In this week’s blogSacred Superpowers, I’ll introduce you to your innate superpower abilities by connecting more consciously to sacred geometry, which exists in all living things connecting us to the divine energies of unity consciousness.  I’ll cover sacred geometry and how it can be used as a superpower for healing, creation and harmony.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understand sacred geometry and how it can be a superpower for personal growth and healing.
  • Learn how to become more aware of your sacred nature of being and amplify your divine essence.
  • Learn how to use mandalas for meditation, healing and empowerment.
  • Experience a guided meditation to connect you fully to your sacred geometry energy.

I hope you’re been enjoying the Energy of Spaces Series where I’ve been covering the vibrational frequencies in our environment, homes and spaces.  In the last two articles, I’ve talked about geophysical, electromagnetic, metaphysical and elemental energies that fill the unseen spaces that surround us.  These frequencies can have an empowering effect or a negative effect on our health and well-being.  I’ve covered ways to have greater awareness of these energies so that you can clear those that are harmful and amplify those that bring balance, harmony and clarity. 

In this week’s article, I’ll introduce you to your innate superpower abilities by connecting more consciously to sacred geometry, which exists in all living things connecting us to the divine energies of unity consciousness.  I’ll cover sacred geometry and how it can be used as a superpower for healing, creation and harmony.

Sacred geometry is ancient mathematics that is present in all living things.  These geometric ratios create logarithmic spirals for growth, change and empowerment.  The good news is that you don’t have to even be aware of them in order to receive benefit from their presence. 

They are sacred energetic structures created from lines and circles along the infinite spiral.  Remember in school, learning about the number pi, a number that goes on forever? 3.14159 etc.  If you draw this number with its geometric ratios you get an infinite spiral of movement that supports both creation and discretion at the most basic levels of existence. 

This is the spiral you can see in the nautilus shell, the DNA helix that is our genetic code, and even the solar systems of the universe.  It is within us all, and when we acknowledge this it instantly connects us to the universal energies of life.  When we become more aware of it, and hold heartfelt intentions within this connection we supercharge these intentions for both manifestation and letting go. 

Ancient philosophers such as Plato noticed and wrote about sacred geometry being direct access to the god, the universe and everything.   Sacred geometry is found in Greek and Roman architecture and plays a prominent part in Buddism with the use of mandalas that use concentric circles in a design that expresses sacred geometric ratios.  Chinese traditions used sacred geometry in designing buildings in order to maximise the flow of chi, or life force energy in a space which eventually became the practice of feng shui.   Throughout history, sacred temples and other places of worship have used the principles of sacred geometry in their design and decoration. 

Physical HealingLeonardo Divinci drew his Vitruvian Man, which is universally recognized and shows the sacred geometry proportions of human anatomy.  For example, did you know that on everybody, the forearm is half the length of the entire arm?   Perhaps you would recognize the interlinking circles that create the seed, flower and tree of life sacred geometry images? You can find many of these on my website and in my writings as I use them, with intention to contain, distribute and supercharge my messages.

Throughout history sacred geometry has been believed as a method to access, communicate and amplify the presence of god, the divine, and the universe.  It is a principle that I use in Consciousness Medicine to create the divine structure for healing that supports me as a practitioner.  It is an energy I use to package and deliver transformational energies to the Body Matrix, since it innately recognizes this as a language of harmony and healing.   I apply sacred geometry to clear energies and bring forward empowering energies into my home, office and other locations I spend time in.  I meditate on sacred geometry images when I need specific support for transformation.   I connect more deeply with nature by noticing and appreciating these ratios when I see them.  I use them to fortify my auric layers for strength, discernment and boundaries.  Working with the energies of sacred geometry is like being in the flow of the universal life forces of harmony that align with our greatest good.  They can help you get back on track in the centre of your flow rather than being trapped in a recirculating eddy or being dragged against the edges which creates discomfort.

OK, so how that you have a better idea of what sacred geometry is and its ancient lineage, let’s work together to allow you to access this power within yourself to activate it so you can be more in the flow of your own truth, self-love and empowerment.

Energy HealingOne of the simplest ways to activate sacred geometry within yourself is to start with the physical body by noticing your body position throughout the day and making these simple corrections that will immediately bring forward more balance, harmony and relaxation.  This is done by becoming aware of your bilateral nature.  That each side of your body is a mirror for the other.  2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 ears etc.  This is also mirrored internally by having 2 lungs and 2 kidneys that are all arranged along the midline of your skeleton in a mirror image.  Take a moment to connect into the midline axis of your body, straight through your centre from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  Now, notice your body position.  Move yourself into a position where both sides are the same.  This means uncrossing your legs, or arms and sitting in a neutral position with bi-lateral symmetry.  Take a few breaths here as you feel yourself relax.  It’s no wonder that shavasana pose in yoga, the exact positioning like the virtuvian man, which is where you lie on your back spine straight with arms and legs open like a starfish, is the pose for integration in yoga.  It is a perfect example of bilateral symmetry at work.  Take this awareness into your daily life by noticing your body position throughout the day, and make the correction into bilateral symmetry along with 3 deep breaths.  If you feel tense, overwhelmed, emotional or are caught up in your head.  Bring yourself back into bilateral symmetry and notice how this brings immediate relief.  This is sacred geometry at work.

