In today’s blog, I’ll be talking about Hellinger Family Constellation Work, an ancestral healing practice and the unique approach that I can Movements of the Family Soul.  You’ll learn how ancestral entanglements to the past can become a burden we carry for others.  Understand the deeper meaning of family, love and life as you are guided through each movement bringing healing to you and your family soul.

My own personal journey with the work was profound and deeply life-changing.  It helped upgrade all contexts of my life from health, wealth, relationships and career.  I’ve been facilitating the work since 2005, and in that time have witnessed so many people’s lives changed for the better. The nature of the work is sacred and powerful and in my experience is an essential part of everyone’s personal growth path.  I’m excited to share with you this approach that will allow you to reclaim your life, release dysfunction and bring peace, love and harmony to your family soul.

What I’m presenting here is the unique style of facilitating family constellations called Movements of the Family Soul.  There are six main movements that, when worked in a specific order bring about a full spirit-soul transformation. 

Family Constellation Work is a powerful ancestral healing format that allows for the exploration and release of hidden entanglements that affect all levels of being.  The main premise is that our own soul is part of a larger collective called the family soul.  The family soul is made up of all the people who are genetically linked through the generations.  Life force energies flow down through the generations from parents to children with an offering of divine and unconditional love.  however, if someone in the past was excluded or forgotten due to traumatic or difficult situations, future generations will become entangled with this suffering, reducing the amount of life force energies available to them.  This can cause, for example, health issues, emotional distress, financial struggles, relationship stress and more.

The Family Constellation format allows for uncovering these deep hidden entanglements linking us to our ancestral past. It then guides us to hold a deep honour and respect for all the generations past, re-include forgotten family members, release past trauma and restore balance and order to the Family Soul. When this happens, we allow love to unite the family, rather than loyalty to suffering. From this place, we are free to embrace life and bloom into the truth of ourselves with full health, wealth, and well-being.

We become entangled in the ancestral suffering out of love, belonging and survival.  Through our love, we want to heal the family by taking on the pain of the past.  This keeps us innocent and belonging because, in a family of thieves, the child we do not steal does not belong.  To our primal beings, our survival is dependent on belonging.  No infant can raise itself, so we have a primal sense of belonging to our family.  We do this by linking it to our family’s pain.  These are deep subconscious patterns that come up against survival instincts to change them.  Which is why we can feel stuck with issues we can’t seem to release.

Family Constellation  work is the most effective form of ancestral healing I’ve ever come across and is essential for anyone on the personal growth path.  It helps us realise the way we can heal ourselves and our families to set down the burden we carry for others and embrace life fully. 

Six main Movements of the Family Soul must be addressed to fully release the hold that ancestral entanglements have so that life may be lived in full abundance.  The movements are worked in a specific order to allow a complete spirit-soul transformation.  Certain movements are present in every constellation that can be a useful roadmap in navigating the ancestral soul field.  The seven main movements are:

The Ancestral Soul Field

The field the work is done in is called the ancestral soul field. Learn the presence needed to access and ‘read’ the field. When this presence is realized, the information from the field will crystalise out of harmony, and you will be guided with confidence for the next movement that is needed. Accessing the presence of a being that allows for connecting to the ancestral field, is also a useful tool to enhance intuition, empathic abilities, and the manifestation of transformation.

Movement 1: Orders of Love

When the family soul is disturbed, and ancestral entanglement are present, the order that love flows through the family is disrupted. Leaving suffering to flow in place of the
love. When we work to restore order within the family system, which means to include all members of the family in their proper place with full honour and respect, we bring forth powerful healing to the entire system. This movement is simple yet incredibly powerful, and an extremely useful tool for new facilitators or therapists to use in their work to begin to release the hold that ancestral entanglements have on us

Movement 2: Big / Little Dynamic

The parents are the big ones, the children are the little ones, it is the order we arrive on the planet. There are few certainties in life, but that your parents were here before you is one of them. When we are entangled in ancestral suffering, we are not taking our appropriate place as the little ones in relation to our parents. Instead, we are being inappropriately big, trying to take on suffering for those who have come before us. In order to release the entanglements, we must get little in relation to our parents. This movement is present in every single constellation. Knowing how to recognize it and work with it is key to healing the ancestral soul. Restoring appropriate ‘littleness’ is the key movement to releasing ancestral entanglements.

