In today’s blog, Inner Wisdom Empowerment, I’ll kick off a self-empowerment series to allow you to remain empowered no matter what life throws at you.  Today I’ll cover the SELF part of self-empowerment to show you where you are giving away your power and how to reclaim that energy with self-love.  I’ll give you a formula for self-empowerment including getting in touch with your needs, quieting the mind, releasing the dependence on external validation and accessing the inner knowing that you are already everything you wish to become.  You’ll experience a guided meditation to activate your inner wisdom for greater self-empowerment.

Confucius said, “Wherever you go, there you are.”   This idea is that your essence of self is with you in each present moment.  Whether you want it to be or not.  Our true essence of being is always within us expressing itself in divine and perhaps not-so-divine ways.   This essence is independent of our location, relations or belongings.  Finding the self in self-empowerment involves finding this essence within and doing the work needed to make it one that is aligned with truth, authenticity, integrity and love.  Versus holding out for something to be different in your life before you can have or be what you want.   This is one of the great disempowerers: relying on external circumstances to create an internal sense of well-being.  

While your external environment is important to create a resonance between your inner and outer landscape, it cannot be relied upon to make the changes you want within.  You may feel better for a while when you make a clean break or establish something new, but eventually who you are at the deepest levels of being catch up with you because wherever you go there you are.  

Change starts within, by first recognising the importance of yourself in your life, relationships and actions.  And recognising that everything you want already exists within you, and always has you simply need to find your way back to it.

This leads to the second principle of self part of self-empowerment which is the importance of identifying your needs in a truthful, loving and self-supportive way.   A great way to do this is to ask yourself at any given moment, what are my needs right now?  And if you are interacting with someone else, to be able to understand their needs too.  And be able to consciously and authentically negotiate the needs of all involved.  This is a powerful tool to reduce conflict and stay empowered in all situations.  The reason for this is that it allows for pause, deepening the connection with yourself and listening to your inner wisdom.  

This process welcomes you into a place where the mind becomes quieter and clarity is amplified.  Where your truth makes itself known and your ability to make your own choice becomes available.  When we lose our ability to make our own choices or feel we don’t have a choice we feel disempowered or give the power away to someone else or situation to choose for us.  Knowing that by staying connected to your needs, truth and inner wisdom you will always have a choice.  Even if you choose not to make a choice or choose to make a choice not aligned with your truth…the key is that you are the one who has made the choice.  Try this out in the world and feel your self-empowerment grow.

A great way to practice nurturing the self is to become your own best friend.  To have your back without question, to listen from the heart, to give advice even if it is in the form of tough love.   I teach this practice to my students and use it myself and have seen it work in solid and wonderful ways.  Becoming your own best friend begins with finding a place within you that belongs only to you.  And communicate with yourself things that no one else needs to know.  Keep it sacred within yourself.  This builds an energetic presence of being that strengthens your energetic power by containing it with love, humility and gratitude. It allows you to keep connected to yourself when others may be trying to manipulate, steal or drain your energy which can disempower you. 

As you nourish this connection with yourself, listening to your needs it also helps to release the reliance on external validation for your self-worth.  As you nurture your inner connection to a deeper wisdom the need for external validation lessens and a greater sense of self-empowerment becomes available in all situations.  When life throws a storm at you, having a deeper sense of and alignment with your true sense of self will allow you to weather the storm without toppling over and build greater resilience and trust in yourself that will make you grow into a stronger more self-empowered version of you.

In the companion podcast episode below you can experience a guided meditation journey to access this place of self-empowered essence of being using the practice of consciousness medicine to restore empowerment on all levels of being. 

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In this healing journey, you will be guided to build greater self-empowerment no matter what life throws at you. It includes 3 one-hour audio and video webinar sessions that will guide you in accessing self-empowerment across all levels of being.  

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