In today’s blog, you will be guided to activate the healing power within you using the practice of Consciousness Medicine.  You’ll learn how to align with your innate abilities of transformation and manifestation.  You’ll understand better how energy medicine works by being supported by the science of quantum physics.  Experience a guided meditation to focus your healing power on your personal intention.

Back in the early 1900s, as Albert Einstein was uncovering the new science of quantum physics he was quoted as saying that “the future of new medicine will be a medicine of frequencies”.  And that time is now. 

Consciousness Medicine is a form of energy medicine that uses frequencies of vibration and the principles of quantum physics to reproducibly bring forward healing with clear intentions and a heart-based approach.  

Quantum physics is fascinating in that is explains what we’ve known to be true about the power of subtle energy healing modalities.  And as a scientist, I love it when there is an intersection between science and sacred healing.  At the quantum level, we are nothing more than a vibrational frequency of energy.  We are formless, full of infinite potential and able to be the conduit of transformation to release disturbances in the field to restore balance and harmony.  This is where true healing originates.   And it is within and accessible to us all.

With conscious awareness and presence of being we can access the still point between infinite potential and manifested reality.  Allowing us to become a conduit to release what does not serve our greatest good and welcome in all that does.  Quantum physics describes this as wave-particle duality which essentially means that around every manifested particle of reality exists an infinite number of other potential realities in waveform.  The Observer Dependent Effect, another key principle of quantum physics then says that form follows consciousness and how and where we place our conscious intention will have a direct effect on manifested reality.  In other words, we have the power to access infinite potential and shift our consciousness so that we can let go of any issue and welcome what we want to create in life.

In my years of working with others, I’ve yet to find someone who can’t access this healing potential within.   It is a place I call The Presence of Healing where are fully present on all levels of being allowing us to connect in with the all of the one or unity consciousness.  A place where divine energy exists in abundance.  Where the frequencies of energy driving change are aligned with being the fullest expression of the qualities of the divine: joy, abundance, harmony, peace, and love.  Accessing this healing space is like stepping into a cleansing pool of energy that washes away the dirt, debris and weaknesses to bring forward the wholeness, inner glow and infinite strength of life force energy that has been there all along, waiting for you to access it fully.

I’d like to take you through an experience of accessing this place from a fully embodied place of being so find a comfortable position for a guided meditation for the presence of healing.

In the podcast episode below you can listen to the guided meditation to experience and explore your body matrix while bringing healing to all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.   

I offer  1:1 sessions for Consciousness Medicine and Family Constellation if you would like to go more deeply into your personal growth journey.


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