Spirals are another way to fully access your inner superpowers for healing, transformation and manifesting.  Spirals naturally embody sacred geometry, so applying them with heartfelt intention will allow you to more easily dis-create what you want to let go of and create what you wish to manifest.  I like to work with spirals because they are dynamic and divine.  I’m not alone in this as spirals can be found in many cultures appearing in petroglyph markings from back in the Stone Age.   Spirals can be used to accentuate an opening or to bring forward a closing.  I use the right tight lefty loosey way of thinking here, meaning that spirals that spin clockwise close energy and spirals that spin counter-clockwise, open energy.  If I want to release something I’ll use a clockwise spinning spiral to bring it to a close.  If I want to amplify an outcome I will attach the intention to a counter-clockwise spinning spiral. 

Using a pendulum to track the direction of the spin of an energy is a good way to get visual feedback of these unseen energies.  It is also a good way to learn to track the sense you get in your system when you contact a spiral so you can begin to recognize them without having to use a pendulum.  

I use the directions of these spirals to open and close spaces for workshops and retreats.  As part of the energetic opening to hold space I will use the spiral to direct a consistent flow of life force energy into the work I’m doing.  At the end, I will bring the work to a close using the spiral to contain the work where it belongs on the space, time continuum. This helps support me in the work as well as minimizes participants carrying home any residual energies from the events I host.

Mandalas are another great way to activate your sacred geometry superpowers.  Mandalas are geometric designs that can be used for meditation, prayer, creating sacred space and for spiritual guidance.   When sacred geometry is integrated into a mandala design, the power of the intention used is amplified.  Mandalas can be drawn, painted, carved or made out of things like flowers or crystals.  Making mandalas is one of my meditation practices and I like to use the petals from flowers I grow to make them.   I’ve also drawn them, using a compass and ruler to get the geometry correct which is a beautiful exercise.  These days you can also buy printed mandalas to color in which is a nice way to connect with the energies of sacred geometry without having to draw them yourself.

When working with mandalas, the first step is to choose your medium for what you’ll use (flowers, paint, chalk) and have a clear intention for what the mandala is for.  Are you seeking clarity on a question?  Would you like to honour an energy, situation, or event? Do you want to bring forward a new way of being?  Is there something positive you’d like to amplify in your life?  These are all great starting intentions to create a mandala.  Begin making the mandala with a circle to begin from the center outwards, using symmetry as you go.  Hold your intention in your heart, and notice how each layer outward that you build is a component of the original intention your began with.  Stay fully present as you create you mandala, noticing what arises in you are you move from center to the outer layers.  Use it as a moving meditation practice where you mindfully set your intention as you move through the mandala.  When it is complete close it by surrounding it with a large circle.  Take a moment to reflect on your meditation for any clarity, inspirations or sensations you have as a result. 

So now let’s do a short meditation to align and activate you with your sacred geometry super powers.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Move your body into a bilaterally symmetrical position (nothing crossed).

Take a deep breath as you become fully present here and now.

Drop into your heart and hold an intention for this meditation.  For clarity, wisdom, healing, transformation, or manifestation.

Now bring your awareness to the midline of your body.  The center axis that each element of your body matrix aligns with.  Breathe energy up and down this centreal axis.  Keep focus here, simply allowing energy to flow vertically from the top of your head and crown chakra to the soles of your feet and root chakra. 

Notice as you do any areas of constriction or misalignment along your central channel and with each breath allow this conduit to become clear, open and flowing with personal power self-love and healing.

Now become aware of your auric field that surrounds your body like an egg shaped energy field that creates a buffer between your self of personal space and the external and collective energies in the world.   

As you breathe through your central channel, you amplify the buffering capacity of your auric layer.  The stronger your central channel, the stronger you personal energy field becomes.

Now, surround your auric layer with the elemental sacred geometry energies.  If you have an image of the flower of life use that as a sacred grid that holds your full presence of being.  Simply naming the energies you want to call in works as well. 

Allow yourself to feel the support of this ancient geometry that creates sacred space.

Now, visualize a spiral starting in your heart.  Allow is to spin in the direction that best serves releasing what no longer serves your greatest good.  Now, allow it to spin in the opposite direction as you call in the intention you wish to manifest.  It may take some practice to notice direction of the spin of the spiral.  Try each direction with your intention and get a sense for what feels exmapnsive, harmonious and balanced versus what feels constricted or weak.  You have the power to change the direction of the spiral with one thought, so practice this as you sit with your intention for release and your intention for creation.  Stay with the sensation of expansion and balance as you hold the intention for manifestation sending your message out to the universe to activate the co-creative powers with the support of sacred geometry.

When this feels complete, gently close the space using the spiral that will allow you to contain, honor and gestate your intention.  Let go.  It is done.

Thank you for listening today.  It was an honor to hold space for you today. 


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