In today’s blogAncestral Healing, I’ll be holding space for you to release the burden you carry for your ancestral past using the practice of family constellations and consciousness medicine.  You’ll learn how we get entangled with the suffering of our family soul and how we can separate from the struggles of the past to create the life we want.  You’ll be guided to create clear present and desired state intentions to use in a guided meditation that will support you on all levels of being to release the past and embrace life fully.

Ancestral healing is a practice that comes in many forms, each with a deep and sacred way of accessing the depths of our ancestral past to free our souls from generational suffering.  In my experience, family constellations in the tradition of Bert Hellinger is the single most effective way to not only release these ancestral entanglements but align you more completely with the life force energy gifted to you at birth.  It differs from other approaches in one main way.  Releasing the attachment to our family’s pain is not about cutting the ties, instead, it is about bringing completion and wholeness to our family’s soul.  This is because the act of cutting ties creates the energy of exclusion, which is what creates ancestral entanglements in the first place. 

Our family soul, the collective energy of your entire family lineage, wants to be joined together by love, harmony and happiness.  So when someone in the past was cast out, died young, was forgotten about or was involved in any family guilts or shames their exclusion creates a tear in the fabric of the family soul.  This goes on to create pain in future generations as they try to join in the wounding to help the healing.  While coming together in our pain to transcend it is an effective way forward to move collective energies, it is something that has the opposite effect on the family soul – it creates more suffering in the family for generations to come.

These entanglements to ancestral suffering are deeply embedded in our subconscious mind and drive our actions behaviors and experiences of life in ways we can go a lifetime being unaware of.  They also reside deeply in our hearts, as we become loyal to the ancestral past to heal the wound.  Who are we to move forward and be happy when the rest of our family is suffering? 

We stay loyal to the family’s patterns so that we can belong to our family which is linked tightly to a primal survival instinct.  The need to belong to our family in order to survive is hardwired into our human nature.  In other words, we carry the ancestral burden out of love, and loyalty and to stay alive.   These are pretty compelling reasons to stay connected to the family suffering.

Take a moment to bring your conscious awareness to what your subconscious mind it up to.  Can living with struggle today make anyone’s life better who lived 100 years ago?  It’s simply not possible to take someone’s pain from them by creating it for ourselves.  It is an illusion the subconscious mind holds on to out of love and desire to make your lives better.  The truth is that the best way to heal your family soul is to set down the burden that doesn’t even belong to you in the first place.  When you do this is sends a wave of relief and life activation through your entire lineage forwards and backwards in time. 

So settle in and join me in this guided meditation for ancestral healing on all levels of being.

In the podcast episode below you can listen to the guided meditation to experience and explore your body matrix while bringing healing to all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.   

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