Movement 3: Interrupted Reaching Out

There is a soul movement between mother and child where, after birth, the child’s soul reaches for the mother’s soul for an embrace that binds their souls now that they are physically separate. If the mother’s soul is not fully available to meet the child’s reach due to reasons such as: being entangled in suffering for her ancestral line; if she is lost any children and part of her soul has gone with the lost one(s); if there is a physical separation at birth either because of death, illness or difficult circumstances, the child’s soul will continue to hold out for this embrace from the mother’s soul, and if not met during life will eventually stop reaching, creating the interrupted reaching out pattern. This can manifest in life for the adult as feeling stuck, difficulty in calling in relationships, difficulty in welcoming financial abundance, and a general lack of receiving. Through constellation work, we can restore this soul connection between mother and child, allowing for abundance to be received in all forms.

Movement 5: Seeing and Being Seen

Once the appropriate big-little dynamic has been restored between parent and child, and the child is open to receive after healing the interrupted reaching-out dynamic, the next small but very powerful movement allows for the big ones to SEE the little ones and the little ones to allow themselves to BE SEEN in their appropriate place within the family soul order. The words that align with this movement are: ‘I’m in my appropriate place, you’re in your appropriate place and I see you and am willing to be seen here’.

In a constellation we would have the parent say to the child ‘It’s nice to see you’ and then have the child receive that by allowing themselves to be seen by meeting the gaze of the parent and remaining receptive and connected to the heart. In the constellation, representatives may experience foggy vision as a reflection of not seeing or being seen. It shows that the ancestral veils are up. In life, a child may have difficulty stepping fully into their own life because they’ve never been seen for who they are. They may be hiding away and afraid of being seen. It’s also a form of giving and of receiving to see and be seen.

Movement 6: Victim Perpetrator Rescuer

This triad is one of the most common ancestral archetypes that play out in the entanglements of the family soul. If anyone in the ancestral history was victimized or committed a perpetration of any kind, then this pattern will be present. The rescuer is the catalyst to keep the victim and perpetrator engaged in the dance of their soul shadows. Given world history, we all have these archetypes present in our family soul to some degree. The triad always exists together, yet people will have tendencies to act out in one way more than the other. The emotions associated with this pattern are: fear, anger and grief. Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia mental health diagnoses are all driven by this pattern. Autoimmune disorders are also a physical manifestation of this pattern. Bullying and abuse are other examples where this pattern is at play. By working to include all members of the family, with the appropriate order of love that allows the big/little dynamic to come into balance, we allow for this triad to come into balance and harmony, relieving the system from this burden

Movement 7: Life’s Embrace

Life force energy is the most abundant kind of energy there is in the universe. It holds the fullness of every living being, while at the same time, is nothing but infinite potential until it is connected to a living soul who embodies it as their own. To access the fullness of life, we must free ourselves from the loyalties to our ancestral entanglements.

When it’s time to feel life’s embrace, the soul-self is fully in its place with arms outstretched ready to receive. Embodying the words:

“I reach for you, my life. I reach with an open heart. You are representative of all the aspects of my life. I see you as the pure life force energy that you are. You are pure love, limitless joy, and divine harmony. You are all you seek, and your purpose is to be what I make of you. You are me. I am you. We are one.”

Moving forward, into the arms of life in an indescribable embrace. It is so full of light that worries, discomforts, and distresses fade quietly to the furthest edges of awareness. Helping you to realise that the best and most fulfilling way to be free from pain and suffering is to fill yourself with the unconditional love of life force energy. It changes who you are forever and liberates you fully from old conditioned patterns.

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