This week’s blog, The Spirit of Organs, is the first in a series to bring healing to the organ systems to detoxify, support and increase vitality.  I’ll explore the spiritual, emotional, energetic and ancestral body links to our organ systems using the practice of Consciousness Medicine.   Experience guided meditations to enhance your health, vitality and self-empowerment by clearing old patterns of disturbance and activating harmony across your organ systems supported by your entire body matrix on a physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual level.

Did you know there are 11 main organ systems of the body including respiratory, digestive & excretory, circulatory, urinary, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, reproductive and integumentary (hair, skin and nails)?  Within these systems, we have individual organs that are involved in these pathways such as the liver, kidney, lungs, heart, stomach, skin and so on.   Each of these organs works hard for you every day, 24/7 without a break.  When our systems become dysregulated, organ function becomes depleted and if we aren’t paying attention, it can lead to chronic health conditions.

So why not give your organs some much-needed love by taking the best care you can of the life-giving systems they support?  In this series, I’ll give you simple and practical ways to do this on all levels of being, not just the physical.

From a Consciousness Medicine perspective,  the physical body is the last place issues show up meaning they have been in the emotional, energetic, ancestral and spiritual bodies for a while before manifesting in the physical.  This is why Consciousness Medicine is a new way of approaching healing since we are less focused on treating the physical symptoms and more focused on treating issues across all levels of being for deep and lasting change. 

This is a new paradigm of healing where we are not joining in the problem state such as symptoms or diagnosis, but instead, take a more expanded view to be able to accentuate life force energy to promote balance and harmony that is needed to support full health and well-being. 

The physical symptoms are one piece of the puzzle, that helps us begin to walk the pathway to healing on a deeper level of being where the issues originate.  So it is important to support the physical body to address the deeper origins of issues, to avoid a healing crisis where we have to get worse before getting better. 

Your physical body is the temple that holds your consciousness and life force energy.  Treating it that way by giving it whole foods, restorative rest, clean hydration and a healthy lifestyle is a great way to honour the temple that houses your soul so that you may live a long and fulfilled life as the fullest expression of the divine possible.

Optimising your physical body also means supporting your organs from the energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual levels.  In my experience, this is the best preventative healthcare there is!

To begin this series I want to talk about your microbiome, a universe of microorganisms that live inside you that is considered a supporting organ as it plays so many key roles in promoting the smooth daily operations of the human body. 

Your microbiome is made up of microorganisms that inhabit just about every part of our body such as microbes, bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses that naturally occur in our bodies and are essential for life.

We are in essence living in a symbiotic, or mutually beneficial, way with our microbiome and their genes.  From a genetic perspective alone, our microbiome has 100 times the number of genes as our human genome.  There are thousands of species of microbes that live within us, creating their consciousness networks of life force energy.

While this may sound gross to some, it is an essential part of our human existence and when we can understand the beautiful relationship we have with these living microorganisms, and treat them well we can strengthen our overall constitution, resilience and ability to achieve full health and well-being. 

When our microbiome becomes imbalanced, we can have symptoms of fatigue, inflammation, poor absorption of nutrients, food allergies, and brain fog.   Common imbalances in the microbiome can be from the presence of bad bacteria, fungal overgrowth or parasites.  And they can affect our behaviours, actions and essence of being. 

Here’s an example that shows the negative cascade effect on our entire system when our microbiome is out of balance.  When there is an overgrowth of candida, a yeast that aids in digestion, the result is a yeast infection in places like the mouth, throat, and vagina.  It also can spread to the brain causing brain fog.  The overgrowth produces an abundance of waste products that are toxic to our systems. 

Yeast uses sugar as food, so if you have an overgrowth you will get intense sugar cravings that will shape your eating habits and food choices.  When you try to cut back on sugar, the die-off will send you into a detox causing dysregulated emotions such as anxiety, depression and anger. 

Your immune system will become depleted as it tries to clear the overgrowth which can activate auto-immune conditions and worsen allergies.  This can lead to the need for pharmaceuticals to treat these conditions which puts stress on the liver, kidneys and lymph system to break down these compounds for elimination. 

As your elimination pathways become clogged, your toxic load will increase making it even more difficult for you to tolerate exposure to environmental chemicals, electromagnetic energies and processed food. 

All because of an imbalance in your microbiome.

The best way to take care of your microbiome is to start with your gut by taking a pro-biotic with healthy gut bacteria.  Adding a pre-biotic is essential to promote the growth of the healthy bacteria.  Saccharomyces Boulardii is a yeast probiotic that helps balance the yeast cultures in the digestive system.  More severe or chronic cases may need the assistance of a nutritionist or naturopath to help rebuild a healthy gut microbiome.

If you have bad bacteria or harmful microbes in your microbiome, these act like parasites draining your energy.  Taking a look at your energy body to bring balance to the area of the body where the infection exists can help clear the physical body of the infection. 

For example, with a gut imbalance, work to clear the solar plexus chakra and any emotional shock or trauma you may have experienced during the ages of 8-12 years old when this chakra is forming.  Working to release any ancestral entanglements having to do with the victim/perpetrator/rescuer pattern is needed to release you from becoming a victim of bad microbes.    As you achieve a healthy microbiome, the consciousness signature of these healthy microbes will naturally create more life force energy within you, that will assist you in accessing more life force energy in every part of your life.

Now sit back and relax as I take you through a guided meditation to balance your physical body elements including your microbiome and will set you up for the next episodes in the spirit of your organs series.



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