In this week’s blog, I’ll be expanding the view of whole-person healing to the spaces we live in and how the energy of spaces and places affects us on all levels of being. 

Key Topics Include:

  • How to become aware of the energies that may be causing your geopathic stress.
  • Simple ways to clear and harmonise your home.
  • The importance of including space clearing in holistic healing protocols.
  • Different geophysical energies and how they can have positive and negative effects on health.

Energy is all around us in the form of electromagnetic currents from our electronic devices, radiofrequency energy from cell phones and wifi, sound waves, gravitational energy, thermal energy, land and metaphysical energies.  While these energies are not visible to the naked eye, they surround us all day every day.   We are essentially potatoes in the soup of all these frequencies, soaking in the mix of various wavelengths of energy.   

Becoming aware of these energies, and how they affect us and having the ability to clear and harmonise the energies in our spaces is important to supporting our physical and mental health. 

Because we are energetic beings ourselves all of these environmental, land and metaphysical energies will influence our energy body first, causing a ripple effect across our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.  The first step in eliminating the negative effects of these energies is to become aware of them.  

Maybe you’re already doing this by, for example, not having your phone nearby you when you sleep.  Or having someone come and clear the energy of your home.   Or burning sage or palo santo to clear your space.  These are great ways to keep your personal space clear, and in this episode, I want to go deeper with the knowledge and tools you need to minimize the effects these vibrational frequencies have on your entire system.

I first learned about the energy of spaces through my experience working with clients to clear, align and fortify their personal energies like chakras and auras.   They would leave my office in a state of harmony, buzzing with life force energy only to return for their next session back in a jangled state. 

This was also the time when I was exploring the idea of needing to work the entire body matrix to promote lasting change, so I was aware that to keep the energy body in good shape the other bodies also needed to be worked.  As I expanded my focus on clients to address the other aspects of being, I noticed they would leave their session aligned but come back in a state of disharmony.

As a scientist, I am always interested in results I didn’t expect.  It’s exciting for me since it presents a puzzle that needs to be solved, and I’m always up for a challenge.  These cases presented an interesting learning for me in that people were being influenced by the land, their homes and other metaphysical energies such as past events that happened in their homes of restless spirits that may still be lingering in the space.   This discovery opened up a whole new world for me that I integrated into my personal life and clinical practice and still use today. 

In my treatment plan, I began to pay closer attention to the influence of land energies such as Hartman grids, ley lines and energy vortexes that might be present on my client’s land and how this may be affecting their home space.  The results were astounding, and the clients would notice not only an improvement in their personal health but when they arrived home they would report their houses felt lighter, more comfortable and clearer.  When they came back for their next session, I found they would hold the adjustments from the last session more fully. 

The geophysical energies of the land have been here longer than we have lived on Earth and will be here long after we’re gone.  They are ancient to the point of timelessness, expansive to an all-encompassing point, and driven by the most fundamental laws of nature.   I quickly learned, sometimes the hard way through trial and error, that going up against these land energies was more than one human could match.  Unless it is done correctly, with respect humility and a focused, well-held intention. 

When working with land energies The best way to do this is to allow the land to clear you, rather than you trying to clear the land.   Visiting sacred sites like the ones near me in Ireland like St. Brigid’s Well or the Hill of Tara are places I go regularly to tune into the sacred energies there.  When I do the land never fails to give me strength, wisdom and clarity. This is the positive side of land energies that can be used for empowerment. 

I encourage you to try this for yourself by visiting sacred places in your area.  Take your time, walk mindfully and notice where your attention is drawn.  Follow that and take time to pause to allow your system to come into coherence with the land energies.  Be still, remain aware and notice what you notice.  If you have something on your mind, ask for guidance in that stillness and listen deeply for the answer.  If you have an intention for what you want to manifest, hold that in your heart and ask for support from the elementals.  This can be done by sitting quietly in a place or walking slowly taking pause when you feel guided.  Let your imagination go free and release any judgment or doubtful thoughts that cloud clarity.  Give it a try when you are seeking some peace of mind.

Geophysical energies that can negatively affect our health are things like negative vortexes of energy caused by underground water, for example, or being misaligned with Hartman grids.  Hartman grids are global networks of grids formed by the magnetic energies of the planet.  If a house or the furniture in it is significantly misaligned with the lines and angles of these grids, this results in geopathic stress which is linked to insomnia, anxiety, headaches and chronic exhaustion

You can counter the negative effects of these geophysical energies in a few ways.  The Hartman grids can be found by dowsing with a focused intention to locate the lines in relation to the positioning of a house and its furnishings.   The best case is to be aware of these grids when the house is built, but if that isn’t an option furniture, especially one’s bed can be positioned to align with the grids which significantly reduces geopathic stress.

