In today’s blog, I want to talk about something that is extremely important but often overlooked in the personal growth process – integration.  I’ll cover the top 3 reasons why integration is essential for growth, and how to recognize when it’s time to integrate. You’ll receive practical guidance for inviting in the frequencies of integration and a guided meditation to access the stillness, embodiment and balance needed to integrate on all levels of being.

Integration is defined as the process of combination, unification and consolidation.  It is both a catalyst for and response to change.  When we make changes in our lives, and especially with healing transformations, the last stage of change is integration.  It is often overlooked, especially with a high goal-oriented drive where achieving a goal means creating a new one as soon as possible.  This constant striving without taking space to allow the change to take hold, become habituated and function optimally will limit your system’s ability to take that change fully onboard.  Like the leaves falling from the trees in autumn, any change brings forward an ending to create the space for a new beginning. Integration is an energy where what no longer serves you falls away as you welcome in the new.  Its frequency scrubs your system clean of the old and prepares the space for the new to arrive.

Becoming more mindful in this step in the personal growth and transformation process will help you to have a smoother and deeper transition.  Think of it like this.  If you throw a rock into a pond it will create ripples that cascade outwards in a geometric rhythm until the energy of the disruption dissipates and the surface of the water returns to its calm, glassy resting point.  If you through a handful of rocks in all at once, you will create more waves that will also form interference waves creating a much more chaotic environment.  This is like personal growth.  If you introduce change after change after change without allowing the energy to come back to a resting point, the more likely there will be to have a difficult time integrating the change.  But if you take time to integrate in between changes, specifically when you have achieved your outcome then you allow for a deeper, smoother transition to occur that is far easier to navigate. 

Integration also allows you to take pause and be grateful for what you have achieved, celebrate yourself and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for reaching your goal.  I see this so often with the people I work with, that they lose sight of all they have achieved along the way.  It’s easy to do since we are engaged with our experience of life all the time, where measuring incremental changes can easily get lost in the details.  When we can consciously walk our journey with clear heartfelt intentions it is easier to notice when it’s time to celebrate a personal triumph.  And when you can reward yourself for these achievements, it ignites your motivation to continue moving in a positive direction.  If we stay too focused on identifying the issues without bringing balance by celebrating when we overcome them, the personal growth journey can become an arduous task.

Celebrating your achievements with self-love, gratitude and pride helps you take the time to integrate with a full and appreciative heart.  It also allows for important rest and recovery time that will build up the energy needed to set, move toward and achieve your next goal.

So take a moment now to think about a recent healing intention you have succeeded in achieving, personally or professionally.  Make a list if you have more than one.  Take time to sit with each achievement and give yourself the praise and love you would if it were your best friend achieving the goal.  Give and receive this within yourself for each success you have manifested.  Welcome this into your heart and allow yourself a little break in celebration of your achievement. Take the headspace from thinking about another goal to quiet and rest the mind.  This can be a moment, a day or however long you wish.  It’s more important that you take the time rather than how long you do it.  This is a beautiful practice that builds self-love, self -empowerment and gratitude.

As you work to integrate your successes, I’ll lead you on a guided meditation to bring balance and harmony to your body matrix with consciousness medicine in this guided meditation for integration on all levels of being.

In the podcast episode below you can listen to the guided meditation to experience and explore your body matrix while bringing healing to all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.   

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