In today’s blogEnergy Medicine Guide, I’m going to cover what energy medicine is, how it works and what it treats.  I’ll explain some of the energy healing modalities that support the consciousness medicine work and bring you through a guided meditation to experience energy medicine first-hand.

Energy medicine is a branch of complementary medicine that uses subtle energy practices to bring forward vibrational healing frequencies that promote healing and well-being.  Energy medicine relies on using specific energy frequencies to restore balance and harmony while releasing disturbances that cause health issues. There are dozens of practices that utilize these principles.  Some of the main influences that Consciousness Medicine is based on are Reiki, Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing and Quantum Healing.  All of these approaches have one thing in common which is that the only requirement for administering it is a presence of being that creates a frequency of vibration that promotes healing.  There is no pill, tincture or pharmaceutical needed to administer it, only the unseen forces of energetic vibration.  

How energy medicine works is that the practitioner introduces an energetic frequency of vibration through focused intention or presence of being that interacts with the client’s energy field to restore harmony and release areas of disturbance that are the underlying cause of the issue. 

It works because, at the basic level of existence, everything is energy, having its own vibrational frequency.  For example, you are made up of molecules that create your tissue, nerves, organs and all other aspects of your physical form.  Molecules are made up of atoms.  Atoms are like mini solar systems with a nucleus in the centre and small charges of energy orbiting it called electrons and protons. 

As these charged particles spin around the centre point, the movements create an energy field with a specific frequency of vibration.  This means that at the atomic level of your physical existence, you are simply an energetic vibration.  And so is everything in the universe made up of atoms like your house, garden, car, and furniture.  While they appear solid, at the atomic level everything is vibration of energy making our origins of the energetic nature within us all.

Energy speaks the language of energy, so when we approach an energetic being with a frequency of energy that will help make things easier, and more efficient by restoring balance and resonance the likelihood of this frequency being taken up is high, if not guaranteed.  This is because our energy body is always trying to find the frequency of homeostasis, or divine equilibrium.  An energetic disturbance takes far more energy to hold, maintain and carry than a clear energy body.  So when the system is offered a more effortless and harmonious frequency of being, it will naturally take it up to restore equilibrium.  This is the basis for how energy medicine is effective as a natural healing approach.

The great thing about energy is that it doesn’t have judgement or story, it simply flows the path of least resistance.  It is the resistance that causes a constricted flow of energy that leads to issues in health.  So, when we introduce a healing modality that creates healthy vibrational frequencies to counter the unhealthy ones, our natural tendency as energetic beings will be to take up the healthier vibrations.  As this happens any disturbances in the field are released back into the infinite potential of the universal source of energy.  I call this creation and discretion which follows along with the principles of quantum physics, which is a science of energy at a subatomic level.

While energy medicine can come in different forms, one common element is the use of a clear intention combined with the presence of being or a meditative state needed to access, direct and transform energy in a way that has a healing effect.  One of the great things about energy healing is that if you can think about it, you can heal it.  Thoughts are also energy and carry their own vibration.  This allows for a nice conduit between thinking of a healing intention and being able to affect another energetic vibration by doing so.

How many energy medicine sessions are needed to bring about transformation will depend on how deeply the disturbance is rooted in the system, how long it has been present and how many elements of the body matrix have been affected.  The effectiveness of an energy medicine treatment is supported by being able to apply healing at the source, or origin, of the issue at the most basic levels of being – our energy.  I like to work to restore harmony and balance to the chakras, auric layers and central channels.  I also find using the heart frequency energy of 639 Hz is a really effective way to clear energetic disturbances and restore peace, love and joy.

Some energy medicine modalities focus purely on the components of the energy body which will have a positive effect on the other levels of being.  But if the disturbance in the system is located beyond the energy systems of the body, then a broader approach to energy medicine may need to be taken to create lasting change.   This is where the practice of Consciousness medicine comes in.  It is an energy medicine practice that also uses the power of vibrational healing to clear, balance, restore and amplify healthy frequencies of energy across the other levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.  As these other aspects of our being also follow the principles of energy and vibration, when we extend our healing intentions to include these elements we can bring forward true and lasting change.

For example, an issue like fatigue is obvious in its effects on the physical and energy body.  Feeling drained, lethargic, unmotivated, tired and lacking in energy.  Treating it from those two perspectives will get you pretty far on the road to recovery but until the emotional, ancestral and spiritual aspects are cleared of any disturbances full recovery won’t be complete and relapses occur. When this happens focusing energy healing intentions to clear old unresolved emotions, trauma or childhood triggers out of the emotional body can be applied to allow the past to remain in the past and the future to become brighter.  The same holds true with releasing ancestral entanglements to past suffering which can limit the flow of life force energy into our system.  When we heal the family soul through ancestral healing modalities like family constellations, we release the ancestral disturbances and welcome in the full flow of life force energy to the spiritual body. Through the practice of consciousness medicine, I have developed a way to work with modalities such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Family Constellations and Naturopathy at the foundational energy frequency levels, applying them directly to the body matrix as an energy medicine technique.

In doing so, it amplifies the efficacy of energy medicine healing.   The holistic approach allows for applying energy healing to all levels of being to allow full recovery and lasting change to be the result.

Energy medicine is an approach that can safely be used to complement traditional medicine approaches by supercharging its effects while simultaneously minimizing side effects and significantly reducing recovery times. This is why I call it a complementary rather than alternative approach.  In my clinical experience, I have seen the best results, which some might even call miraculous, combining energy and traditional medicine approaches to complement one another in divine perfection

I hope this helps you understand energy medicine on a deeper level.  I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to experience energy healing for yourself.  Find a comfortable location and we will begin.

In the companion podcast episode below you can listen to the guided meditation to experience energy medicine through the practice of Consciousness medicine.  Enjoy!


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