Energy vortexes are most commonly caused by underground water that flows beneath a home.  If there are multiple sources of water that cross each other then this will strengthen the energy vortexes.  The larger the flow of water, the stronger the vortex. 

Negative vortexes are another source of geopathic stress that is linked to cancer and the recurrence of cancer.  They can also be found using dowsing rods or using a pendulum and tracking the direction of the spin of the vortex.  

Most negative vortexes can be cleared with a focused intention and a good blast of heart-frequency energy.  For weaker vortexes, the intention can be to clear it from the space and that will usually do the trick.  For stronger ones, I will hold an intention for the energy to go around the space rather than through it, which I’ve had good results with.   You can also hold the intention to reverse the negative vortex into a positive one that then serves to circulate healthy life force chi energy through the home.

Metaphysical energies are another source of energy in our environment that can cause stress both physically and emotionally.  These are energetic imprints associated with places that leave strong energetic signatures. 

Metaphysical imprints on the land can result from large numbers of people having a shared experience in that place. This might be a place where they came to honour the dead, where kings were crowned, where battles were fought or natural disasters occurred.  The land will hold the charge of the energy associated with the event.  These energies are vast and sometimes quite dense so being able to navigate them without blowing your own circuits, is important.  Metaphysical energies can also be present from restless spirits who died in a way that attaches them to the place. 

One of the strongest experiences I’ve had was when I went on a surfing holiday to Aragam Bay on the Southeast coast of Sri Lanka.   It was a couple of years after a devastating tsunami left Aragam Bay flattened and killed over 35,000 people.   The owner of the villa where we stayed, as well as the entire area, had rebuilt from scratch and thankfully business was back booming. 

The first night we arrived, I was startled awake in the middle of the night by loud sirens, people shouting and heavy machinery outside my bedroom window.   With my head muzzy from jetlag, I waited inside my room figuring there would be a knock on the door if it were something we needed to be concerned with.   Eventually, I fell back asleep and in the morning at breakfast, I asked what the heck happened last night since it sounded big.   No one else heard what I heard. Nothing had actually happened.  What I had experienced was the energetic imprint of the event on the land where I was.  I relived the tsunami through its energetic imprint on the land.

These metaphysical energies usually carry an emotional component to them since it can be the deeply traumatic emotions that get imprinted in a location.  It is something I look for when working with overwhelming emotional distress in clients.  Especially when they report only feeling it at home. 

Depending on the strength of the energetic imprint, clearing these metaphysical imprints can be done using focused intention and heart-based frequencies of energy.  The frequency of the heart chakra has a wavelength that can clear and harmonise the energetic frequencies of disturbance.

I like to use a pendulum to track the progress of the clearing.  Larger or denser patterns are best cleared with a group of people holding a similar intention that amplifies the heart frequency energies to a point that can match and clear the imprint.

On a smaller scale, electromagnetic and radio-frequency energies from our electronic devices, cell phones, wifi and power lines have long been the subject of debate on the negative effects on health.  Excessive exposure to these EMFs (or electromagnetic frequencies)  can affect the nervous system causing fatigue, heart palpitations, digestive disturbances, concentration difficulties and tingling sensations. 

I clear these energies by using a focused intention to contain the EMF to the source devices and using a dowsing rod to assess the result.  I love to demonstrate this in my classes since they never fail to bring a gasp of surprise when I show how far a cell phone emits an EMF signal before and after I clear it.  

I will always look at the influence of land, metaphysical and EMFs on clients at some point in their treatment, especially in highly sensitive people.  The results when we can clear, redirect and repurpose the negative energies that surround us are always positive across the entire body matrix.  If you’re skilled with a dowsing rod and pendulum then you can use those skills to work with these energies to eliminate the negative effects.  There are also people out there who do professional space clearing where they can take a look at all of the things I’ve mentioned.  

From an individual perspective, the best thing you can do to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the energies of spaces is to have a clear, aligned and strong energy body especially your auric layers that will shield you from anything that doesn’t serve your greatest good.  Supercharge this boundary by filling your aura with heart frequency vibration which naturally clears any energetic disturbances you may come into contact with.


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