In this week’s blog, Empower Your Intentions, I’ll guide you to create intentions from a place where manifestation is effortless. 

I’ll give you the key how-to component needed to take your intention from an idea to reality.  

Experience a guided meditation to clear, align and activate transformation for your healing intention.

Key Topics Include:

  • Key factors in creating intentions that allow for manifestation to be fast and easy.
  • Why we feel stuck in bringing healing intentions into reality.
  • How Consciousness Medicine is designed to empower your intentions.
  • Exercise for designing your intention to let go of the old and more easily welcome in the new.
  • Guided meditation to clear blockages as you create a relationship of gratitude for your present and believe in your ability to create your desired state. 

We all know the importance of having an intention when wanting to change our lives.  Call them goals, ideas, wishes, or dreams the first step in creating what you want, and letting go of what you don’t want, is to have the intention to do so.   Did you ever stop to wonder why sometimes your intentions come easily into manifestation, while others seem to elude your grasp?  

There are a few factors at play here, but the most important one is to recognize that in order for a present state to transform into the desired state, the energetic power of the desired state must be greater than the energetic power of the present state. 

Think of energetic power here as the strength of vibration.  The stronger the vibration, the stronger the manifestation potential.  Energetic vibrations naturally gain power with repetition.  Because of this, experiences you’ve had since childhood will have greater energetic power within your system than experiences you haven’t had yet, like those of your desired state.  In other words, since you’ve been living in your present state for a few decades now, it will have far more energy than your desired state, which you haven’t experienced yet.

This is the explanation for how we can feel stuck in not being able to create what we want.  This is also the key factor for how you can get unstuck by working on creating more energy around the desired state until it tips the energetic scales so that your desired state is created while the present state is dis-created.  

This is one of the foundational principles that I developed Consciousness Medicine on.  That in order to manifest your intention you must first release the energetic power of the issue or present state has on your Body Matrix. For example, by unhooking ancestral entanglements, revising limiting beliefs, clearing energetic blockages, aligning the musculoskeletal system and bringing balance to all elements of your body matrix: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.

As the present state energies are dis-created and brought into greater harmony, we use our conscious presence to amplify the characteristics of the desired state so that its energetic potential surpasses the present state’s potential and ultimately manifests into reality.  Let me give you an example with an exercise you can use to bring into the guided meditation to experience consciousness medicine’s quantum creation and dis-creation cycle of being. 

Yoga LightTake a moment and think of something you would like to change, let go of, or release from your experience of reality.  Maybe you want to let go of stress, tiredness, poor eating behaviours, or old situations that no longer serve you.  Whatever it is, I want you to get a sense of this and write down 3-5 characteristics of the state you’d like to release.  Being unmotivated, feeling anxious, worry, worst case thinking, lack of sleep, comfort eating, negative thinking.   Notice how easily these descriptors flow to you since it is like an old friend, you have known for some time.

Now think about what you want to create in life.  Maybe you want peace of mind, to feel energized, to eat healthier, to create a certain job, relationship or financial situation for yourself.  Now take some time to list at least twice as many characteristics that are on your present state list.  The more the better.  How you want to think, feel, behave, what you want to create.  Stay connected with your heart, in knowing you deserve to have what you want.  That your entire ancestral lineage supports you in granting your heart’s desires.  That it is ok to wish for something even if you don’t know how it will manifest.  Stay with the what of the experience you want, let go of the hows.  Pause this if you need more time to create your desired state list.   Hold each item with full mindful presence of being. 

As you do this the things that have kept you from already achieiving your desired state may come into you awareness.  Simply add these to your PS list and continue to build our your desired state until you feel the energetic scales tip in your favor, as the co-creative forces of the universe hear you loud and clear as all the pieces begin to move into place as the manifestation of your desires state has already begun.

Now take this information into this guided meditation which will guide you to clear blockages as you create a relationship of gratitude for your present and believe in your ability to create your desired state.    



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