.


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